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2013-4-7 11:23:53

Quite practical software!

By Ann

This 3D Converter provides a great way to convert common videos to 3D videos, saving me a lot of trouble buying 3D discs or downloading 3D videos from websites.

2013-4-6 23:22:34

Great access to 3D effect!

By Henry

There are not so much 3D resources for you to download on the internet. With this 3D converter software, I can convert common videos to 3D effect videos freely. That's cool!

2013-3-27 15:41:23

That's really convenient!

By Robby

I don't have a 3D TV, I don't want to buy 3D glasses either. With the help of 3D Converter, many new 3D movies can be converted to 2D mode. So I can enjoy them on my TV or computer conveniently.

2013-2-14 13:24:52

Powerful and amazing!

By Anthony

This converter offers great way to convert videos between 3D and 2D mode, with options of choosing output 3D format, meeting needs of different users. Pretty cool invention!

2013-1-23 14:51:34

Personalized service, very thoughtful Tipard!

By Jenny

Professional design yet easy to use. And for those problems you can't solve, Tipard offers you prompt support through email. That's very sweet.

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