iOS 7 vs iOS 6 & Android 4.2

Once WWDC shows a full-featured iOS 7 as all expected, still Android goes far with iOS side by side? But if iOS 7 update for Android's sake - Add AirDrop to iOS 7, who on earth is the real winner ? Need to find the most suitable one ? Need a list of Comparison about Android and iOS ? More info is in this iOS special page.

ios vs android
ios upgrade
iOS Devices Upgrade to iOS 7

iOS 6 will be packed with hundreds of features to make the things you do every day even easier. Will Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Vimeo integration make everything easily shared ? If you belongs the loyal fans of iOS device, is it ever on your mind to make your old iOS device upgrade ? Wanna the first-hand upgrade info, pay attention to iOS 7 special topic.

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