User Guide

How to Use Video Converter

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is the video converting software, which can convert over 1000 video and audio formats, including 8K, 5K, 4K, 1080p HD, 720p HD and 480p HD videos on computer.

Video Converter Ultimate converter

Step 1 Add video files

Import the video files into the program by clicking the big plus button. You can also drag the video or audio files and drop into this software directly.

add video files into Video Converter Ultimate

Step 2 Select the output format

Video Converter Ultimate output settings

This software also lets you customize the profile by clicking the settings button next to the output file format.

Video Converter Ultimate customize profile

Step 3 Convert video and audio formats

After all the settings are made well, select the output location for saving the converted file, and click Convert All to start converting the video and audio files.

Video Converter Ultimate convert video

How to Use DVD Ripper

Ripper is one features of the Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. It can rip DVD into the digital formats for easy playback on your device.

Video Converter Ultimate ripper

Step 1 Load DVD files

Run Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. Locate to the Ripper tab.

Click the Load Disc button to import the DVD disc, ISO filer or DVD folder.

Video Converter Ultimate load dvd

Then it will load the main movie title into this software. If you want to load more titles, just click Full Title List to select more titles for adding.

Video Converter Ultimate load more titles

Step 2 Select output format

The default output format is MPG Lossless, which can keep the lossless output quality, and the original full tracks and subtitles with the faster ripping speed.

If you want to select other digital formats, just select from the drop-down list of Rip All to for all the files. If you want to customize the different output formats for different titles, just select the output format next to each title output.

Video Converter Ultimate dvd ripper output

Note: If you want to rip DVD to other formats, instead of MPG Lossless, you will not benefit from MPG Lossless.

Video Converter Ultimate dvd ripper mpg lossless

Step 3 Edit DVD titles before ripping

You are allowed to edit the DVD movie effects like rotate, crop, filter, watermark, and more before ripping it. Just click the Edit button or the Clip button to start editing the movie effects.

Video Converter Ultimate edit dvd

Note: For editing the DVD, you should make sure the output format is not MPG Lossless, but others.

Video Converter Ultimate edit dvd settings

Step 4 Rip DVD to digital formats

After all the settings are made well, just click Rip All to start converting DVD to other digital formats.

Video Converter Ultimate rip dvd

Step 5 Rip DVD to ISO file

If you want to convert DVD to ISO file or DVD folder, just select the exact format you want to save the whole DVD file directly.

Video Converter Ultimate rip dvd to folder iso

How to Use Video Editor

Before converting the files, you can also use the powerful built-in editor to edit the video effects by clicking the Edit.

Video Converter Ultimate edit button

Crop video

For getting rid of the annoying black edges, you should use Crop feature. You can use your mouse to drag the frame border to cut the movie edges. The aspect ratio is optional for you to set as 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 9:16 and freely. Moreover, the Zoom Mode can be Letter Box, Pan & Scan, or Full.

Video Converter Ultimate crop

Rotate video

If your videos are sideway, or you want to create a mirror video, just use the rotate feature. It can rotate the video at 90 clockwise or counterclockwise.

Video Converter Ultimate rotate

Add effects and filters into videos

Effects & Filters feature lets you manually adjust the video effects by adjusting the contrast, hue, saturation, and brightness.

The filter effects let you apply the various filters like whiripool, plain, purple, gray, pixelate, starts, modern, etc.

Video Converter Ultimate filters

Add text or image watermark for the video

Want to create your own logo in your video? Just try the watermark function.

Navigate the Watermark tab, and you can enter the text or add the image created before as the watermark of your video.

You can adjust the size, position, font size, style, and color, and opacity.

Video Converter Ultimate watermark

Edit the background audio

For the background audio of the video, you can remove it or add more. Moreover, you can adjust the volume and delay effects to customize the background music.

Video Converter Ultimate audio

Edit the video subtitle

For the subtitle of the movie, you can disable it. Or replace with the matching subtitle. You can also change the subtitle font style, size, color, position, opacity and delay.

Video Converter Ultimate edit subtitle

Clip & Merge videos

If you want to split one video into many parts, the Clip feature is what you will need.

After loading the DVD or videos into this software, click the Clip button (the scissors image), and then you can add a new segment, split the video into parts, copy and paste the segment, and more.

Video Converter Ultimate clip video file

For merging more videos into a long one, just use the move-up or move-down button at the right side to adjust the video order. After that, click Merge into one file to combine all the files.

Video Converter Ultimate merge video file

How to Use MV Maker

You can also use Tipard Video Converter Ultimate as an MV maker which can help you create stunning videos with transition, filter and background music.

Step 1 Add videos to the MV maker

Go to the MV tab after launching the program. Then click the Add icon below to import you video clips to this MV maker. You can add multiple files at one time. Just make sure they are in the correct order.

Add Video Clips

Step 2 Edit & trim videos

Before making an MV, you'd better edit and trim the original video by clicking the Edit/Trim button. Or if you want to edit or trim video clips separately, you can click on the icon under the clip you want to adjust. The steps to edit and trim videos are the same as above.

Edit Video

Step 3 Pick a theme

After editing, please select a theme for your MV. Just click on the theme you prefer, then the theme will be applied to the MV automatically. You can preview the effect on the right.

Select Effect

Step 4 Adjust MV settings

You can also add custom title at the beginning or in the end of the video. You can even silence the original video and change the background music as you like. If you want to make the music more vivid, you should enable Fade in/Fade out options. You can also turn on Loop play, adjust the volume, and change the delay time.

MV Settings

Step 5 Export the video

Once you finish making MV, you can go to the Export tab where you are able to change the MV's name and set the path to save the output video. Turn on GPU Acceleration, and you can enjoy a fast conversion experience by click the Export button.

Export MV

How to Use Video Collage Maker

Want to mix and combine multiple videos or picture into one screen? Don't worry. Video Converter Ultimate provides you the best video collage maker to help you create stunning split-screen videos.

Step 1 Navigate to the Collage in the menu bar. Then select a template you want to use from the layout list. You can also change the aspect ratio if you want.

Select Collage Template

Step 2 Click the Plus icon to add the video you want to display on the screen.

Add Collage Video

After you upload all video files, you can drag the line between videos to adjust the display size.

Adjust Display Size

Step 3 You are even able to edit and trim the video separately by clicking the Edit icon on the video clip you want to edit. You can crop, rotate, add watermark, add subtitle to the video based on your need.

Edit Video Collage

Step 4 Then you can move to the Filter tab and select a great filter to improve the video effect.

Add Filter to Video Collage

Step 5 If you want to add background music to the video, please point to the Audio tab and enable the Background Music option. You can choose your favorite music as the BGM. And if you find the original audio track annoying, you can mute the sound by disabling the Keep the original audio track option.

Add BGM to Video Collage

Step 6 Once you finish editing, you can export the video collage to your computer. Just open the Export tab, and change the project name, output format, resolution and destination folder as you like. Click Start Export to save the split-screen video on your computer.

Export Video Collage

How to Make Preference Settings

You can use this converter by the default settings. Moreover, it also lets you change the Preference settings by clicking the settings button at the bottom.

Video Converter Ultimate preference


In the tab of General, you can make all the settings for Subtitle Language, Audio Language, GPU acceleration enabled, update check automatically, and more. The GPU acceleration can lets you convert the video and DVD at 60X faster than other converters.

Video Converter Ultimate general


Convert tab lets you make the settings for Converter. You can set the location for the output folder and snapshot folder. You can also set the maximum task for the batch conversion. Moreover, you can make the changes of the subtitle, remove the source files or not, etc.

Video Converter Ultimate convert


In the preference settings of Ripper, you can change the output folder location for the DVD ripping files and snapshot. Similar to Converter, you can also edit the subtitle or remove the source files after converting or not, and more.

Video Converter Ultimate ripper settings

Task Schedule

In the tab of Task Schedule, you can set shut down computer, open the output folder, exit program and more after completing the conversion task.

Video Converter Ultimate task schedule

How to Use Toolbox

Toolbox is other features that you cannot miss from Tipard Video Converter Ultimate, where you can compress the large video file size, enhance video quality, create animated GIF images, add 3D effects, and edit the metadata information.

Video Converter Ultimate toolbox

How to Use Media Metadata Editor

Step 1 Add media file

Click Media Metadata Editor, click the big plus button to add the media file that you want to edit.

Video Converter Ultimate add media to metedata editor

Step 2 Edit ID3 tag

Then you can edit the video or audio formation automatically. For audio files, it Auto load the MP3 tags with the information like artist, album, composer, year, track, comments, etc. You can also edit the ID3 tags as you like.

Video Converter Ultimate edit id3 tag

How to Use Video Compressor

Step 1 Add large file onto Video Compressor

Select Video Compressor, and you should click the big plus button to add one video file.

Video Converter Ultimate add vide into video compressor

Step 2 Compress the video file

Adjust the file size by moving the bar or select the file size value. You can also change the output format and resolution. The Preview button lets you preview the compressed video file for 10 seconds.

Click Compress to start compressing the video file.

Video Converter Ultimate compress video file

How to Use GIF Maker

Step 1 Add the video file

Click GIF Maker and click the big plus button to import one video file for creating the GIF animation.

Video Converter Ultimate add vide into gif maker

Step 2 Create GIF from video

Here you can use the Edit button or clip feature to cut down the long video. After that, you should set the output size, loop option and frame rate and click Generate GIF to start creating GIF from the video file.

The Preview button lets you preview the GIF image for at the maximum of 10 seconds.

Video Converter Ultimate make gif

How to Use 3D Maker

Step 1 Add 2D video to 3D Maker

Find 3D Maker in the Toolbox window and click the + icon in the center to add a video.

Video Converter Ultimate Add Video To 3D Maker

Step 2 Make 3D video

After entering the 3D Maker interface, you will see your video has been adjusted automatically. You can change the settings like Anaglyph, Split Screen, Switch Left/Right, and Depth to get better effects. You can preview the video in real-time while changing. Once you finish, you can click the Generate 3D button to save the 3D video on your computer.

Video Converter Ultimate Generate 3D Video

How to Use Video Enhancer

Step 1 Add a video to Video Enhancer

Select Video Enhancer. Add the video that you want to improve to the enhancer.

Video Converter Ultimate Add Media To Video Enhancer

Step 2 Enhance video quality

If you want to get higher resolution, you can select the Upscale Resolution option. To efface the dirt-like video noise, you should choose Remove Video Noise. You can also optimize the video's brightness and contrast. Even if you have a shaky video, we can help you stabilize it. Just check the box in front of the Reduce Video Shaking option. After that, you can click Enhance to apply the changes.

Video Converter Ultimate Enhance Video

How to Use Video Trimmer

Step 1 Upload Video

Choose Video Trimmer and click the big Plus icon in the center.

Add Video to Video Trimmer

Step 2 Trim Video

In the trimming window, you can adjust the progressing bar to change the length of video. Or you can change the time in Set Start and Set End. On the left, you can Add Segment and Fast Split the video. Then hit the Export button.

Export Trimmed Video

How to Use Video Speed Controller

Step 1 Add Video to Speed Controller

Click the big Plus icon and import the target video to this tool.

Add Video to Speed Controller

Step 2 Control Speed

Here you can slow down the video to 0.75×, 0.5×, 0.25×, or 0.125×. You can also speed up the video to 1.25×, 1.5×, 2×, 4×, or even . The Output quality is also changeable. When everything is done, click the Export button.

Control Video Speed

How to Use Video Reverser

Step 1 Add Video to Video Reverser

Click the "+" at the center and select the wanted video from your computer.

Add Video to Video Reverser

Step 2 Reverse Video

In the window popping up, you can choose to reverse the whole video or specific parts. For the latter, you can achieve that by adjust the progressing bar or change the time in Set Start or Set End. When everything is ok, click Export to see your reversed video.

Export Reversed Video

Note: Audio reversing is not supported currently. You can add an audio track yourself after exporting.

How to Use Video Merger

Step 1 Import Video

Click the big Plus icon in the center and select the videos you want to merge.

Add Video to Video Merger

Step 2 Merge Videos

Click the Add button on the left or click the "+". Here you can change the order of the videos by clicking Forward or Backward. When everything is ready, click the Export button.

Export Merged Video

How to Use Video Rotator

Step 1 Add Video

Click the Plus icon to add your video to the rotator.

Add Video to Video Rotator

Step 2 Rotate Video

In the rotating window, you can Left Rotate, Right Rotate, Vertically Flip, or Horizontally Flip the video. Then click the Export button.

Export Rotated Video

How to Use Volume Booster

Step 1 Hit the Plus icon and import your video.

Add Video to Volume Booster

Step 2 Here you can drag the progressing bar to adjust the video Volume. The click Export.

Export Boosted Video

How to Use Audio Sync

Step 1 Click the Plus icon and select the video from your computer.

Add Video to Audio Sync

Step 2 In the popping up window, you can change the Delay bar to sync the audio with the video.

Export Synced Video

How to Use Video Watermark Remover

Step 1 Choose the Video Watermark Remover button and click the + sign to import the video you want to delete its watermark.

Add Video to Watermark Remover

Step 2 Click the Add watermark removing area button to select the area of the watermark that you want to remove in your video.

Add Watermark Removing Area

Step 3 Click the After choosing the watermark area, you can set the duration for watermark removing, change the size and location of the watermark area based on your needs. Finally, click the Export button to save the video without watermark.

Export Video no Watermark

How to Use Video Cropper

Step 1 Select the Video Cropper option and click the center plus sign to add your videos. Add Video to Cropper

Step 2 Then, you can choose the area you want to keep freely. Besides, you can select the aspect ratio according to your needs. And if you want to watch the video after cropping, you can click the Preview button. In the end, you can click the Export button to save the cropped video.

Crop Video and Export

How to Use Video Watermark

Step 1 Import Video

If you want to add the watermark to your videos to let others know that these videos belong to you, please click the Video Watermark button and import your videos by clicking the plus sign.

Add Video to Watermark

Step 2 Add Text Watermark to Video

If you want your watermark to be the form of text, you can click the Text Watermark button.

Add Text Watermark to Video

Later, you can enter the text you like, and choose the font style and the color for your text watermark.

Set Text Watermark

Step 3 Add Image Watermark to Video

If you want your video to have an image watermark, please choose the Image Watermark button.

Add Image Watermark to Video

After choosing the photo, you can change the orientation and opacity of this image here.

Set Image Watermark

Step 4 Export Video

Finally, click the Export button to get the video with watermark.

How to Use Color Correction

Step 1 Choose the Color Correction button and click the center plus sign to add your videos.

Add Video to Color Correction

Step 2 Here you can adjust the Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, and Hue of your videos as you like. Then, you can click the Export button to get the video.

Correct Color of Video

How to Use Audio Compressor

Step 1 To import the audio you want to reduce its file size to this tool, please select Audio Compressor and click the central plus sign.

Add Audio Compressor

Step 2 Then you can drag the point of the Compress bar to shrink your audio based on your needs. Next, click the Compress button to export your compressed audio file.

Compress Audio File

How to Use Image Converter

Step 1 If you want change you image format, you can click the Image Converter button and the plus sign to add your image.

Add Image to Converter

Step 2 After adding your image, you can click the drop-down icon next to Convert All to for selecting the format you are going to convert to. In this tool, you can convert your image to JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF/TIFF, WEBP, and DDS. Then click the Export button to complete.

Change Image Format

How to Use File Date Changer

Step 1 Select the File Date Changer button and click + to add your file.

Add File to Date Changer

Step 1 Next, if you want to change the Created date of your file, you can click the specific date and directly change it. After changing, click the Apply button to save.

Change File Date