5 Amazing Programs to Flip a Video with Comprehensive Guidelines

5 Amazing Programs to Flip a Video with Comprehensive Guidelines

Do you have videos that you need to flip? Perhaps you still don't get why others also want to flip videos or why it is important to do this trick. Yes is a trick that can help you fix a wrong angle you have captured while recording an unexpected event or happenings. For this reason, flipping has also been in demand for those who take selfies but are not satisfied with the outcome, so they apply a mirror effect which is the significant other of flip. However, if you need to work on videos that are so dear to you, then we suggest executing the flipping procedure with powerful video editors only. This is why we have gathered the five amazing video flippers and prepared comprehensive guidelines on executing the trick properly.

Flip Video

Part 1. Best Way to Flip a Video

Among the professional programs we are about to present to you, this one is what many users consider to be the best. Make way for Tipard Video Converter Ultimate, a multifunctional and comprehensive software. It has numerous features and tools, and flipping a video has been one of the dominant ones. The good thing about this video flipper that makes users drop their jaw is its ability to work simultaneously on multiple video files. So, if you have bulk videos that you need to flip, you can bet them all in this tool and simultaneously perform your task in minutes. Why fast? It is because of its advanced acceleration technologies that help every procedure to perform in an ultrafast phase. Meanwhile, you can also access its individual tool from its Toolbox, which works on flipping. This tool provides extra output presets where you can modify your file's format, quality, resolution, bitrate, channel, and more.

What is more impressive is that this Tipard Video Converter Ultimate lets you enhance your video up to 4K to 8K. Not just that, it can work with more than 500 different media formats, making you proceed with whatever type of video you have. On the other hand, here are the steps below to assist you with this fantastic tool.

How to Flip Videos in Bulk

Step 1Download and Install the Tool

You can go to the official website of this software and download it from there. Otherwise, you can click the Download button below, whichever is applicable on your device. After a free download, run the software.

Step 2Upload All the Videos

Once you run the software, you can load all the videos you want to flip. Do it by clicking the Plus icon at the center of the interface, then locate your target videos.

TVCU Upload Video Clip

Step 3Flip the Video Files

When all the videos are in, hit the Star icon, which indicates the edit function. Then, in the popped-up window, stay in the Rotate & Crop section, where the flip function lies. In the Rotation section under the preview, click whether to apply vertical flip or horizontal flip on your video. Then, to apply the same flip to other videos, click the Apply to All button and the OK tab after.

TVCU Flip Video Clip

Step 4Export the Videos

After that, you can export the videos by clicking the Convert All button. However, check the output format first to see if it fits your desired one. If not, you can change the format by clicking the arrow button in the Convert All to section and choosing the right format in the new window.

TVCU Export and Save Output

Step 5Check the Outputs

Once the conversion process is finished, you may easily access the Converted section to access your recent outputs. Also, you can share your videos on the available social media sites if you want to.

TVCU Preview Video

Part 2. Other Three Ways to Flip a Video on a Computer

Here are the other three amazing ways that will also build you up. These tools are familiar to your eyes, for they have also been making names with other video editing tasks.

How to Flip Video in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is software developed by Adobe. It is one of the most popular video editing programs that many editors use up to these days. Furthermore, this Premiere Pro comes with many functions due to the many features it offers. Some of its most used are its effects, filters, video rotator, video enhancer, and video clip flipper. With this being said, you can count on this software if you want to edit your videos since many users have proven its reliability. Meanwhile, Premiere Pro lets you flip your videos in three ways. However, only some of these ways offer easy procedures, which is not surprising since Premiere Pro is known for its intimidating procedure and interface. Hence, we will teach you the easiest way to flip your video horizontally with this software.

Step 1Carefully install the software on your device, and launch it. Then, to upload the video that you need to flip, go to the File tab, followed by the Import button.

Step 2Once the video is in, drag it into the timeline. Then, click the Video Effects menu and choose the Transform selection that will appear.

Step 3Now, click the vertical or horizontal flip that you want to apply. Then, you must drag your choice of flip to your video to apply it. After that, check if the setting is applied to your video and save and export your video.

Premiere Flip Video

How to Flip a Video in iMovie

If you use a Mac and want to flip your videos on it, then iMovie is the one for you. It is a free video editing program that Apple devices, including iPhones and iPads, can freely use. Furthermore, there are many reasons to like iMovie, aside from the fact that you won't need to install it. You can also indulge in its amazing features, such as its cool effects and other tools to convert, rotate, trim, and flip your videos. However, this software is only available on Mac and cannot be enjoyed with Windows.

Step 1Run the iMovie on your Mac computer and import the video file you need to flip. To do so, click the Plus icon, select Movie, and proceed to the next steps to mirror a video.

Step 2Once the video is uploaded, click the Crop icon to open the flip function of the tool. Then, if you want to flip the video vertically, hit the Rotate tab twice. And to flip the video horizontally, you must click the video in the timeline and hit the Clip filter and Audio Effect tab. Then, click the Clip Filter and choose Flipped.

Step 3After that, you can now click the Export button at the top right corner of the interface. Then, proceed to save the video. You also can use iMovie to cut videos.

iMovie Flip Video

How to Flip a Video in Final Cut Pro

Another video editing software you can use on Mac is this Final Cut Pro. It is one of the popular tools that every professional looks forward to in video editing. Many choose Final Cut Pro over others because everybody can easily cope with its user-friendly interface. Aside from that, it has almost the same features that were mentioned with the others, including video flipping. However, when it comes to its video-flipping procedure, Final Cut Pro is quite demanding. See the steps below to learn more.

Step 1Launch the tool on your Mac, and upload the video by pressing the Command+I keys as the shortcut. Then, choose your video and click the Import Selected tab.

Step 2Now click the drop-down menu and choose the Transform option. Then, navigate the blue bars to rotate and resize your video.

Step 3After that, click the video on the timeline to highlight it. Then, hit the Inspector panel to access the Transform presets. In this option, type 100 on X or Y sections. Check the video, then export it afterward. Click here to learn how to edit 3D videos in Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Flip Video

Part 3. Fantastic Way to Flip Videos Online

If you want to flip videos online, you should try using Kapwing. It is a free online tool with a fantastic flipping feature that allows you to flip your videos vertically and horizontally. However, since it is a free tool, expect to have watermarked outputs unless you upgrade to its premium account. Thus, here are the simplified steps to follow with Kapwing.

Step 1Visit Kapwing's flip video page, and hit the Choose a Video button to upload your clip.

Step 2Then, you may start tweaking the Rotate option on the right to flip the video.

Step 3After achieving the right flip, you can now hit the Export Video to save the video that flipped horizontally or vertically.

Kapwing Flip Video

Part 4. FAQs about Video Flipping

Is flipping the same as mirroring?

Yes. Flipping works more about the position while mirroring works on the axis.

Where is the tool to flip video in VLC?

You will see it in the video effects in the Geometry tab.

What should I better use in flipping video, online or offline?

It is better to use offline tools. Take it from the professionals and go for the offline tool so that nothing can bother you with your work.


With the fantastic methods we have imparted through this post, you can now flip videos without any worries. We ensure your dear videos are secured when you use them, especially the Tipard Video Converter Ultimate.

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