Tipard iPad Transfer

How to Use

Tipard iPad Transfer Platinum is the best iPad transferring software, which can transfer files between iPad and PC/iTunes/Apple devices with no limitation. Also, it can convert DVD and videos to Apple devices and iTunes for your enjoyment. It sounds great, right? Is this professional iPad Transferring software hard to use? Of course not! Tipard iPad Transfer software is always putting user's excellent experience first. Now let's see how to use this professional yet easy-to-use iPad Transfer Platinum.

Part 1:How to transfer files between iPad and PC/iTunes/Apple devices

The best Tipard iPad Transfer is capable of transferring files between iPad and PC/iTunes/Apple devices with no limitation. It's the multi-functional software.

Step 1Connect iPad to the program

After you launch the program, please connect your iPad to the program using Apple dateline via USB connection.

Step 2 Import files to iPad, iPod, iPhone

Click "Import File(s)" button and select the files from PC and iTunes to iPad, iPod and iPhone as you like.

Step 3Select files you want to export

In the file list, you’re enabled to select the files you want to transfer. You can select music/movie/Pictures/TV Shows/Podcast/iTunes U/eBooks and more as you wish.

Step 3 Export files to PC/iTunes/Apple devices

Finally, you can choose the device you want to export the files, including Apple devices, PC and iTunes.

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Part 2: How to convert DVD/video/audio to iPad

Besides transferring function, it's also a DVD/video/audio to iPad conversion software. Enjoying the converted DVD movies is very exciting.

Step 1Add files

Click “Add file(s)” button to add the files you want to convert to iPad, or you can select “Add folder” item from “Add file(s)” drop-down list to import multiple files to the program at one time.

Step 2Load DVD

Click “Load disc” button to load the DVD to the program, or choose “Load DVD Folder” or “Load IFO Files” item to load the corresponding files to the program.

Step 3Crop the video frame

Click "Crop" option, and check "Keep Aspect Ratio" option. Please choose Original, Crop area, 16:9 or 4:3 according to your needs. Also, you're enabled to adjust the position and zoom mode of the video frame.

Step 4 Convert files to devices/My Cache/iTunes

Now you can convert files to Apple devices, My Cache and iTunes by clicking the corresponding button. In a short while, you can enjoy the converted files on iPad.

Part 3: How to make iPhone Ringtone

If you want to make special iPhone Ringtone, you can’t miss Tipard iPad Transfer software, because it helps you to make lovely iPhone Ringtone with DVD and videos at will.

Step 1Add files

Click"Make iPhone Ringtone" and then Click the “Add file(s)” button to import the video file you want to use to make the iPhone Ringtone, or you can directly drag the files to the program.

Step 2Load DVD

Click the drop-down arrow on the “Load disc” button, and you’re free to choose “Load DVD Disc”, “Load DVD Folder” and “Load IFO Files” according to your needs.

Step 3Make iPhone Ringtone

Click the corresponding button to make ringtone from DVD and videos and transfer it to Apple devices, My Cache and iTunes as you wish.

Part 4: How to edit the videos

The best iPad Transfer owns the flexible and creative editing functions to optimize the video effect, like Effect, Trim, Crop, etc.

Step 1How to adjust the video effect

With “Effect” button, you’re allowed to adjust the video effect like Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Hue and Volume.

Step 2How to trim video length

Trim function can make it possible for you to cut off your unwanted video part. Drag the slide bar to set the start time and end time.

Step 3How to crop the video frame

Not satisfied with the video frame? You’re allowed to adjust the video frame with Original, Keep Aspect Ratio, 16:9 and 4:3 options. Also, you could adjust the position of the video frame.

Step 4How to add watermark

In the “Watermark” editing window, you’re allowed to add text/image watermark to the video for a more colorful video.