3 Easiest Methods to Copy DVD to USB With the Best Quality

Copy DVD to USB

It should be much more convenient to take a USB drive with movies instead of a DVD disc when you want to share them with others. When you want to enjoy some TV series on the journey, you can also copy the DVD to USB in advance and play it on your laptop. Moreover, many player devices have a USB port. Therefore, it's worth learning how to copy DVDs to USB for any convenient entertainment. What should the best solution for this? Just learn more details about it in this article.

Part 1. Why should you copy DVD to USB

Mac users cannot find the DVD drive on the latest MacBook Pro now. Even if you are using an old version MacBook Pro, the DVD drive might not work now. Is this the only reason that you need to rip DVD to USB? Here are some other reasons that you need to use USB instead of DVD.

  • 1. USB is much more flexible compares to DVD disc. You can use the USB for TV, computer, X-Box and more other devices.
  • 2. Apple and other digital manufacturers do not use DVD drive, which save the costs for the devices and make them smarter.
  • 3. USB has much more storage capacity compared to DVD. Copy DVD discs to USB, which enables you take one USB instead of the whole DVD discs series.
  • 4. DVD has lots of copyright restrictions and DRM protections, which you have to rip DVD to USB in order to playback on more devices.

Part 2. The Best Way to Rip DVD to USB Drive

When you need to rip a DVD to a USB drive, you may have to remove the DRM protection, or you can't start DVD ripping at all. Also, you should ensure original video quality after you transfer it from DVD to USB. Tipard DVD Ripper can easily remove encryption protection on your disc and keep raw video quality after conversion from DVD to USB. If you want to edit your DVD movies, it can also offer multiple editing features.

  • 1. Automatically recognize your DVD and load it quickly.
  • 2. Easily choose the main movie on your DVD to change to MP4.
  • 3. Convert DVDs to MP4 while upscaling or keeping the original quality.
  • 4. Edit video, audio, and subtitle tracks before you convert DVDs to MP4.
Step 1

Download Tipard DVD Ripper for free and launch it. Click the Load DVD button on the top left side and then the Load DVD Disc button to load your DVD disc.


Step 2

You should choose the main movie in your DVD disc and then select your desired digital video format, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, etc. Then, click the Rip All button to convert the DVD movie to a digital video.


Step 3

Now, you can copy the DVD to USB, for you've unlocked the DRM protection, and the DVD is converted to a digital video. Just copy and paste to transfer the DVD to USB easily.


Part 3. Directly Copy DVD Movies to USB

When you have some DVD disc without DRM protection, you can copy DVD movies from your computer. And then paste the DVD files to USB drive directly. You should know that only the unprotected DVDs are available to copy and paste to USB. Just learn more detail about the process as below.

Step 1

Insert DVD disc to computer

Take out your laptop and then insert a DVD disc into your computer. Then open the DVD folder and find the file you want to convert to USB.


Step 2

Connect USB to computer

Then, you can connect USB to your computer. Make sure the USB should have enough space to store DVD files before you copy DVD movies to USB.

Step 3

Copy DVD movies to USB

Choose the DVD file and then click the Open button and then press the right mouse to copy the files. Open the USB folder and then choose the suitable one, and then press the right mouse to choose paste.


Note: What USB Drive Do You Need?

You also have to watch out for the type of your USB drive. Since a DVD size is at least about 4GB, you should ensure that your USB has enough capacity for a high-quality movie when you want to copy DVDs to USB.

Moreover, the default USB format - FAT32, denies a 4GB file. Therefore, you should change the USB format to NTFS, which has no size limitation on a single file. You only need to right-click on your USB in This PC, and then click the Format button to change it to NTFS. Then, you can easily copy DVDs to USB.


Part 4. How to Transfer DVD to USB with Cloud

Nowadays, we prefer to store our files on cloud storage services, and today we will take VUDU as an example to give you the detailed guidance to teach you how to copy DVD to USB.

Step 1

Install VUDU on PC

Download VUDU To Go on your laptop. Click the Services button, and then the Disc to Digital button to convert the DVD movie to a digital format. It'll save the video in its cloud storage.


Step 2

Download DVD to USB from Cloud

Run the app and then click Manage Download button to choose the movie you want to download. Click Add SD for Download.


Step 3

Check the DVD in Cloud USB

Find the Manage Download in the movie detailed page to set the download order. Hit 1: Start SD Now on the first movie you want to download in the list.

Part 5. FAQs of Copying DVD to USB

What's the proper capacity of a USB drive when I want to copy DVD to USB?

Today, a USB drive can be over 128GB in capacity. Many high-quality DVD and Blu-ray movies can be over 40GB in size. Therefore, it's OK if you keep a 128GB USB drive for DVD movie collection.

Why does my TV can't play the video after I copy a DVD to USB?

The cause is not your USB, but the video format you've converted to. You should figure out what video formats your TV supports, and then choose the corresponding video format when you copy the DVD to USB.

Will it lose video quality when I copy DVDs to a USB?

No, it won't. When you copy DVDs to USB, you are transferring files to another physical storage, which won't compress the file.


Today, you've learned three methods to copy the movies from DVD to USB, which will enable you to share the movie with your friends more conveniently. Whenever you want to watch a movie with a big TV screen, you can also copy DVDs to USB and play them on your TV. Don't forget that Tipard DVD Ripper is the best way to copy DVDs to USB. You can transfer the DVD videos to many other video formats with original video quality.

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3 Easiest Methods to Copy DVD to USB