Best MP4 to MPG Video Converters (Offline and Online)

Best MP4 to MPG Video Converters (Offline and Online)

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Are you struggling to play MP4 or MPEG-4 files on old DVD players or VCD players? If that is your concern, you must turn your MP4 files to MPG format. MPG format incorporates MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video and audio compression, which performs well on old players. So, this article will let you review offline and online MP4 to MPG converters. Along the way, you will know what the most effective tool to convert MP4 to MPEG-2 files is.

MP4 To MPG Converter

Part 1. Offline MP4 to MPG Converters

Top 1. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is an MP4 to MPG video converter. With that, you can use this software to convert MP4 to MPEG format. It supports various file formats allowing you to select a particular format based on your particular needs. In that way, it is now possible to play media files on different devices and systems. If you ever desire a free video converter, the program offers a free download version. This version can work well with Windows and Mac operating systems.

To check the software's capabilities, please review the following information below. Additionally, do not forget to follow all the steps to convert MP4 to MPG.

Excellent Features of the Tipard Video Converter Ultimate:

  • 1. It allows you to convert MP4 to MPG without effort.
  • 2. It has a 70X faster conversion speed.
  • 3. It can support up to 500 video and audio formats, you can take it as a WLMP to MP4 converter.
  • 4. It can rip and copy DVD and Blu-ray files.
  • 5. It has a Toolbox with GIF and 3D Maker, Video Compressor, Video Enhancer, Video Merger, Video Compressor, Media Metadata Editor, and a lot more.
  • 6. It has a straightforward user interface.

How to Convert MP4 to MPG in Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1Look for Tipard Video Converter Ultimate on your browser and visit the main page. Then, download the software and install it on your computer. After that, launch it and click the Converter tool above the interface.

Step 2Upon clicking the Converter feature, you will encounter a new screen. Thus, you will see the [+] button in the middle of the screen. Click it to upload a video file.

Add Video Files Into Video Converter Ultimate

Step 3After that, click the Output Setting next to the video output. Go to the Search button below and look for the file format you need.

Video Converter Ultimate Output Settings

Step 4You can now type the MPG format on the Search section then click it to apply the modification.

Video Converter Ultimate Customize Profile

Step 5Finally, go to the Save to button to find a file location for your video output. Then, to save your video file/s, click the Convert All button.

Video Converter Ultimate Convert Video

Top 2. FFmpeg

Moving on to the FFmpeg MP4 to MPEG converter. This video converter program allows the users to alter MP4 files into MPG format. Since it supports various file formats, you can convert videos to any file format you need. Moreover, FFmpeg offers many presets for iPods/iPhones and Rockbox. It also has a GPU for a quick video conversion process. It also has AAC encoder settings to improve media quality.


  • 1. It provides video streaming capabilities through a built-in media player.
  • 2. It has editing tools like trimming down the video or audio duration, image extraction, and more.


  • 1. The software is very confusing.
  • 2. The user interface is complicated.

Top 3. VLC

Last is MP4 to MPG VLC. This is actually one of the most eminent media players with a built-in video converter. Yes, you are right; VLC allows you to convert video files, supporting many popular file formats. Thus, you can convert MP4 to MPG video files without any hassle. Moreover, you can use VLC to convert WAV to MP4 if needed.


  • 1. It comes with a simple interface and functions.
  • 2. It has a control keyboard shortcut.
  • 3. It is compatible with OS X.


  • 1. It has no editing features.
  • 2. The interface is not customizable.

Part 2. Online MP4 to MPG Converters


The first online MP4 to MPG converter is FreeFileConverter. This online converter enables you to convert MP4 to MPG without waiting for too long. This one comes with different options to add a video file. Moreover, the program lets you upload 5 files only to ensure a quick conversion process.


  • 1. It does not require you for an installation.
  • 2. It has available diverse conversion settings.
  • 3. It can maintain video quality.


  • It requires a strong internet connection.
FreeFileConvert MP4 to MPG


Next is ConvertFiles. This is another reliable online MP4 to MPG converter. It is 100% free and supports various file formats. Thus, you can use this to alter MP4 to MPG. Also, it is safe to use because it is free from viruses.


  • 1. The conversion process takes only three simple steps.
  • 2. It is easy to upload video files.


  • 1. It lacks editing tools.
  • 2. The conversion process might take too long due to a slow internet connection.
ConvertFiles MP4 to MPG

Part 3. FAQs about MP4 to MPG Converter

Can Handbrake convert MP4 to MPG?

Yes. Handbrake is a flexible video converter program. It supports many video file formats allowing you to alter MP4 to MPG without losing the video quality. The program can also work with specific multimedia content, including Blu-ray and DVD files.

What is an MPG file format?

This file format can also save videos, audio, subtitles, and image files. Also, MPG is a short-term MPEG file for Moving Picture Experts Group. MPEG can create movies that come from the internet.

Can I convert MP4 to MPG in FFmpeg?

Yes. FFmpeg can also support almost all major file formats like the other video converter programs. For that reason, you can use this video converter to alter your MP4 files into an MPG format.


After reading this article review, you now have the chance to pick the best MP4 to MPEG converter tool. You can choose one tool to convert MP4 to MPG. Here, we recommend the Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. This program enables you to access its notable features for free because it has a free download version. The software comes with a GPU acceleration, allowing users to operate it without confusion. In line with that, the program enables you to enhance the quality of your video clips before the conversion process.

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