Tipard DVD Creator for Mac

How to Use

Camera is a must-have in our daily life. It records the merriest moment when hanging out with friends and family. Sometimes we may lose or do some damage to our precious memory videos, therefore we need to backup them on a DVD disc in case of loss or damage. Tipard DVD Creator for Mac is the professional DVD Maker, allowing you to convert almost all video files to DVD disc with ultra-fast burning speed and original quality. You can follow the steps below and create your desired DVD movies.

Part 1: How to create DVD with video files

Step 1 Install and launch the program

First of all, you need to download the software here, and then install it on your computer. Run the program after the successful installation. Here’s the main interface of the program.

Burn dvd with video

Step 2 Add files to the program

Click “Add Files” button on the toolbar to open the “Select Video File” window. Here you’re able to pressing “Ctrl” or “Shit” button on the keyboard to add multiple video files to the program. Or you’re allowed to drag the files to the program directly.

Step 3Burn videos

After you add files to the program, you can see the estimated capacity. Insert a blank DVD disc, and then click “Burn” button to bun the videos to the DVD disc. In a short while, you can get your DVD movies

Part 2:How to edit the video before the conversion

Step 1Effect function

In the “Edit” window, you’re allowed to adjust the video effect like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, hue and Volume. You can drag the slide bar of each parameter to change the corresponding effect. Or you can input the value you want in the corresponding text box. With the best Mac DVD Creator, you can definitely get the ideal video effect.

edit video

Step 2Trim video length

If you just want a part of the video file, it’s very easy to make it with Mac DVD Creator. In the “Trim” editing window, please drag the slide bar to set the start time and end time; or input the start time and end time in the corresponding text box.

Step 3Crop the video frame

This versatile DVD Creator for Mac guarantees you the perfect video frame. Click “Crop” panel and check “Keep Aspect Ratio” option. Here you can choose “Original”, “Crop area”, “16:9” and “4:3” to adjust the video frame as you like.

Step 4 Watermark function

In the “Watermark” editing window, please check “Enable watermark” option. Please check “Text” or “Picture” option to add text/image watermark to the video. Also, the position of the watermark is adjustable according to your preference.

Part 3: How to further personalize the video

Step 1Adjust the audio track

Click “Audio Track” button to open the”Edit Audio/Subtitle” window. Here you can add or remove the audio track, select the audio language, adjust the volume, Latency, Encoder, Bitrate and Channels as you like.

audio/subtitle adjustable

Step 2 Adjust subtitle

With the assistance of the best Mac DVD Maker, you’re able to add the subtitle to the program, or remove the subtitle if you don’t like it. In addition, you’re granted to choose the language, the position of the subtitle, the Font Name & Size & Color of the subtitle.

edit menu

Step 3Edit the menu

Once you own this all-in-one DVD Maker, you’re capable of editing the DVD menu. You can adjust the DVD menu, frame, button and text as you like. What’s more, you’re free to add background music, background picture and opening film to the DVD movies at your disposal.