Updated Review on VHS to DVD Converters & Services in 2024

Updated Review on VHS to DVD Converters & Services in 2024

Are you a nostalgic soul holding onto cherished memories stored on VHS tapes? In today's digital age, preserving these moments can be a challenge. Fortunately, you will need a converter capable of converting VHS to DVDs that offer a lifeline, allowing you to transform your old tapes into modern digital formats. Here, we will explore and review some of the best converters available. Whether you are an enthusiast or a casual user seeking a hassle-free solution, this guide will help you make an informed decision and breathe new life into your treasured videotapes with the top VHS to DVD converters available in the market.

VHS to DVD converter

Part 1. How to Choose a Good VHS to DVD Converter - 7 Things You Need to Know

When choosing a VHS tape-to-DVD converter, several key aspects must be considered to ensure you select a good quality and reliable device. Here's a list of criteria to help you make an informed decision:

1. Compatibility

Ensure the converter is compatible with both VHS and DVD formats. Some converters may only support certain types of VHS tapes or specific DVD formats, so check for versatility.

2. Connectivity Options

Look for converters that offer multiple connectivity options, such as RCA, S-Video, HDMI, or USB. It ensures compatibility with various VHS players and modern devices like computers.

3. Quality of Conversion

Check for the supported resolution and quality of conversion. A good converter should provide clear, crisp, and high-quality output without significant loss in picture or audio quality during the conversion process.

4. Ease of Use

Opt for a user-friendly converter with intuitive controls and easy setup. Complicated devices might hinder the conversion process and cause frustration.

5. Speed of Conversion

Consider the speed at which the tool delivers VHS content to DVD. Faster conversion speeds can save time, especially if you have numerous tapes to convert.

6. Reliability and Brand Reputation

Research the brand and review what other users say to establish the reliability and durability of the converter. Established brands often provide better customer support and product warranties.

7. Price and Value

Compare prices among different converters and consider the features offered concerning the cost. Sometimes, paying extra for better quality or additional features is worthwhile.

Part 2. Top 5 VHS to DVD Converters - Comparison Chart, Review, & More

These VHS-to-DVD machines can help you preserve precious VHS tapes as DVDs for better compatibility and quality. Learn more about these selections by reading the review we have here!

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus Elgato Video Capture VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite Diamond VC500 ClearClick Video 2 Digital Converter
Ease of Use Easy setup and interface Simple setup Plug-and-play Easy setup, Step-by-step guide Straightforward installation Plug-and-play, no computer required
Versatility Supports various formats and inputs Multiple format support Basic versatility Compatible with older VCRs Standalone operation
Pros • User-friendly software interface.
• Good compatibility with different formats and inputs
• Includes basic editing features for enhancing the content..
• Ensures high-quality conversions, preserving the original content well.
• Supports various formats for enhanced versatility.
• RCA and S-Video inputs for compatibility with different VCRs.
• It is an affordable option for those on a budget.
• Suitable for beginners with a step-by-step guide.
• Includes basic video editing software.
• An affordable option for basic VHS to digital conversion
• Compatible with older VCRs and devices.
• Offers RCA and USB connections for convenience.
• The standalone operation does not require a computer.
• Compact and portable design.
• Offers RCA and USB connections for convenience.
Cons • The software might experience occasional lag.
• Limited advanced editing options for more sophisticated modifications
• Some users find the software interface more intuitive.
• Slightly higher price compared to some other converters.
• Lower resolution output compared to some other converters.
• Build quality might be considered average.
• Outdated software interface.
• Some users reported compatibility issues with specific devices.
• Limited editing features are available.
• Slower conversion speeds compared to some other converters.

1. Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD converter is a user-friendly device that simplifies transferring VHS tapes to DVDs. It comes with software that assists in editing and burning the content onto DVDs.

Roxio Easy VHS To DVD

Key Features:

  • ● User-friendly interface
  • ● Editing options
  • ● Compatibility with various formats and inputs
  • ● RCA and USB connections.


  • ● The Mac edition is $ 42.49
  • ● The Windows (Amazon Exclusive) is $ 33.99

Where to Buy:

  • ● Amazon
  • ● Best Buy

2. Elgato Video Capture

Elgato Video Capture is renowned for its high-quality conversion from VHS to digital formats. It's designed for straightforward setup and operation.

Elgato Video Capture

Key Features:

  • ● High-quality conversion
  • ● Supports multiple formats
  • ● RCA and S-Video inputs.


  • ● $ 87.99

Where to Buy:

  • ● Official website of Elagato

3. VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite

VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite is an option ideal for beginners looking to convert VHS tapes to digital formats. It comes with software that guides users through the conversion process.

Vidbox Video Conversion Suite

Key Features:

  • ● Quick start guide
  • ● RCA AV and USB cable


  • ● $ 84.99

Where to Buy:

  • ● Official website of VIDBOX

4. Diamond VC500

Diamond VC500 offers straightforward installation and compatibility with older VCRs, making it suitable for users with older devices looking to convert VHS to digital formats.

Diamond VHS To DVD

Key Features:

  • ● Compatible with older VCRs
  • ● RCA and USB connections
  • ● Affordable pricing.


  • ● $ 29.99

Where to Buy:

  • ● Official website of DiamondMM

5. ClearClick Video 2 Digital Converter

ClearClick Video to Digital Converter is a standalone device that allows users to convert VHS tapes to digital formats without requiring a computer. It offers a straightforward setup and operation.

Clearclick Video VHS To DVD

Key Features:

  • ● Standalone operation
  • ● Compact design
  • ● RCA and USB connections.


  • ● $ 114.99

Where to Buy:

  • ● The official website of ClearClick

Part 3. Best Places with Reasonable VHS to DVD Service Near Me

1. Costco

Costco offers VHS to DVD conversion services through its photo centers at various warehouse locations. They have a reputation for providing reliable and affordable conversion services.

  • ● Professional conversion with high-quality results.
  • ● Option for additional editing or enhancement services.
  • ● DVD authoring and labeling for a polished final product.

Ratings: 3.0 stars

2. Walmart

Walmart's Photo Center is a place that converts VHS to DVD, but only in selected areas. They offer reasonably priced conversion options for those seeking professional assistance.

  • ● Expert technicians handle the conversion process.
  • ● Basic editing options are available, such as trimming or enhancing.
  • ● Option for personalized DVD covers and labels.

Ratings: 4.0 stars

3. CVS Pharmacy

Some CVS Pharmacy locations provide places that transfer VHS to DVD through their photo departments. This option might vary in availability based on individual store locations.

Cvs Pharmacy
  • ● Photo center professionals handle the conversion.
  • ● Basic editing and enhancement options are available.
  • ● Option for custom DVD labeling.

Ratings: 3.0 stars

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Part 4. FAQs about VHS to DVD Converter

Is it worth buying a machine to convert VHS to DVD?

It depends on your needs and preferences. Buying a VHS-to-DVD converter machine can be beneficial if you have multiple tapes to convert and prefer doing it yourself. However, for occasional use or if you have a limited number of tapes, utilizing professional services might be more cost-effective.

Are there any online services for VHS to DVD conversion?

Yes, numerous online services offer VHS to DVD conversion. Some allow you to mail your tapes to them for conversion, while others provide digital transfer options where you upload your VHS content and receive converted files online.

Can you legally copy a VHS to DVD?

Legally, copying VHS tapes to DVDs for personal use, such as creating backup copies of your tapes, is generally allowed under the concept of fair use. However, making copies for commercial purposes or distributing copyrighted content without permission is illegal.

Can VHS be converted to MP4 format?

Yes, it's possible to convert VHS to MP4 format using specialized VHS to digital converters that support MP4 output. This conversion involves digitizing the analog VHS content and saving it in a digital MP4 file format.

Is converting the DVD to MP4 possible?

Yes, converting DVD to MP4 is entirely possible. Several methods and software tools enable converting DVD video content into the MP4 file format you can find online.


Does not know how to perform the conversion? Then, we have compiled services to process VHS to DVD near me, which can also be near your place. All of the information added here brings everything that highlights the converters and services. Plus, we include the Tipard Blu-ray Player that you can use to watch high-quality DVD videos in the comfort of your computer. Moreover, you can convert 8mm to DVD if you want to enjoy old 8mm tapes here.

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