How to Record a Webinar

How to Record a Webinar Easily on Windows 10/Mac

How to record a webinar of the online course? If you are a teacher who hosts online courses, you may want to record your courses and upload them on the Internet to attract more audiences. As for a student, saving the webinars of online courses to review is also very important. In this article, you can learn the easiest way to record a webinar of online courses on Windows/Mac from this article.

How to Record a Webinar

Part 1: Limitations of Most Built-in Recorders on Webinar Platforms

Although most webinar platforms including Zoom, GoToWebinar, Adobe Connect, and ZoHo Meetings provide the built-in recorders, you should pay attention to the limitations before start recording a webinar:

  • 1. Only the host can record a webinar video through the built-in recorders.
  • 2. The recording region is fixed as the size of the webinar platform. And you can't adjust any record settings.
  • 3. The recordings are saved in the webinar platform. Although you can directly upload the recordings on the platforms, you can't download the videos and share them through other apps.

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Part 2: How to Record and Edit a Webinar Video Easily on Windows/Mac

Whether you are a host or attendance, you can always record a webinar video with Tipard Screen Capture without limitations. It enables you to capture video for webinar, record the audio files from all attendances, and even get the webcam footage. There are multiple tools and watermark that you can add to the recordings. Moreover, you can adjust the video parameters and edit the recordings.

  • 1. Record a webinar on any platform in simple steps with high quality.
  • 2. Edit the webinar recordings in the process of recording at any time to take notes.
  • 3. Able to adjust the record region, input sound, output format, and video quality.
  • 4. Provide the Task Schedule function to set desired time to record a webinar in advance.

1. Detailed steps to record a webinar on any platform

Unlike the built-in recorders on webinar platforms, this professional recorder supports adjusting the webinar recording parameters. Here are the detailed steps to help you select all the settings. Step 1: Download Tipard Screen Capture on your Windows/Mac and launch the program. Then click the Video Recorder button to enter the interface of video recording.

Step 1Download Tipard Screen Capture on your Windows/Mac and launch the program. Then click the Video Recorder button to enter the interface of video recording.

Video recorder

Step 2Choose the Full screen or click the Custom button to select a certain region. If you are the hosts who need to speak, you should turn on the Microphone, and System Sound. But as for an audience, you can only turn on the System Sound.


Step 3Click the Record setting button and choose the Output button. Choose the MP4 Video format to ensure the recordings playable on mobile and computer. And select the High Video quality and 25 fps Frame rate to keep the fluency and quality of recordings. Click the OK button to save the settings.

Output settings

Step 4Click the REC button to start recording a webinar in 3 seconds. After the webinar ends, click the Stop button.

Stop recording

Step 5Clip the extra parts at the beginning and at the end. Then, click the Save button to download the recording in the desired folder.

Save webinar recordings

2. How to take notes in the process of recording a webinar

In the process of recording a webinar, you can also edit the recording in real time including highlighting, adding shapes, words, and lines with different colors. It is very helpful to take notes and highlight the key points.

Step 1After start recording, there will be a toolbox at the bottom of the computer screen. Click the Edit button to choose the editing tools.

Edit the recordings

Step 2Choose the shapes like Rectangle and Ellipse to frame the important parts or use the Lines and Arrows to highlight the key points. You can also add Words and Callouts to take notes. If you make wrong marks, click the Eraser or Undo button to delete them.

Select editing tools

Step 3When you don't need to edit, click the Minimize to tray button to hide the toolbox.

Minimize to tray

Part 3. FAQs of Recording a Webinar

1. Can I record a webinar on Zoom?

Yes, you can. If you are the host, you can use the built-in recorder on Zoom to record a webinar. Click the More button at the top right corner and choose the Record button to start recording a webinar. Then click the Stop button to end the recording process.

2. How to record a GoToWebinar as an attendance?

Because only the host can use the built-in recorder to record a webinar on GoToWebinar, if you are the attendance, you should rely on a professional webinar recorder. Tipard Screen Capture is the best choice to record a webinar as an attendance.

3. What is the difference between a webinar and an online meeting?

The webinar is more like an online conference that connects the hosts and amount of audiences, so it is often about the online courses, product launch, and so on. Only the hosts can speak, and the listeners can ask questions by typing. However, an online meeting is often held in a company to discuss the company's problem, and everyone can speak on the meeting.


When you want to record a webinar of the online course as the host, you can use the built-in recorders to help you. However, they only provide the recording function without adjusting the video parameters and editing the recordings. Thus, you may need a professional recorder like Tipard Screen Capture to help you record a webinar of online lectures, especially when you are an audience.

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