Tipard Blu-ray Copy

Backup/Copy Home-made Blu-ray to Disc/folder/ISO files with 1:1 Ratio

Tipard Blu-ray Copy, one-stop Blu-ray copying software, provides best solution for users to decrypt, copy, clone and backup home-made Blu-ray content to Blu-ray Disc or hard driver saved as Blu-ray folder/ISO files with Zero quality loss. It caters to all levels to copy home-made Blu-ray Disc (2D/3D), backup home-made Blu-ray Folder/ISO files with four modes: "Full Disc", "Main movie", "Clone", and "Write Data".

  • Copy home-made 2D/3D Blu-ray Disc to blank Blu-ray Disc/folder/ISO file
  • Superior backup of home-made Blu-ray folder/ISO files (Virtual drive needed) to BD Disc
  • Optionally remove Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio to Dolby AC3 to save space
copy blu-rays

Why Choose Tipard Blu-ray Copy?

It has powerful copy speed and wonderful compress ratio, which help users copy home-made Blu-rays (Blu-ray Disc, folder and ISO image files) fast still with best playback effect.

Burn home-made Blu-ray Disc/folder/ISO files to Blu-ray Disc losslessly

Tipard Blu-ray copying software enables users to make 100% ratio copy of home-made Blu-ray Disc: from BD50 to BD50, BD25 to BD25 and even BD50 to BD25. One main feature of Blu-ray Copy is that it supports 3D Blu-ray Disc as well as 2D Blu-ray, that is, you can clone 3D 50/25 Blu-ray to 2D 50/25 Disc to have 3D Blu-ray content back-upped. Apart from making induplication of home-made Blu-ray Disc, it also enables you to clone home-made Blu-ray ISO file and backup Blu-ray folder to blank Blu-ray Disc at no expense of video quality. To backup home-made Blu-ray contents to Blu-ray Disc, you have a special option to set number of copies at random as well by clicking the up or down triangle button. With this function, you can easily burn home-made Blu-ray folder, ISO file to Blu-ray Disc or make multiple copies of your Blu-ray Disc.

Burn Blu-ray content to Blu-ray Disc

Copy home-made Blu-ray Disc to hard drive at blazing-fast speed

Owning wonderful copy capability, this Blu-ray Copy software is regarded as the best Blu-ray cloner among blu-ray copies to allow users to backup home-made Blu-ray Disc to hard drive on your computer as Blu-ray folder or ISO image files. It can recogniz 3D videos as well and help you induplicate classic home-made Blu-ray Disc to Blu-ray folder/ISO content and saved on your hard drive in case of inevitable Blu-ray Disc wear. Apart from back-upping home-made Blu-ray Disc, you can also clone home-made Blu-ray folder to Blu-ray ISO image files and copy Blu-ray write date to Blu-ray folder/ISO image files. Keep it in mind that to copy Blu-ray ISO file, you need one virtual drive.

Blu-ray Disc to folder/iso files

Four copy modes to customize copy content

Copying Blu-ray content is available with four optional modes: Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone and Write Date. With Full Disc, users are allowed to make backup of any home-made Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray ISO files in the whole without option for chapter or main movie. When it comes to “Main Movie”, copying main part or any title or chapter of a movie will be much easier. You can also select audio track and subtitle you need to copy, leaving alone useless ones. As its name puts, “Clone” will assist you make an induplicate of home-made Blu-ray Disc and ISO file. To copy Blu-ray folder, you can use the “Write Date” mode. Any backups of the Blu-ray content will be display in the same quality as the original one. You will be free of any trouble for the quality and speed.

copy modes

User-friendly UI design style and easy to use

To help users who need to save hard drive space or use less space to store the backups that have no influence on the playback quality, this Blu-ray copy software offers option for users to remove HD audio, which will convert HD audios (Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio ) to Dolby AC3. Allowing for different requirement of users, this Blu-ray backup software is designed with not only four modes and provides build-in player in the "Main move" part only for users to select correctly the need-to-copy main movie, chapter or title. Its facility also lies in the striking button to leading users to continue every step by click "Next" or "Start" only. No superfluous modification,no excrescent word description or operation, this Blu-ray copy software is undoubtedly treated as the best one to copy home-made Blu-rays.

intuitive and easy

More Features


This Blu-ray cloner enables users to preview when copy main movie to copy any chapter or title as needed.

Volume Label

You can name the Disc by type any name you like to the volume label.


Users are allowed to make backup of any home-made Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray ISO files without option.


Four languages are provided for users to select: English, French, German and Japanese.

User Reviews

Jack: This Blu-ray Copy software has my classic Blu-ray Disc copied perfectly. Now I can enjoy MY Blu-ray movie as well as keep my Blu-rays well.

Frank: I have a Blu-ray BD 50 and was annoyed by finding that my blank Blu-ray Disc is Blu-ray 25. It is Tipard Blu-ray Copy help me out to have my BD 50 movie saved on BD 25.

Shally: I like the Main movie part as I can copy the main part without so many useless parts. In this way it saves much space for my Blu-ray Disc.

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