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Tipard PDF to Word Converter

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Accurately convert PDF to Word/RTF format with OCR

Tipard PDF to Word Converter is a type of stunning PDF converter software which is able to convert PDF files to Word or RTF format with high accuracy and at ultra-fast speed. The optional page range enables users to define any single page or page ranges to convert. With multiple languages for output selection, this conversion caters to all need of users in different areas.

  • Convert PDF to Word/RTF more accurately with OCR
  • Define page range and output file settings
  • Preview before conversion to ensure the accuracy

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"Compared with other PDF converters, this is the one with highest conversion quality. The conversion accuracy is satisfying. I have to say I have made a good choice. " - Reviewed by Richard
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"I'm used to using Word instead of PDF, and this PDF to word converter is none of complicated. This software really helped me a lot!"

"Very convenient converter software! It has saved me much trouble searching word format resources. The OCR indeed makes the conversion with veritually no error."

Why choose Tipard PDF to Word Converter?
It's powerful PDF Converter which is specially designed to convert PDF file to more compatible file formats: Word and RTF. With its help, reading PDF files becomes more convenient.
PDF to word

Accurately Convert PDF to Word/RTF with OCR

This PDF to Word Converter allows users to convert PDF file to Word or RTF format conveniently. PDF is the format with highest stablity and accuracy among all text file formats. However, every coin has two sides. The shortage of PDF file is that it's not easy to edit and it needs professional PDF readers to read. Also, some devices cannot support PDF reading, which caused much trouble to users. Compared with PDF, Word format is more applicable and easy to edit. This PDF to Word Converter makes it easy to fulfill the conversion from PDF to Word.The configurement of OCR technology enables users to select conversion modes from Accuracy, Balance and speed and the accuracy mode extremmely improves the recognization ratio to make the PDF to Word conversion more accurate.

Humanized selection of page range and preview function

Tipard PDF to Word Converter is designed with humanized options and functions. Before you start to convert the PDF file, select from All Page, Current Page and Page options. You can select the page range or input the page numbers you want to convert. You can also convert many PDF files at one time. Alternatively, you could also use the preview function of the converter to confirm the desired pages before conversion starts. This is pretty useful in circumstances of file with too many pages while you just need a small part.

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Supported Language

Best user experience

As professional PDF to Word converter, Tipard PDF to Word Converter is devoted to provide users high quality conversion effect at super-high speed. It is designed with humanized options for you to choose. And the operation is easy enough for all users. Besides, the interface is pretty delicate and has four language versions for you to choose: English, French, German and Japanese. Being so considerate and friendly, we believe we can give you the best user experience that you ever have!

More Feature

Update automatically

Auto-update function makes sure that you always have the latest version.

User-friendly interface

The UI of this PDF converter is friendly and comfortable.

Easy to use

It has a simple user interface. Everyone can operate it at the very first sight.

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