What is DVD Storage Capacity, Types of DVDs, and Best Way to Save Storage

What is DVD Storage Capacity, Types of DVDs, and Best Way to Save Storagens

The DVD you have can differ from the other DVDs due to their storage capacity. Yes, they may all look the same physically, but the distinction is internal. If you have the plan to burn or transfer movies from ISO and folders into an optical DVD, then you must have a piece of information about DVD capacity. Fortunately, this article consists of facts about this main topic. Thus, if you read the entire post below, it supplies you with everything you need to know about it.

DVD Size

Part 1. What is the Meaning of DVD Capacity

To begin with these informational facts, let us all learn the precise meaning of the capacity of DVD. Well, as we all know, the literal meaning of capacity, then it also applies to DVDs. It talks about the amount or size of DVD it is capable of carrying. However, you must know that there is a variation in the capacity claimed versus the actual one. Yes, some technical circumstances cause a slight difference between their actual and claimed capacity, and this depends on the type of DVD. If you want to know more about the types of DVDs with their corresponding sizes, then proceed to read below.

Part 2. Various DVD Types and Their Sizes

Here are some of the DVD variants with their size information given with them.


DVD-5 is a DVD format that is single in layer. It comes with a more or less 4.7 DVD capacity in GB as the claimed size and has an actual size of 4.37GB. This type of DVD is mostly used for storing movies and applications, including software.


This DVD format, called DVD-9, has a claimed capacity of 8.5GB, but its actual size says 7.95GB. It comes with two data layers stacked within a single side of an optical disc. Meanwhile, DVD-9 is frequently used for saving HD movies and other large sets of data.


Another dual-layer and dual-sided DVD format is the DVD-10. This type of DVD can store approximately 8.75GB of data in actuality, although it has a claimed capacity of 9.4GB of size. It is one of those DVDs with high capacity.


Lastly, there is this DVD-18 that has a claimed capacity of 17.1GB but shows 15.9GB in actuality. It is also a dual-layer and dual-sided disc but has a more limited harmony for many DVD drives and players.

Part 3. Best Ways to Save Storage for Your DVD

Believe it or not, you can do something to maximize DVD size. Fortunately, this article presents the best ways to save more storage for your DVD to store.

Way 1. Use Tipard DVD Ripper

Tipard DVD Ripper is an excellent software that lets you extract DVDs and transform them into more than 500 various formats, that include MPG, MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, WMV, and many more. Moreover, it also supports ISO and folder to back up your DVD so that it will still have the same structure. Not just that, this software also lets you enjoy the preserved chapters, audio tracks, and subtitles that your DVD has. By ripping your DVD movies with this amazing Tipard DVD Ripper, you can have the highest DVD storage capacity as it provides you with a video compressor added in the advanced tools it features.

What is more, it offers a GIF maker, 3D creator, media metadata editor, and video enhancer. In spite of that, the acceleration technology is also evident as it rips and converts DVDs at a 30 times faster speed. Thus, to see how you can rip a DVD with this Tipard DVD Ripper, see the steps below.

Step 1Make this step possible by grabbing the software on your computer. You can click the Download buttons below to install the ripper quickly.

Step 2Now insert the DVD into your optical drive and launch your newly installed ripper. Then, click the Plus icon at the center or the Load button to load the DVD.

DVD Ripper Load DVD

Step 3Go to the Rip All To portion to select an output format. Then, hit the Rip All button to start the ripping process.

DVD Ripper Rip DVD

Way 2. Tipard DVD Cloner

Another marvelous way to increase the DVD storage size is by cloning the DVD into a folder or ISO with Tipard DVD Cloner. Furthermore, you will never get bored using this tool as it provides many cloning modes you can try. Such modes are the full copy, main movie, and customized. Aside from that, you can also burn your ISO and DVD folders back to an optical disc. Therefore, you can use this after you rip the DVD and compress it, then bring it back into its original disc with a smaller size. Moreover, this Tipard DVD Cloner provides options to upgrade your output. So, without further adieu, let us all see the way to clone your DVD, a good way to increase the DVD data capacity.

Step 1After bringing the software to your computer using the Download button below, you can position the DVD into your optical drive.

Step 2Afterward, open the software and load your DVD by clicking the File button. Then, when the DVD is loaded, select your target size and hit the Next button.

DVD Cloner Add DVD

Step 3On the next window page, click the copy mode of your choice, then start the DVD cloning process by hitting the Start button.

DVD Cloner Start

Part 4. FAQs About DVD Storage Capacity

What is the largest DVD size?

The max size of the DVD as of this writing is DVD-18. This type of DVD comes with a 17 GB size.

Are there DVDs bigger than 4.7 GB?

Acknowledge that 4.7 GB is the size of DVD-R or what we call DVD-5. So to answer your question, here are the DVD types that have a size bigger than 4.7GB, DVD-9, DVD-10, and DVD-18.

How do I increase the capacity of my DVD?

There is no way to increase your DVD's capacity unless you modify your physical disc's properties. However, as an alternative, you can rip the DVD, compress it, then burn it to get it back into the DVD.


You learned that the DVD capacity depends on the type of DVD. Now if you have many DVDs at home, it will help if you know their kind of format to determine their capacity. Unfortunately, there is no way to increase the size of a DVD unless you decrease its content. In addition, you can also just back up the DVD by ripping or cloning them into digital copies for wide storage. Therefore, if you like this idea, grab the Tipard DVD Ripper and Tipard DVD Cloner now, then follow the instructions above on how to use them.

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