Great Discovery about AV1 Codec with Best AV1 Video Converter

Great Discovery about AV1 Codec with Best AV1 Video Converter

When discussing video formats, you can consider their variations, like MP4, M4V, MOV, and more. However, nowadays, more video formats or codecs appear in the video industry, and the best example is the AV1 codec. Well, if you are not aware of the format, it would be helpful for you to read the post. We are glad to show you its definition, importance, and compatibility. Moreover, after all the information you obtain, we will also give you two effective software for playing AV1 videos. So, have a glimpse of the article to explore more about the AV1 codec.

AV1 Codec

Part 1. Complete Information about AV1 Codec

What is AV1

AV1 is a video format created and developed by the Alliance for Open Media. It is an organization that includes various major digital giants and manufacturers. These are Amazon, Google, Samsung, Apple, and more. AV1 was created to have an open video standard that is more affordable and efficient for all users and devices. As we can observe, there are video format standards like AVC and HEVC that are costly to license. Open-source projects can't be utilized and are a gamble for anyone involved. Various tech companies have begun developing open video standards because of these video standards created by Moving Picture Experts Group. It includes Mozilla-backed Dalaa, Cisco’s Thor, and Google’s VP9.

The AV1 codec is the successor of the three standards mentioned above. AV1 is a codec that is more suitable for wide use and efficiency. It is important if you want to serve up tons of HD or UHD streams at the same time. Aside from that, AV1 is not only focusing on offering High definition videos. Various decoders of AV1 start down at 240p@30fps. Also, even low-resolution video can benefit from AV1’s efficiency.

Role and Importance of AV1

AV1 is among the standards that can be used as an alternative to the non-open video standard. Its role is to replace some standard that is hard for users to access. Also, AV1 is very important and will play a big role. If you don’t observe, some streaming video platforms like Netflix don’t begin streaming content in AV1 until 2020. Also, they only stream AV1 video to Android because other platforms like macOS and iOS lack AVI support. Also, since AV1 is royalty-free, it should see extensive support before the hardware catches up. So, after obtaining such information, we can say that AV1 is important in streaming videos.

Compatibility of AV1

If your concern is regarding compatibility, you don’t need to worry anymore. In this section, we will show detailed information about the compatibility of AV1 to various platforms. So, to learn more about the discussion, it would be best to read more information below.

Streaming Services

  • • YouTube
  • • Vimeo
  • • IQIYI
  • • Twitch
  • • Netflix


  • • Firefox 67+
  • • Vivaldi
  • • Brave
  • • Opera 57+
  • • Chrome 70+
  • • Microsoft Edge

Operating Systems

  • • Linux
  • • Android 10 and above
  • • Chrome OS
  • • Windows

Video Players and Applications

  • • MPV
  • • VLC
  • • PotPlayer
  • • Google Duo

Editing Video Software

  • • DaVinci Resolve

Note: Apple devices, including iPads, Macs, and iPhones, don’t support AVI. But the company supports HEVC instead.

Part 2. AV1 vs. H.265

This part will differentiate AV1 from other formats like H.265. We will show their differences to give you more insights about the formats. You can learn the AV1 vs H265 vs H264 comparison here.


• If you want to play a video on a particular device, it must have the same codec to decompress it. With that, compatibility is essential to consider when choosing a compression standard. AV1 is a complex and new algorithm to reduce the video's file size. But it is impossible to view on other devices like iPhones. AV1 is only compatible with some browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and more. But you can’t watch AV1 on Safari.

• H.265 has better compatibility. Various devices, like the iPad, HTC mobiles, Samsung, iPhone, and more, support the video codec. Therefore, HEVC/H.265 is better in compatibility.

Encoding Speed

• The encoding speed is another factor when choosing a codec between AV1 and HEVC. AV1 has better encoding efficiency compared to HEVC.H.265. But, it requires more encoding time, and it takes almost 3x HEVC/H.265 to encode a video.

Compression Ratio and Quality

• If you need a video codec to lessen the file size of a video, like 4K, you need to consider the compression ratio. When you compress a video, its quality is expected to decrease. So, when selecting a video codec, you must also consider its quality and compression ratio. Therefore, if you want the best video compression without affecting video quality, AV1 is better than HEVC. It is because AV1 delivers great compressibility and good image quality.

Part 3. Best AV1 Video Converter and Extension

Play AV1 File Using AV1 Video Extension

If you come across a video using a new codec like AV1 and can’t play it on some platforms, then it is best to try using an AV1 video extension by Microsoft. The extension is made by Microsoft, which allows you to play AV1 files on your Windows computers. With this, you don’t have to find an effective program. Also, the installation process of the extension is simple, making it suitable for all users. You can also play the AV1 file in just a few clicks. However, AV1 Video Extension is only limited to playing videos. It is not capable of editing files for its improvement. So, you may use another program to improve the file before playing it.

AV1 Video Extension

Play AV1 File Using Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

If you want another AV1 video converter, use Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. With this offline program, it will be easy for you to play your file. Since AV1 is incompatible with other devices, the best solution is to convert it to other video formats supported by most platforms. In that case, we can convert AV1 video to popular formats, like MP4. In that case, you can use the Converter function of the program and start the conversion process. Tipard Video Converter offers a faster conversion process when converting video files. Also, if you have multiple AV1 files, you can convert them simultaneously using the batch conversion feature of the tool. With that, you can save more time during the process. Also, aside from converting to other formats, the tool lets you choose the video quality from the tool, making it more convenient. In addition to that, besides the AV1 video, you can also open the AV1 image file using the software.

Furthermore, if you plan to edit your video before converting, you can do so. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate can provide editing functions that let you improve the overall aspects of your video. You can add watermarks, change video color, filters, speed, and more. With this, you can get an amazing output after the procedure.

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate AV1

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Part 4. FAQs about What is AV1 Codec

How does the AV1 codec affect video quality and streaming speed?

The point of AV1 formats is to make streaming more efficient and faster without affecting the quality. It becomes important in the video industry, especially when using higher-resolution content. When using AV1 codec, it will offer more good quality and quick streaming that can satisfy users.

Does every platform like YouTube, Plex, or Discord support AV1?

Yes, these platforms already support AV1, which is good for streaming. But some platforms will use the GPU for processing the video.

Why is AV1 not as popular as MP4?

It is because AV1 is a new format in the field of video. Also, AV1 doesn’t support most platforms, unlike MP4. This issue hinders the popularity of AV1.

Is H.265 better than AV1?

In terms of compatibility, H.265 is better than AV1. It is because H.265 can support various platforms, including iOS, iPad, macOS, and more.

Does playing AV1 require a certain GPU?

Absolutely, yes. To play AV1, you must consider your GPU. It must b AMD Radeon RX 6000 series, Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series, or an 11th-gen Intel CPU with Iris Xe graphics.


After discovering everything about the AV1 codec, we are sure you know enough about the format. Also, we differentiate AV1 from other formats, which is helpful to know more about its capabilities. Moreover, if you have difficulty playing AV1 on various platforms, use Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. The program is perfect for playing and editing AV1 files on your computer.

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