DVD Size Description Plus DVD Manage Software on Windows and Mac

DVD Size

DVD is the digital optical disc storage format invented in 1995, some people call DVD as digital versatile disc or digital video disc. DVD is the hard storage carrier, with which people save software and video files frequently. And you can see DVD player in your home to watch movies in high resolutions. Though many people prefer to view YouTube videos online and use cloud storage, DVD can still not be replaced, because of its high DVD capability and compatibility. Then what the largest DVD size is, or how much video compression can DVD work? You can read following DVD drive size description to have clear impression.

Part 1. Popular DVD Size Description

These are four popular DVD sizes people use frequently, with different storage level. You can purchase according to how much files you want to save to choose DVD capability.


DVD-5 is the single sided single layer disc. Its DVD capability is 4.7 GB, which means you can store 4,700,000,000 bytes on your computer. For instance, DVD-5 supports users to store nearly 120 minutes movies.


DVD-9 is single side dual-layer disc. You can store nearly 8 GB files on computer. People often use DVD-R and DVD+R discs for commercial use. And the video store time is 240 minutes or so.


DVD-10 is the dual-sided DVD-5. Therefore, its DVD size is 9.4 GB or so. And DVD-10 is supported by DVD-R/W and DVD+R/W. You can record up to 270 minutes videos in good quality.


DVD-18 is two-sided DVD-9 discs, with which you can save nearly 17GB video files of 480 minutes video files. In addition, DVD-18 is also the highest video compress quality offer.

Part 2. Tipard DVD Products – Rip, Copy and Burn DVD Files with Ease

No matter you need to convert DVD to video files, or cerate DVD by yourself, Tipard will satisfy your demands, with professional filers and trustworthy technology support.

Tipard DVD Ripper

Tipard DVD Cloner

Tipard DVD cloner is the DVD copy software for Windows and Mac users, to compress DVD sizes in perfect quality. In addition, you are able to burn ISO image or DVD folder in three copy modes, by full copy, main copy and customize copy. Moreover, the source size editor and writing speed control tools in Tipard DVD Cloner are easy to use. And Tipard Mac DVD Cloner will upgrade automatically under wireless connection. So, you will not be interpreted frequently with the annoying notification.

Tipard DVD Creator

Tipard DVD Creator

If you are fancy with online videos, Tipard DVD Creator will help you download and create videos from YouTube, Vimeo and most video sharing sites. And the import audio and video formats are huge. As for output DVD size, Tipard DVD Creator offers many selections. Or it is also available to upload video files from portable devices, to make DVD from Apple devices, Game Consoles, Players and Android tablets directly. There are customizable DVD menu templates, and video edit filters, to trim, crop, add watermark and video effects. What's more, the DIY menu enables users more space to adjust background images.

Part 3. VidCoder – Rip DVD with Batch Encoding on Windows

VidCoder offers users HandBrake as encoding engine, to burn DVD/Blu-ray videos on Windows computer. With VidCoder, you can remove copy protection from DVD and Blu-ray. Moreover, there is multi-threaded DVD ripping support. You can encode DVD files with multiple settings to adjust subtitles, audio tracks and other more. VidCoder offers batch DVD ripping services, with pause and resume recording features.

Step 1

Click File button to load DVD burning files.

Step 2

Set video and audio settings and Choose destination to locate.

Step 3

Tap Add to Queue selection to rip DVD sources.

You can see the process of DVD burning by the bar below. It is obvious your DVD size is, by the video file length shows below.

Part 4. HandBrake – Convert Video in All Popular Video Format on Windows/ Mac/ Linux

HandBrake allows people to burn DVD video files in any format directly, with widely supported codes. You are able to burn DVD storage files in multiple video quality choices. Compares with VidCoder DVD ripper, you can get more video files editing tools, to edit pictures, filters, video, audio, subtitles and chapters in more detail way.

Step 1

Choose File button to import DVD video file.

Step 2

Edit video and audio source with related settings.

Step 3

Tap Start Encode on the toolbar to rip DVD file.

You can adjust DVD video quality from VidCoder by sliding the bar. In addition, you have the propriety to pause and resume DVD video burning as well. And HandBrake can work as a media player by preview feature offers. No matter which way you choose, DVD is not mysterious any more. Feel free to contact us if anything wrong or hard to understand, and I hope you have a nice day, with treasure DVDs and videos stored.

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DVD Size Description Plus DVD Manage Software on Windows and Mac