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2016-02-18 08:26:54

Use it with no limitation

By Sunny

I used free online PDF to Word converting websites to change PDF files before. But how disappointed for me, it's not convenient at all and has no powerful functions compared to this PDF to Word Converter. I can translate my PDF files and export to word format anytime with no limitation. I have to say I have made a good choice.

2015-12-28 10:42:47

Easy to use

By Jennifer

I'm used to using Word instead of PDF, and this PDF to word converter is none of complicated. This software really helped me a lot!

2014-11-10 12:39:25


By Mary

Very convenient converter software! It has saved me much trouble searching word format resources. The OCR tech indeed makes the conversion with no error and no limitation. I'm glad to download and try it. Great!

2013-4-10 17:09:34

Very useful converter!

By Ted

With this PDF to Word converter, I can now easily edit the words in the text. It's not so easy to edit the original PDF file you know. I can't help to say, powerful!

2013-3-20 17:09:10

Really Powerful!

By Shelly

This converter is really powerful and practical. You won't be bothered by the messy code any more when copy the words in PDF to Word file.

2013-3-8 7:24:09

It saves me much trouble!

By Jeremy

I have downloaded a lot of PDF files but the words in them can't be changed directly. It really saves me much trouble to convert PDF to Word. Now I can even edit the file on my iPhone.

2013-2-10 21:10:08

I do love this converter!

By Anne

I think this is a great invention. It's really useful, especially for students and business person. You will never regret!

2013-1-17 10:51:07

So convenient, so fantastic!

By Emily

I love the function that you can decide the pages you want to convert by yourself. This makes the PDF converter more convenient than other converters.

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