5 Strong Video Quality Enhancers with AI Technology [Pros & Cons Included]

If you wanna improve the video quality, you have to use video quality improver. Do you know what video quality enhancer can do for you? You might only use some video quality enhancer online but have no idea about the detail. The article will show the detail about what Tipard Mac Video Enhancer can do for you.

Video Quality Enhancer

Part 1. Multi-functional Video Enhancer for Windows and Mac

Upscale resolution

When you forget to turn on the settings of camera, save some video files, the initial problem you have to fix is improving the video quality.

In order to upscale resolution of video quality, the program can analyze and calculate the best characteristics of the video. You can get superb video quality when you convert lower resolution to higher resolution video.

Upscale resolution

Optimize brightness and contrast

When you take the video files with poor light and shooting against the sun might cause the picture too dark or even cause video noise, you should use video quality enhancer software to optimize brightness and contrast.

Tipard Video Quality Enhancer automatically optimizes the brightness and contrast to make the video more enjoyable. The only thing you have to do is to load the video files to the video quality improving software.

Optimize brightness and contrast

Remove video noise

Reduce the video noise is very important when you take video in a dark environment or videos for moving parameters, you should know the way to enhance the video files by removing video noise.

Tipard video quality enhancer is able to remove the dirty-like video noise from the original video file to improve the quality with a much cleaner video files to you. The video optimize software is available both for Windows and Mac.

Remove video noise

Reduce video shaking

If you take the video in boat or car, the video quality enhancer to reduce the video shaking is very important. When you use some special effects to the video files, you should also learn the way to optimize the video files.

Tipard Video Quality Optimizer can reduce shaking motion in video. It can only be applied for videos with whole frame move at the current version. Just free download the video quality enhancer to learn more about the program. Aside from improving your video quality, this software also can help you convert your video and audio to various formats. Besides, you can use this video enhancer to edit your videos, like trimming, cropping, rotating, adding texts and watermarks, and more.

Part 2. Professional Software to Enhance Video Quality

Besides the powerful video enhancer mentioned above, Adobe Premiere Pro is a great and professional video quality improver you can try if you pursue an excellent experience. It enables you to correct your video color, adjust your video contrast and saturation, remove blur from your video, export your video without quality loss, etc., to improve your video quality professionally. Sadly, if you are a beginner in video enhancement, Adobe Premiere Pro is not suggested because this program is complicated.


  • 1. Support exporting 4K videos.
  • 2. Equip with various video and audio editing tools.
  • 3. Have built-in guidelines.


  • 1. The price is high.
  • 2. Spend a long time installing the software.
Premiere Enhance Video

Part 3. Convenient Video Quality Enhancer for iPhone

InShot – Video Editor is an amazing video quality enhancer for iPhone users. Installing it on your iPhone and improving your iPhone video quality will become easier than before with its features, including adding filters and effects to your videos, saving your videos in 4K, etc. In addition, InShot – Video Editor offers popular video editing features, like adding text and pictures to videos, adding sound effects, merging multiple videos, etc.


  • 1. No advertising.
  • 2. No watermark is left on videos.
  • 3. Straightforward interface.


  • 1. Not free.
Inshot Enhance Video

Part 4. Easy-to-use Android Video Quality Enhancer

If you are an Android user, please use Vid.Fun – Video Editor to improve your Android video quality. It lets you add filters to your videos, change your video contrast, process your videos without quality loss, and more. What's more, Vid.Fun – Video Editor supports many popular file formats, including MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, MP3, AAC, etc. You also can use this app to add stickers to your videos to make them more appealing.


  • 1. Easy to get from Google Play Store.
  • 2. Free app to improve your video quality on Android.
  • 3. Zero advertisements.


  • 1. Not available for iOS.
VidFun Enhance Video

Part 5. Video Quality Enhancer Extension for Browsers

Suppose you do not want to install any program on your computer and mobile phone. You can use Video Enhancer - Color Grading to make your video quality better. It is a video enhancer extension you can use on your browser when you play videos online, including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc. It can make your video clean and colorful by adding filters to your video.


  • 1. Convenient tool to enhance video online.
  • 2. No ads or viruses.


  • 1. The function is limited.
Extension Enhance Video

Part 6. FAQs about Video Enhancer

How can I improve video quality resolution?

You can use Tipard Video Converter Ultimate to enhance your video resolution. Download and install this software on your Windows or Mac, run it, go to Toolbox, select Video Enhancer, and click the plus sign to import your video. Then you can improve your video quality resolution quickly.

Can the poor-quality video be improved?

If your video is shaky, blurry, or too dark, you can use Tipard Video Converter Ultimate to improve your video quality.

How can I improve my 1080p to 4K?

Install Tipard Video Converter Ultimate on your computer, launch it, and import your video by clicking the Add File(s) button. And then, you need to click Convert All to and select 4K as your output video resolution. Next, click Convert All to get your 4K video.


Here are 5 video enhancers for various devices and needs. Although these tools have advantages and disadvantages, they can indeed be your best choice to improve your video quality. Among these programs, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate can be the most suitable tool for you because it is easy to use and meets all your needs.

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March 03, 2023 10:33
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5 Strong Video Quality Enhancers with AI Technology [Pros & Cons Included]