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How to Digitalize VHS Tapes into MP4 Video Files with VHS to MP4 Converter

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If you have some old VHS tapes, it is time to digitalize and backup them as MP4 now. How to convert VHS to MP4 with the original quality? Is there a method to transfer the files to your iPhone or Android phone? It is not easy to digitalize the VHS tapes and require lots of space and care. You might only have to convert VHS to DVD beforehand to preserve the best quality. Just learn more about the best VHS to MP4 converter to get the desired files with ease from the article.

VHS to MP4

Part 1: How to Convert VHS to MP4 on Windows/Mac

It is impossible to play VHS videos directly on your Windows and Mac. As for the case, you can use the VHS to DVD comb to extract the videos from VHS tapes with the best quality. After that, you can convert VHS to MP4 with the original quality as below.

1. Convert VHS to DVD with Original Quality

Step 1Get a VHS to DVD combo player to record from VHS home movie to DVD. Connect your VHS player to the computer with a cable. Check if your VHS/DVD combo player comes with these outputs.

Step 2After that, you can insert the VHS tape into the combo player and a blank DVD into the DVD player that can write over DVD-R disc or DVD-RW to convert the VHS to DVD according to your requirement.

Step 3Press the play on the VHS controls and start recording VHS to DVD by tapping the record on the DVD controls. It is able to preserve the best video quality of the VHS tapes.

VHS to DVD Player combo

2. Digitalize VHS Tapes into MP4 with Ease

When you have the DVDs of the VHS tapes, how do you digitalize the videos with the original video quality? In order to convert VHS to MP4 with original video quality, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is the desired DVD to MP4 converter that transcode the VHS files to MP4 with a high quality.

  • 1. Rip DVD to video/audio file and copy DVD to MP4 files lossless directly.
  • 2. Support MP4, 4K MP4, MP4 1080P and even the MP4 compatible devices.
  • 3. Edit any video file with cropping, rotating, watermarking, adding filter, etc.
  • 4. GPU acceleration to rip DVD to MP4 at 60x faster speed than others.

Step 1 Download and install the DVD to MP4 converter, you can launch the program and choose the Ripper menu. After that, you can click the Load DVD Disc button to load the DVD disc. It takes a period of time to load the main movie title into the program.

Video Converter Ultimate Converter

Step 2 When you choose the desired part of the DVD titles, you can choose the default output format as MPG Lossless, convert VHS to MP4, or even a MP4 compatible iPhone, Android phone. Moreover, you can also tweak the settings for the parameters.

DVD ripper output

Step 3 Moreover, you can further edit the DVD movies, such as crop, rotate, watermark before ripping it. If you are satisfied with the output videos, you can just click Rip All button to start converting VHS to MP4 or related device presets with a fast speed.


Part 2: FAQs about Converting VHS Tapes to MP4

How Information about VHS Tape?

VHS is short for Video Home System, which refers to videocassettes of JVC in particular. The VHS tape can only be used in a VHS player. It was largely made obsolete, and as of 2008, all home media companies have stopped releasing new movie titles on VHS format, you have to convert VHS into MP4 for more other devices.

Is There an Alternative Method to Convert VHS to MP4 with Original Quality?

If you just have a VHS tape, it should be too pricy to purchase VHS to DVD combo player and other devices to convert VHS to MP4. In order to digitalize the VHS file with ease, you can find some online VHS to MP4 service and send the VHS tapes for a professional digitalization.

Why Not Using Handbrake to Convert VHS to MP4?

Handbrake is another method to digitalize the VHS files to MP4. But it will not get a satisfied video quality, such as the grainy, noisy picture, not to mention artifacts, de-interlacing and more other problems. It uses H.265 codec to reduce the file size of a high quality video dramatically without significant quality loss, but it does not work well for VHS tapes.


What is the best method to convert VHS to MP4? If you want to keep the original video quality, you can use the VHS to DVD combo and rip the DVD into MP4 with Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. Of course, you can also learn more about the VHS to MP4 service and Handbrake if you only have a few VHS tapes or do not care about the output video quality.

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May 21, 2020 09:13
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