Tipard DVD Software Toolkit

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2015-2-17 07:34:23

So easy to use

By Christopher

I have tried 5 movies with this software. It converted the original movies to a high quality video format on a dual core machine. It's very easy to use, and even my 13-year-old son could use it.

2015-1-25 16:33:52

Lifetime Free Update

By Gonul

I have had the software for a long time. It works well all the time. The important point is that the software can be upgraded for free all life. So it's worthy of your money.

2013-1-8 01:18:29

Good Support Service

By Kathy

The company's support service is great. At the early time I got the software with some trouble. Their stuff carefully helped me solve the problems. Thousands of thanks to them.

2013-12-31 17:49:09

Support Popular Devices

By Glen

The software is compatible with plenty of portable devices and media players. It's worth at this price.

2013-10-14 13:47:28

Convenient to operate

By Alan

Tipard DVD Software Toolkit is awesome. It is able to do lots of things like converting DVD and video, copying DVD, creating DVD with video and transferring iPhone files from and to computer. I used to convert DVD and video most. It's really convenient.

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