Tipard Mac Video Enhancer

How to Use Tipard Mac Video Enhancer

Part 1: How to Enhance Video on Mac

Step 1Add videos to the Mac Video Enhancer

Step 2Enhance video quality

Click the Enhance Video button on the top of interface.

Note:Choose the following options to enhance video quality: Upscale resolution, Optimize brightness and contrast, Remove video noise.

Part 2: How to Rotate Mac Video

Step 1Choose Rotate function

After adding video into Video Enhancer, click "Video Enhancer" column, choose "Rotate" option.

Step 2Select the detail setting

Rotate your video with some options like Rotate 90 clockwise, Rotate 90 counterclockwise, Horizontal flip, Vertical flip.

Note:Click one, and then you can preview the video effect on the main interface.

Part 3: How to Edit Video Files

Step 1Add video files

Add videos on this Mac Video Enhancer.

Step 2Edit video freely

When you enter into interface of edit functions, there are different settings you can choose.

3D - You can select 3D mode: Anaglyph 3D, Side by Side 3D or Top and Bottom 3D.

Crop - Remove the part you don't want and enlarge your favorite video part.

Adjust effect - Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue by dragging the slider.

Watermark - You can add text or image watermark. Click the "Text" radio button and enter the text you want to add.

Clip - You can cut your video length by dragging the time arrow.

Step 3Convert videos

After you determine all your settings, you can choose the output formats you want and just click the "Convert" button, the Video Enhancer for Mac will help you finish all thing.