How to Copy A DVD on Windows/Mac Effectively

copy DVD

Unlike burn a DVD, copy a DVD is much more complicated. There are many questions related to copy a DVD online, such as I only have a single DVD drive, how can I copy a DVD to a blank disc? Is it necessary to prepare two DVD drives to copy DVDs? How to copy a protected DVD? If you are going to copy DVDs and having such questions hovering in your mind, you can learn multiple useful solutions in this article. First of all, you can copy a DVD to blank disc with one DVD drive. And we will share the details related to copy a DVD with one DVD drive on Windows or Mac computers.

Part 1. Copy encrypted DVD to DVD

If you want to copy a commercial DVD or an encrypted DVD to a blank disc, you have to rely on more powerful tools, like Tipard DVD Cloner. It is one of the best DVD copy software. And you can use this DVD Cloner to create highest quality DVD copies possible, no matter which encryption types the source DVD used.

How to copy a DVD to new DVD disc or to computer in 4 steps

As for how to make a copy of a DVD with the original quality, many people will choose to copy DVD to a new disc, or copy DVD to DVD folder and ISO file to keep them to PC.

Step 1

Load DVD

Load DVD

Click "file" button, select your DVD source from your DVD hard drive. If you would like to load from existing ISO image or DVD folder from your computer, then choose them.

Step 2

Choose output formats and destination

Choose Output Formats

Select "Target Size" from DVD disc, DVD folder and ISO file.

Step 3

Choose DVD copy modes and other options

Choose DVD Copy Modes

Three DVD copy modes provide for you, such as DVD full copy, main movie and customize your DVD video to copy several parts. Then go "NEXT", and it will provide more options to meet your all needs of DVD copying.

Step 4

Start DVD copy

The last step is that go start and make your DVD copy beginning. About few minutes or less, you can enjoy your duplicate of original DVD.

DVD Cloner

When the process is over, you can enjoy the new DVD with original quality. Moreover, Tipard DVD Cloner is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, so everyone could use this DVD coper program to copy a DVD to new DVD.

Part 2. Copy DVD to DVD on Windows 10 directly

If you want to copy a DVD to a blank DVD with one DVD drive, you have to separate the whole process into two parts: rip DVD to your Windows 10 computer and burn the folder to the new blank DVD. Windows 8 and Windows 10 have embedded the capacity to burn DVDs. So, you can use the built-in features to copy DVD to DVD without third party tools.

Copy DVD to DVD on Windows 10

How to copy DVD on Windows 10

Step 1

Insert the DVD you want to copy into DVD drive, create a new folder on your computer and copy a DVD to the new folder.

Step 2

The copy process may spend a while depending on the performance of your DVD drive. After copying, remove the original DVD and insert the blank disc into DVD drive.

Step 3

When the DVD is detected, AutoPlay window will pop up automatically. If the AutoPlay window does not show up, you have to go to This Computer and click on the DVD drive to evoke it.

Step 4

Then choose Burn files to disc option to continue. In the second screen, pick a name for the disc and choose With a CD/DVD player. Click on the Next button and then drag and drop the folder contains original DVD files into the DVD burning window.

Step 5

Finally, click on the Burn to disc button to complete the process. Copy a DVD to DVD with the built-in disc burning feature is only available to the DVDs that are not encrypted.

Part 3. Copy a new DVD with DVD on Mac

If your Mac computer has enough space, you can copy a DVD to a blank DVD with one DVD drive. The process is similar to Windows 10; but the details are different.

Copy DVD on Mac

How to transfer DVD to local hard drive

Step 1

Place the DVD you want to copy into your DVD drive and launch the Disk Utility in Application folder.

Step 2

Find out and click on the DVD's title on left side. Click on the New Image button on the top ribbon. Pick a name and the destination to store the image respectively. In the Image Format list, choose DVD/CD Master.

Step 3

Then click on the Save button to continue

Step 4

When the image is done, you can eject the original DVD.

How to create a new DVD

Step 1

Mac OS creates DVD/CD master as a .cdr file. If you want to burn it to DVD, you have to convert it to .dmg. In Disk Utility, click on Convert option on the top ribbon.

Step 2

In Image Format list, select Compressed and choose None in Encryption field.

Step 3

Add .dmg extension to the file name and click on the Convert button to transform the file to .dmg one.

Step 4

Place a blank DVD into your DVD drive and open Disk Utility again.

Step 5

Drag and drop the .bmg file you created into Disk Utility and select it on the left side panel.

Step 6

Click on the Burn button on the top ribbon and then hit the Burn button in confirmation window to complete the process of copying a DVD to DVD.

The built-in features are convenient when you want to create a DVD with original one, although there are not many custom options.


Based on the tutorials above, you might learn how to copy a DVD to a blank DVD on Windows and Mac computers. Microsoft has integrated DVD ripping and DVD burning features in Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. And Mac OS has the similar built-in features as well. Before you use the built-in feature to create new DVDs with source DVD, you have to remember there are limitations. These features are only available to decrypted DVDs and you cannot control the quality and other parameters. If you need to copy a commercial DVD or encrypted DVD, you could try Tipard DVD Cloner. This cross-platform DVD copy program allows users to copy a DVD with on DVD drive easily and quickly. Moreover, the output quality is rather impressive.

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