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What is a MOD file? When you have some recorded videos from your digital cameras, you might find the videos saved in MOD format. How to convert a MOD file to MP4? Is it possible to play the MOD videos directly within media players? Just learn more about the best MOD to MP4 converters to extract the videos with the original quality of the article.

MOD to MP4

Part 1: How to Convert MOD to MP4 with Ease

In order to backup and use the high quality MOD video, edit the MOD files, or even apply video filters for the videos, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is the desired MOD to MP4 converter that convert files at 60x fast speed with full quality. Moreover, you can also edit the videos with cropping, rotating, clipping, watermarking, adding filters and more.

  • 1. Convert MOD to MP4, 4K MP4, MP4 1080P or the optimal device formats.
  • 2. Built-in video editor to crop MOD files, rotate the video or clip into parts.
  • 3. Compress the MOD video into a desired size by adjusting the resolution.
  • 4. GPU acceleration to convert MOD to videos with 60x faster speed easily.
Step 1

Download and install the MOD to MP4 converter, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Converter menu and click the big Plus button to load the MOD files you want to convert from the SD card into the program accordingly.

Step 2

Select the output format at the right corner to choose the MP4 from the Video menu. Moreover, you can also choose HEVC MP4, HD 1080P or others according to the original MOD files. Select the desired presets from the Device menu for your iPhone or Android phone.

Step 3

In order to remove the unwanted parts, or merge MOD clips into one, you can click the Clip menu and load the MOD files. Select the start point and the end point to trim the video, or combine the MOD videos with the Merge into one option with the program.

Clip video
Step 4

Click the Gear icon to set up the Subtitle Language, Audio Language, GPU acceleration and more others for converting MOD to MP4. Now you can click the Convert All button to convert the MOD video to the desired format according to your requirements.


Part 2: Is There a Method to Convert MOD to MP4

Method 1: How to Convert MOD to MP4 Online for Free

If you just need to share a small MOD file to your iPhone, you can choose the ConvertFiles as a free MOD to MP4 converter.

Step 1

Go to ConvertFiles online and click the Browse button to load the MOD file from your camera SD card or any folder on your computer into the program.

Step 2

Choose the desired Input format and Output format. It has two MP4 options, MPEG-4 Video File and H.265/HEVC Video File. Choose the desired one accordingly.

Step 3

If you need to send the output MP4 to your email, you can check the Send a download link to my email option before clicking the Convert button to convert MOD to MP4 for free.


Method 2: How to Convert MOD to MP4 via VLC

VLC Media Player is another free MOD to MP4 converter that enables you to extract high quality videos. It enables you to convert a large MOD file, but there are limited settings to tweak the output MP4 files. (Want to find more MP4 players?)

Step 1

Launch VLC Media Player and click the Media menu. You can choose the Convert/Save option. When you get to the Open Media window, you can click the Add button to select the MOD files.

Step 2

Select the destination folder and the name for the new video file. After that, you can choose the Video-H.264 + MP3 (MP4) from the Profile menu and tweak the resolution, frame rate and more.

Step 3

Once you've chosen all the settings, click the Start button to begin the conversion. It will save the film in the desired format MP4 format in the file folder you have selected accordingly.


Part 3: FAQs about Converting MOD to MP4

What is MOD File Format?

MOD video files are MPEG files with MOD file extension. It was developed by Panasonic and JVC for camcorders that contains both standard definition and high definition video. The MOD files are similar to the MPEG-2 format on the SD cards and hard disc of the camera. But the MOD extension is not a widely used video format. You have to convert MOD to MP4 for more other devices instead.

Why Audio Files Not Available after MOD to MP4 Conversion?

Some MOD files have PCM audio files, which is not a compatible codec for the MP4 format. When you convert the MOD to MP4, you might not able to get the audio files. Just choose the AVI format as the output to have another try instead.

Can You View MOD Files Directly on Windows and Mac?

When you load the MOD files to Windows Media Player or QuickTime, you are not able to play the MOD videos directly. There will be an error about the file extension. Of course, you can use the VLC or other professional video players instead.


When you want to convert MOD to MP4 from your digital camera, it is the ultimate guide you should follow. It not only shows the ultimate method to convert the MOD files, but also include the free MOD to MP4 converters. Moreover, you can learn more about FAQs about converting MOD to MP4 from the article.

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April 30, 2020 17:11
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