Audio Recorder Review on Mac/PC/iPhone - How to Record Audio with High Quality

Record Audio

To catch every attractive sound, using audio editors to record and customize voices and sounds is necessary. Though there are default audio recorders on most digital devices, it will be better be experience different audio recording experience. For instance, Mac users can try QuickTime Player to record audio on Mac in simple way. And Voice Memo is the default software to record audio on iPhone. As for Windows users, using sound recording is one of the free ways to record voice on PC. To improve audio record quality and get more video editing filters, why not try other audio recording software to have fun?

Part 1. Audio Recorder Software on Mac

As you just know, using Quick Time player can record voice on Mac. You can have several audio devices plugin on your Mac. Moreover, there are two audio qualities for you to choose, whether to record sound in high or maximum quality. If you want to get more audio recording features, you can choose from following Mac audio recorders.

1. Movavi


Movavi is the Mac only audio recorder, which provides lightening fast processing and high quality footage. You can manage audio from Internet or by yourself. Moreover, the free audio recorder on Mac enables you set capture area anywhere you like. The system audio and microphone recording support you to record sound you need. In addition, you can also use webcam to take videos during audio recording. The Movavi offers numerous voice presets, you can choose and analog audios in free style. You can preview and save as different audio formats on Mac too. In conclusion, Movavi will output lossless audios and grab sound from multiple audio sources accurately. Thus, to record audio and video on Mac for free successfully, you should not miss Movavi.

2. GarageBand


GarageBand is the music create editor, which can shape sounds in smart controls. You can add drum grooves to your songs by drummer, as well as guitar, bass, cabinets, pedals and other instruments. The sound library collects latest electronic and urban audio genres, to inspire music amateurs. The amps, stompboxes and other sound filters enables users to control music creation more delicately. Moreover, GarageBand can create a song up to 255 tracks, with multi-take recording and groove matching. If you have not learn systematic music lessons, GarageBand offer 40 basic lessons, with which you can record music on Mac and iOS devices while learning. The iCloud transfer enables people share created music among all iOS and Mac devices without in wireless condition.

3. Ardour


Ardour is another professional sound grabbing and editing software, not only for Mac, but also on Windows and Linus. To create high quality music, Ardour provides audio ad MIDI multi-track recording filters. With plugin full sample accurate automation, you can record sound on Mac about every detail. Even though you import single song from Internet, Ardour can also extract soundtrack and display its timeline. There are various audio editing filters, to trim, cut, move, stretch, paste, align, swing drop and do other audio editing processes. The mix features on Ardour is powerful, you can get all the buzzwords with the most flexible mixer, by plugins and external control surfaces.

4. Piezo


Pizeo enables users to catch audios from any other media players, or even to be web audios. Or if you want to record audio on Mac about yourself, you can also record from Skype and other VoIP software in easy operation. The user-friendly interface allows users record sound in easy way. The whole outlook of the Mac audio recorder looks like a old fashion radio, and the sound source is just your sound channel. You can change the audio settings by the little fix icon. And get the sound length below. Thus, make recording audio on Mac to be a snap is that Piezo is working for.

Part 2. Sound Recorder APP for iPhone

Though some Mac audio recorders can also work on iOS devices, it is not enough. For sound record without instruments, choosing a simpler but powerful voice recorder is also necessary. Therefore, record and edit audios on iPhone in easy way.

5. Recorder Plus

Recorder Plus

Recorder Plus support users input external mic, Bluetooth headset, usb audio and other sound sources. During recording, you can adjust input gain, real-time display, or you can also set auto resume recording even though being interpreted. As for audio recording time, it depends on your battery power and storage space. Moreover, Recorder Plus allows users preview and review recorded audio on iPhone. There is one more thing iPhone voice recorder will do is that, it wil auto backup your original records to Google drive. As a result, your past iOS recordings are still be there. In addition, the basic sound editing filters and share options are also various.

6. Voice Record Pro

Voice Record Pro

Voice Record Pro ensure every user can share and receive recorded audios, by email, SMS, Photo, Album, Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive and Box Cloud. No matter you input or output audios, you can always enjoy various sound formats and conversions. To write some comments in certai audio part during recording, you can add bookmarks to remind yourself. What about audio files on Mac or Windows computer? The answer is you do not need to use USB connection to transfer sounds. Once your computer and iPhone are in wireless connection, there is no limitation of transferring audios. In addition, you can adjust audio speed during recording audio on iPhone, to create some fun sounds.

Part 3. Voice Recorder via PC

The traditional voice control provides users recording devices choice. Even though you can record voices by microphone, line in or frontmic, the Windows audio record quality will not be good enough. To improve sound record quality in lossless way, you can try new audio recorder on PC.

7. Audacity


Audacity is the free open source for everyone to install and record audios on PC, especially for multi-track sound editing. The timer record gives users more recording space to manage Windows audio recording. Moreover, Audacity offers sample rates up to 384,000 Hz, in high resolution. The unlimited undo and redo feature enables users go back to any audio edit session. Moreover, you can get numerous voice editing filters ad effects to record audio on Windows. You can edit recorded audio tracks in multiple channels without waiting. The input and output voice formats ranges widely too. You can also create WAV or AIFF files and then burn to audio CD.



REAPER can bring users one professional circumstance to create and edit recording audios in serious way. The digital audio workstation allows people edit multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing and other managing processes. The full and flexible audio editing filters permit high quality recorded PC audios output. You can add audio effects and modes from its large library. With the MIDI editor and numerous recording themes, REAPER can show every user a nice recording audio, based on professional filters and constant evolution.

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