How to Record Gameplay on PC

How to Record Gameplay on PC

Computer games attract millions of players in the world. Many players record their gameplay highlights and post them on YouTube to communicate. If you are one of them but you don’t know how to capture your gameplay on PC, you can learn 3 useful ways to realize it in this article.

How to Record Gameplay on PC

Part 1. How to Record Gameplay with Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 system, you can record your gameplay with a built-in capturing tool called Xbox Game Bar. It’s a convenient tool with a well-designed and simple interface to record Xbox games. And it also supports all mainstream platforms like YouTube and Twitter so you can easily post your game videos.

Step 1To find the Xbox Game bar, you can simply enter the name in the searching field at the bottom of the desktop. Click the icon and the tool will be launched immediately. You can also press the Windows key + G to launch the Xbox Game Bar. You need to set your game in windowed mode so that you can see the Xbox Game Bar on the screen.

Step 2On the interface of Xbox Game Bar, click the widget button and find the Broadcast & capture or the Captures in the menu. Click it and the window of the Broadcast & capture will pop up.

Xbox Game Bar Capture

Step 3Before the recording, you can adjust the sound you want to record in the audio field. You can mix different sources of sound like game sound, microphone audio, and music by adjusting the volumes of them.

Step 4To start recording your gameplay, you should click the dot on the Broadcast & capture interface. Then the recording will begin and you will see the recording time on a small window on your screen.

Xbox Game Bar start Recording

If you want to end the capturing, you can click the square icon to stop the recording easily. Then you can find the recorded gameplay video on the default folder: This PC/Videos/Captures. The video is saved in MP4 format.

Xbox Game Bar Stop Recording

Xbox Game Bar is a free and convenient way to record gameplay. However, you can’t adjust the size of the screen or the quality of recorded videos. It doesn’t provide you some editing features like trimming and adding notes and subtitles either.

Part 2. How to Record Gameplay with GPU Recording Tools

Since a gaming PC always has powerful hardware like a professional CPU and Graphic cards. If you are using NVIDIA GPU on your computer, you can use a built-in capturing tool called NIVIDIA Share to record your gameplay on your computer.

Step 1You can open the GeForce Experience application at the start menu. Then click the Share icon to start the NIVIDIA Share. Then you can see the interface of it. You can click the Record button to set the parameters of the recording. In the Setting menu, you can adjust recording length, quality, resolution frame rate, audio source, and volumes.

NVIDIA Record Gameplay Setting

Step 2To start the recording, you can click the Record button and then press the Start button. If you want to stop the recording, you should click the Record button again and click the Stop and Save button. Then your gameplay video will be saved in the default folder in MP4 format.

NVIDIA Start Record Gameplay

Part 3. How to Record Gameplay on PC with Various Features

If you want to record your gameplay with editing and adding subtitles on them, you might need a professional screen capturing tool. Tipard Screen Capture is an ideal choice for you. It not only allows you to capture gameplay but also provides you several video editing features.

  • 1. Record high-quality gameplay video
  • 2. Support multiple audio sources recording to record gameplay with comments
  • 3. Add webcam recording on your gameplay to make picture-in-picture video and capture your reaction during the gameplay
  • 4. Unlimited length of gameplay recording

Step 1Download and launch Screen Capture. Before the recording, you can choose a folder to save the gameplay video in the Output menu in the Preferences interface. Then choose the Video Recorder button on the main interface. It allows you to record both screen and webcam so you can capture your reaction during the game.

Step 2You can change the size of the recording screen by dragging the frame or entering the resolution directly. Adjust the audio source by turn on the switch of system audio and microphone sound. You can mix both of them too. You can control the volume in the interface by dragging the dot.

Record Setting

Step 3To start recording, you can click the red REC button on the right side. If you want to add simple texts to the gameplay, you can choose different marking tools including squares, circles, lines, and text in the toolbar. The size s and colors are also changeable.

Add Notes

Step 4If you want to end the recording, you can click the red square. You can preview the recorded gameplay immediately. Then you can clip the video by setting the start point and the endpoint. To save the video, just click the Save button. You can find the recorded gameplay video in the folder you set.

Preview Recorded Video

Part 4. FAQs about Recording Gameplay on PC

1. How can I take screenshots when recording gameplay on a computer?

Most gameplay recording tools have the function of taking screenshots. To take a screenshot with Screen Capture, you can select the Screen Capture icon at the menu. Then choose the size and click the Save icon. You can also add a note on your screenshots.

2. How can I find the location of saved gameplay videos in the Xbox Game Bar?

To find the location, you should enter Setting in the searching field on the desktop. Then choose the Game icon in the Setting menu. Click the Captures button and click the Open folder button on the top. You can find your gameplay video in it.

3. Can I record my desktop with Tipard Screen Capture?

Yes, you can. It is a screen recorder so it can record not only gameplays but also apps and windows on your desktop.


In this article, you can learn 3 efficient ways to record your gameplay video on a PC. There are built-in tools like Xbox Game Bar and NIVIDIA Share to help you capture gameplay on a computer. Also, you can use third-party tools like Screen Capture to edit and note your gameplay. If you have any questions about record gameplay or you want to know more about game capturing tools, please leave your comment below.

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