Tipard Phone Transfer

How to Use Tipard Phone Transfer

Tipard Phone Transfer lets you easily move all the content from one cell phone to another with just one click. Whether your device is Android or iOS, you can use this mobile phone transfer tool to copy contacts, photos, music, videos and other media files from your device to another device. In addition, you can also select to only transfer contacts or photos or media files to an Android or iOS device by checking the corresponding option.

Part 1: How to transfer all the data among Android and iOS devices

Step 1Download and install Tipard Phone Transfer on your computer.

Download and install Phone Transfer. Launch the program and then connect your devices to the computer via USB cables. They will be automatically detected.

Phone Transfer Interface

Step 2Set Source and Target device

Set the device you need to export data from as Source device and the one you need to import data to as Target device.

You can choose to transfer data from
Android to iOS device
iOS to Android device
iOS to iOS device
Android to Android device.

Tips: If the position of the source and target device is opposite, just click Switch to change their position.

Step 3Start to copy

If you want to copy all the data from one device to another one, click the Start to Copy button to begin the transfer process.

Tips: Moreover, you can select to transfer just contacts, photos or media files from an Android/iOS device to an iOS device.

Start copy