iPad Pro Review

News about iPad Pro

Apple released the iPad Pro on September 10, 2015 of its press conference. You can know more detailed news about its new functions, design, storage, price and more.

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iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 3

Apple gives us the Tablet iPad Pro by far. Microsoft Surface is also an amazing Tablet. Compare them in different way, you can find which one is better for you.

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Start With Data Management

iPhone Transfer

  • Transfer music, video, photos and other files to between computer and iPhone/iPad/iPod in one click.
  • Move files between iOS devices directly, and sync to iTunes.
  • Support all iOS devices like iPad Pro/Air/mini.

How to transfer music from computer to ipad

Want to enjoy your music on iPad Pro? Learn the easiest way to transfer them from computer to iPad.

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Transfer photos from iPhone to iPad

The easiest way provided for you to transfer your iPhone photos to newly released iPad Pro.

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Transfer video from computer to ipad

You can find the easiest way to transfer your favorite videos to iPad and enjoy them on the go.

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iOS Data Recovery

  • Recover deleted or lost massages, contacts, photos etc. from iPhone, iPad, iPod directly.
  • Retrieve iPhone, iPad, iPod data from iTunes backup files.
  • Scan and preview all data before recovery.

How to backup ipad

An easy way helps you backup iPad data in case of files losing or be convenient to restore them one day.

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iPad recovery mode

This article shows you the concept and functions of iPad recovery mode, even how to enter/exit it easily.

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iPad stuck on apple logo

If your iPad Pro stuck on Apple logo, you can find some reasons and the easiest solution from this article.

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iPhone Eraser

  • Erase music, photos, messages, contacts and junk files, Apps and personal information permanently from iPad.
  • Recognize and erase several devices at the same time.
  • Support all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod.

How to delete videos from ipad

This article shows you three ways to delete iPad videos. You can choose the easiest one.

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iPad clear cache

How to delete cache and more on iPad with safe, you can find the easiest answer on this article.

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More Articles

How to transfer PDF to iPad

Two easy methods provided for you on how to transfer PDF files to iPad - sync PDF files to iPad with iTunes, or using the powerful iPad Transfer by one click.

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How to transfer files from PC to iPad

This tutorial shows you how to transfer files (music, videos, pictures) from PC to iPad, and transfer files from iPad like iPad Pro to computer easily.

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How to sync iPhone to iPad

In this article, it shows you how to sync iPhone contacts, photos, pictures, music, calendars and more data to iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini in a easy way.

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Download/Install WhatsApp on iPad

Want to get WhatsApp on iPad Pro? This article shows two methods to download WhatsApp for iPad, and then you can install and use it on iPad freely.

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