10 Best Video Cutters to Trim Desired Parts from a Large Video

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In order to make a stunning or interesting video for social media, you have to cut some unnecessary parts. How to trim or cut the videos into the desired one? The article shares some free video cutters as well as the professional one, which you can cut a desired part from a large video with ease. Just read the article to learn more detailed information now.

Video Cutter

Part 1. Best video cutter to trim and cut videos on PC

How about the large video clips? It is difficult to cut videos in a large size for both online video cutter and video cutting Apps on smart devices. As for the case, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate should be a nice solution you have to take into consideration. It is more than a simple video cutter; you can convert the video formats or even edit the files within the program.

  • 1. Cut and trim video with hundreds of video formats as well as DVD disc.
  • 2. Enhance the video quality with different parameters.
  • 3. Basic editing features to rotate, crop, clip, apply effect and add watermark.
  • 4. Add external subtitles and audio tracks to the video files.

How to cut a desired part from a video

Step 1

Load DVD or video files into the program

Download and install the latest version of video cutter, launch the program and add the videos or DVD into the program. It is able to recognize different video formats with ease.

Click Edit Video

Step 2

Cut out the desired part of video

Click the "Cut" option in the main interface of the program, which you can choose the start point and end point to cut out the desired part of video. The video cutter enables you split the video into different segments with ease.

Cut Video

Step 3

Save the sliced video to computer

When you need to save the sliced video to the desired destination, just click the "Folder" icon and choose the folder to save the output file. Finally click the "Convert All" button to save the sliced video to computer.

Save Sliced Video

Part 2. Top 4 online video cutters to trim video online

For some simple tasks, you do not have to download extra program to cut the videos, online video cutter is a nice choice. But there is one major restriction that it is difficult to cut videos in large size. Just find the 4 best tools to cut out parts of your video online.

YouTube Video Editor

If you need to upload the videos to YouTube, you can simply use YouTube Video Editor to cut the desired part of the video. It is a simple and free video cutter to process videos quickly.

  • 1. Cut and trim video files in MP4, MOV and AVI video formats.
  • 2. Optimize the video effects and transitions for the video files.
  • 3. Trim video clips, arrange them in timeline, insert basic transition and more.

YouTube Video Editor

Online Video Cutter

Online Video Cutter is another online video cutter to cut, crop, rotate, edit and trim videos without complicated controls. Just upload the videos online to work with the videos in just one or two clicks.

  • 1. Cut and trim video file with AVI, DivX, MPEG, WMV and ASF formats.
  • 2. Upload and process video files up to 500 MB in your browser window.
  • 3. Delete the video files from the server automatically with security guarantee.

Online Video Cutter


Cutvideo.online is a popular online video cutter to cut out the desired parts of your video. You can choose the videos from computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, URL, Android or iOS devices to get the desired parts.

  • 1. Cut and trim videos with MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV and other video formats.
  • 2. Import videos from different channels to cut out the desired video parts.
  • 3. Besides video cutter, you can also adjust video, rotate video and more.


Video Toolbox

Besides cutting and trimming video files at start and end points that you determine, you can also extract video, audio or text from a video. Of course, it is able to record video from your webcam or another movie device.

  • 1. Cut videos with 3GP, AMV, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, M4V, RM, VOB and WMV.
  • 2. Analyze and display videos with codec, bit rate, frame rate, resolution, etc.
  • 3. Capable of processing videos up to 1500MB within few clicks.

Video Toolbox

Part 3. 5 best video cutters to cut videos for iOS/Android

What should you do if there are some simple video clips on iOS or Android devices? As for the case, you only need to download some video cutter apps to trim videos.

Easy Video Cutter

Easy Video Cutter is an easy to use video cutter for Android, which is able to trim part of the video or audio stream without watermark. When you launch the program, you can get the desired features to edit or cut the video files.

  • 1. Trim video and audio stream, join multiple video clips and extract MP3 files.
  • 2. Control the video speed with slow motion or fast motion (2x/4x/6x/8x/10x).
  • 3. Convert the part of the videos into GIF files and share to social media.

Easy Video Cutter


Androvid is more than a video cutter for Android. It is handy and versatile video editor. Besides the basic video editing features, you can also convert the videos into different formats or even make some slideshows.

  • 1. Trim the unwanted parts from your videos with easy to use interface.
  • 2. Manage the videos with basic editing features, reverse, join, trim and more.
  • 3. Remove unwanted parts in the middle of your videos.


Video Trim & Cut

Just need to trim or cut video with start point and end point as video cutters on computer, Video Trim & Cut is the right video cutter App for iOS devices. It is able to cut video files from Photos of iPhone directly.

  • 1. Trim your video clips from Photos accurate with video frame.
  • 2. Cut unwanted part and frames from your video with start and end point.
  • 3. Save the trimmed video to Library or share them to social media.

Video Trim and Cut

Video Crop

Video Crop is another easy video cutter for iOS device. It is able to load files from Photos, which you can crop and resize the video before sharing it to mail or iCloud with an easy to use interface.

  • 1. Select the different frame rates or set the time to cut the videos on iPhone.
  • 2. Export the output videos as MPEG-4 or QuickTime format.
  • 3. Share the files to your iCloud, Email and more others with ease.

Video Crop

Crop Video Square Editor

Crop Video Square Editor is an artistic video cutter to get the best position for the videos. It provides incredibly quick and easy way to pinch, zoom, drag and crop the video files.

  • 1. Support SLO-MO video, pinch to zoom in/zoom out and more.
  • 2. Crop and cut the video to square with the selected position.
  • 3. Add free music, imagination with brush size, color and opacity.

Crop Video Square Editor

Part 4. FAQs of video cutter

1. Does Windows 10 have video editing?

Yes, Windows 10 does include a tool to help you edit videos, which is called Video Editor. It provides users with full features to make videos with music, text, motion, and even 3D effects.

2. How do you delete parts of a video on VLC?

Open View in the menu bar then select the Advanced Controls option. Open the video you want to cut. Play it or scroll around to the starting point. Next, please click on the Record button above the Play/Pause button. Play the video and wait till you reach the ending point, hit the record button again to stop recording.

3. What program can edit MP4 videos?

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate can help you edit videos in any formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, and more. You can add watermark/filter, and clip/merge/crop/rotate videos without any hassle.


If there are some simple and small video clips, you only need to find some online video cutter or video cutter apps on Android/iOS devices only. The article explains the supported video formats as well as the major features of the program. But when you need to cut out a desired part from a large video or use some advanced features of professional video cutter, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate should be the right choice. If you have any query about the best video cutters, you can share more detailed information in the comments.

January 23, 2019 15:00

10 Best Video Cutters to Trim Desired Parts from a Large Video