Tipard Screen Capture Pro

How to Use

Tipard Screen Capture Pro is the best all-in-one video software, which is able to capture on-screen movements, convert videos or audios, create/burn DVD/Blu-ray disc or convert PowerPoint to video or DVD.

Part 1: How to capture video and record audio

How to capture video

Step 1Choose the recording region

When you want to record streaming video, webcam, game video or other on-screen activities, you are able to set the recording region before capturing your screen.

Load DVD and Add Video

Step 2 Capture the screen with great quality

After setting the capture area, you need to decide whether to record video from system audio or from microphone. After that, click "Rec" button and be ready to capture video.

Step 3 Preview the recording

When you finish capturing video, click the "Stop" button and then preview your recording.

How to record audio

Step 1 Record audio file from system voice or from microphone

Screen Capture also allows you to record audio files. Before you grab the audio, you need to decide to record audio from system voice or from microphone.

Step 2 Record the audio

Click the "Rec" button and begin to record the audio files.

Part 2: How to convert PowerPoint to video/DVD

How to convert PowerPoint to video

Step 1 Launch PowerPoint to Video Converter

Choose "PPT Converter Pro" and launch PowerPoint to Video Converter. Select "Burn into Videos" option.

Convert into Videos

Step 2 Add PowerPoint files

Click "Add PPT File(s)" button and import PowerPoint file. This program enables you to input one or more PPT files.

Import PowerPoint Files

Step 3 Make video settings

Here are video settings for you to choose from.

Make Settings for Video

Converting mode

Auto Mode:

"Auto Mode" option needs you to make sure your PowerPoint version should be at least above 2010. Then you can let your PowerPoint slides be automatically converted by setting a transition time.

Advanced Mode:

"Advanced Mode" lets you keep/ignore/record narrative for your PowerPoint slides. Any version of PowerPoint is allowed. Different with "Auto mode", this option needs you perform PowePoint files manually.

Video Settings:

From video settings, you are able to choose your preferred output format like MP4, AVI, MOV and more. Also, you can optionally choose the formats classified by "Device" or "Format". Hit the "Heart" icon and make the format as your "Favorite" one.

Choose Format

Step 4 Convert PowerPoint to video

All settings prepared, you are able to click "Start" and convert the PowerPoint slides to video right now. After that, the video will pop up and you can check it.

Convert Point to Video

How to convert PowerPoint to DVD disc/ISO file

Step 1 Launch PowerPoint to DVD Converter

Choose "Burn into DVD" option and launch PowerPoint to DVD Converter.

Convert into DVD

Step 2 Import PowerPoint file(s)

Click the "Add PPT File(s)" button and input one or more PowerPoint documents.

Import PowerPoint for DVD

Step 3 Make DVD settings

When you are ready to make your PPT presentation into DVD, you need to personalize some DVD settings.

DVD Settings

Converting mode:

Make manual or auto settings for your PowerPoint files.

DVD Settings:

DVD Settings enables you to set TV standard and aspect ratio.

Menu: Here are some templates background images options for you to choose form. You can add background music for PowerPoint document as well.

DVD Menu

Step 4 Convert PowerPoint to DVD

Finally, click "Start" and convert your PowerPoint to DVD/ISO.

Convert Point to DVD

Part 3: How to convert videos/audios

Step 1 Add video or audio files

Click "Add file(s)" button and import your video or audio files.

Step 2 Choose output video or audio format

Click "Profile" option and then choose your preferred video or audio format from the drop-down list.

Step 3 Convert videos/audios

Click "Convert" button and begin converting videos or audios.

Part 4: How to create DVD

Step 1 Insert a blank DVD disc

Launch DVD creator and insert one blank DVD disc.

Getting Started

Step 2 Add video file

Click the "Plus" button and then import one or more video files.

Import Video Files

Step 3 Destination folder

Click the "Destination" and then choose to convert video to blank DVD disc or save it as an ISO file.

Output DVD

Step 4 Edit menu

Click "Actions" > "Edit Menu" and come to the pop-up window of "Edit Menu". Here you can customize menu, frame, button and text. After editing, click "Save" and close the window.

Edit Menu

Step 5Edit video file

Highlight the video file and click "Edit" button, and you will be let to the video edit window. Adjust the parameter settings, trim the video length, crop the video and add watermarks as you like.

Edit Single Video

Step 6 Audio track and subtitle

Select the "ABC" button and you will enter the "Edit Audio/Subtitle" window. Adjust the parameter settings, trim the video length, crop the video and add watermarks as you like.

Audio Track

Step 7 Burn video to DVD

Finally, click the "Burn" button and then create your DVD.

Audio Track

Part 5: How to Create Blu-ray disc

Step 1 Insert a blank Blu-ray disc

Connect the Blu-ray drive with your computer and insert one blank Blu-ray disc.


Step 2 Add video file(s)

Click "Add Files" button and load the video file(s) that you want to burn to Blu-ray disc.

Add Videos

Step 3 Audio Track and subtitle

Check the video file and click "Audio Track" or "Subtitle", you come to the following window. Hit the "Add" icon under "Audio" and choose a suitable audio track as the output audio. Adjust the settings by dragging the bar. Same way with the "Subtitle".

Add Videos

Step 4 Editing features

Check the video and click Edit. In the pop-up edit window, try with the "Crop", "Effect" and "Watermark" function one by one at your disposal.

Video Effects

Step 5 Create Blu-ray disc

Select target format and destination file folder. If you want to burn video to Blu-ray disc directly, choose the Blu-ray disc as the target. If you want to create a Blu-ray folder or ISO image file for further use, choose the target folder as destination. Then click "Create" button to start.

Burning Process