Wonderland for BD/DVD Zealots

BD/DVD Zealot

Blu-ray/DVD zealot paradise bespeaks any possibility for you to enjoy Blu-ray/DVD movies. This is the very place where you can enjoy the latest Blu-ray movie and 1080p HD videos with a theatre feeling and import DVD movies to all portable devices like iPhone 5, iPad 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One X, Kindle Fire HD, etc.

How to Play Latest Blu-ray Movie and 1080p HD Videos?
How to rip DVD to iPad H.264?
How to Convert DVD to MP4 for Playback on Various Portable Devices ?
How to import DVD to iMovie ?
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iPad/iPhone/iPod/Apple TV Resources

Apple Device Resources

Desire to backup your iPad, iPhone, iPod contents to computer in case of file losing? Ever ideas like transferring 3D videos to your iPad 4 and enjoy the videos on HDTV via Apple TV flashed across? What is the possibility of file-sharing between any iOS devices, even they are not support iOS 9 or AirDrop? There embodies panoramic view of the world's best iPad/iPhone/iPod/Apple TV resources.

How to Convert 3D movie to iPad and Make it Shown on HDTV?
How to Transfer Files between iOS Devices with no AirDrop?
How to Backup iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 Contacts?
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iOS 9 Gossip/News/Upgrade/Jailbreak

iOS 9

Real-time news, widely-circulated gossip/rumour, and all other of iOS 9 can be find there. It is not a simple description of iOS 9 but a progressive and ever-updating iOS 9 special topic. If you are ever distressed about how to upgrade your iOS version to the latest iOS 9 to experience the new features, or if you are confused about how to enjoy all your latest movies once your device upgraded, here is the utimate solution.

Top 10 Outstanding iOS 7 Functions Unshown on WWDC 2013
Apple Unveiled iOS 7 Officially & iOS 7 New Features
Built-in Camera Filter and Motion Sensing Technology May Appear in iOS7
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Enjoy/Share/Upload/Convert AVCHD Videos


Here AVCHD video maily refers to HD MTS/M2TS video files commonly from HD camcorder or Blu-ray Disc. AVCHD conversion here provides best way for you to convert AVCHD movie to 150+ video/audio formats for playing on portable device with high quality, uploading to steaming video site for file sharing and importing to editing software for furthering editing, etc.

How to Upload Canon HF100 MTS/M2TS Files to Vimeo for Sharing?
How to Convert M2TS to Avid DNxHD for Editing on Avid Media Composer?
How to Import Canon Vixia MTS to Windows Movie Maker?
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