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5 Ways to Edit MP3 Audio Files on Windows/Mac/Online Step by Step

There are many ways to edit MP3 files. For instance, you can shorten an MP3 file, join several MP3 files together, convert MP3 to other audio formats and more. To edit MP3 audio files easily, a good MP3 editor really matters.

Thus, this article shows 5 different ways to edit MP3 files of length, tag, album and more. Just read and learn how to edit MP3 metadata and audio length on your computer and phone.

Edit MP3

Part 1: How to Edit MP3 File on Windows and Mac

There are default MP3 editing software installed on your computer already. For Windows users, you can edit MP3 files on Windows 10 and earlier using File Explorer. It is called Windows Explorer or Explorer on Windows 7. So you can edit MP3 files on Windows 7 with the same tool. As for Mac users, QuickTime Player is a good MP3 audio editor and player.

How to Edit MP3 File on Windows

Step 1 Press Windows and E keys to launch File Explorer.

Step 2 Browse and find the MP3 song you want to edit.

Step 3 Choose Properties from the right-click menu. Then go to the Details section.

Step 4 You can edit MP3 song title, album, artist, genre and more details.

Step 5 Click Apply followed by OK to edit MP3 album info and more metadata in File Explorer.

Edit MP3 file explorer

How to Edit MP3 File on Mac

Step 1 Open the MP3 file with QuickTime Player. Choose Trim from the Edit list.

Step 2 Drag handles to the start and stop time. Click Play to preview the trimmed audio clip.

Step 3 Click Trim to edit MP3 length on Mac.

Step 4 Save the audio clip as MP3 format. Or you can click Share to share MP3 audio to Mail, Facebook, Messages, etc.

Edit MP3 with Quicktime

Part 2: How to Edit MP3 with VCU

You can also edit MP3 files on Windows and Mac by using Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. The audio editing software allows users to trim, merge, extract and convert audio from and to MP3 format. The batch conversion is supported. Thus, you can convert MP3 files with 60x faster speed offline with high quality. By the way, you can extract MP3 audio track from any video for further editing or playback as well.

  • 1. Edit MP3 files by trimming and merging.
  • 2. Adjust audio encoder, sample rate, channels or bitrate.
  • 3. Convert MP3 files with 60x speed in batch.
  • 4. Extract MP3 from any video or DVD disc with the original quality.

Step 1 Launch Tipard Video Converter Ulitmate. Drag and drop your MP3 file into the main interface.


Step 2 Click the Edit icon next to the file name to set a new name for MP3. Moreover, you can edit the i icon inserted in a circle to edit MP3 metadata information.

Output settings

Step 3 To cut and edit MP3 files, you can click the Scissor icon below. In the new Cut window, adjust the new MP3 audio length. You can also cut and join MP3 files freely here. Just click Save to confirm.

Clip video file

Step 4 On the right corner of your MP3 file, click it to get the Profile list. Set the output file format and specify output settings. At last, click Convert All to convert MP3 to other file formats.

Customize profile

Part 3: How to Edit MP3 in Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is not only a video editor, but also an audio editor for Windows 10 users. You can edit MP3 files on Windows 10 via Windows Media Player as well.

Step 1 Run Windows Media Player. Choose Music under Library to access your MP3 file.

Step 2 Right-click on your MP3 audio. Choose Edit and get a popping-up window.

Step 3 Edit MP3 audio length, album art, track number, genre, release year, rating and more information.

Step 4 Click OK to save the MP3 audio file after editing.

Edit MP3 Windows Media Player

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Part 4: How to Edit MP3 in VLC

VLC Media Player can work as your free MP3 editor app as well. You can use the built-in audio trimmer to shorten MP3 audio length. Let's see how to edit MP3 for free in VLC Media Player.

Step 1 Run VLC Media Player. Choose Advanced Controls from the View list.

Step 2 Open MP3 file with VLC. Then set the position you want to trim MP3 at the bottom.

Step 3 Choose the red button on the bottom left. When it reaches to the stop end, you can click the red button again.

Step 4 The trimmed MP3 audio file will be saved into the My Music folder by default.

Edit MP3 with VLC

Part 5: How to Edit MP3 Online

There are also many online MP3 editors free to use. Audio MP3 cutter is the most popular service. If you want to edit MP3 on iPhone or Android quickly, you can use an online audio editor to edit MP3.

Step 1 Open an MP3 editor online. Here will take Audio Trimmer as an example.

Step 2 Click Choose File to add an MP3 file. It should be no more than 100MB.

Step 3 Move green sliders to set which audio clip to keep.

Step 4 Click Crop to edit an MP3 file with a shorter length.

Edit MP3 Online

Part 6: FAQs about Editing MP3 Files

How to edit MP3 files in Audacity?

Run Audacity. Choose Import followed by Audio from the File list. Then add your MP3 file into Audacity timeline. Select a portion of the MP3 audio. Drag your mouse to cut an MP3 file in Audacity.

What MP3 cutter apk to take?

To edit MP3 on Android, you can download MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker from the Google Play store. The user rating ups to 4.3/5.

What to do when you can't edit MP3 details in Windows 10?

You can use MP3tag to edit MP3 tags and properties on your Windows computer as well.

These are 5 proven ways to edit MP3 files by trimming, converting and more. Which is your best way to edit MP3 file on your phone or computer? You can leave messages below to share with us. If you have any other suggestions to cut and edit MP3 files, you can feel free to contact us.

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