Join Tipard Affiliate Program

Why Join our Affiliate Program?

1. High Commission - You can easily earn up to 75% commission on every product you sell.
2. 100% Tracked Custom Build - Your sales of custom version can be utterly tracked to guarantee your conversion ratios.
3. Best & Most Timely Products Offer - Our affiliate partners are guaranteed to be offered with the the same latest versions as ones in our official site to meet customers' requirement of the uttermost. Besides, Our affiliate partners are timely informed when there is any great upgrade.
4. 24*7 Hours Service Support - First-class technology support and high-quality service are provided for users within 24 hours to increase your sales and conversion ratio.

How to Become an Affiliate?

1. Create Account - Tipard affiliate program is available on two affiliate networks - RegNow and Avangate. What you need to do is select the suitable affiliate platform, fill the application form and then get your affiliate ID.
2. Approval - After your Regnow ID or Avangate ID is approved, you can make custom build on this affiliate page.
3. Make Money - Promopt commission payment will send you automatically as soon as one order is completed.

How to generate custom trial version?

You just need to input your affiliate ID in the below form, choose your affiliate program, select the product, then click 'Download My Custom Builder Now' button to get your unique custom build.

Note: Custom build version is available for all Tipard Windows products. To sale Mac products, please contact us by email:

Advanced Custom

Basic Custom

1. Enter Your Affiliate ID:
2. Choose affiliate program:  
RegNow Avangate
3. Select one product:  
BD/DVD Tools
Video Tools
Mobile Tools
PDF Tools

You can also use RegNow trialware. Download RegNow Trialware and host it, or just simply link to RegNow custom builds.

PAD Files

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Company Name: Tipard Studio;RegNow ID:19535. Contact info:

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