How to Burn DVD on Mac OS X

Burn DVD on Mac OS X

Just as you know, the latest version of Mac does not have DVD drive now. How to burn DVD on Mac as for the case? Actually External DVD drive might not be enough for burning DVD disc on Mac, you also need a writable DVD, video resource and most importantly a DVD burner. What is more, you can also burn ISO image, DVD folder instead of DVD disc with the DVD burner without external DVD drive. The article explains the top 3 methods to burn DVD on Mac, no matter you are using iMac/iMac Pro or MacBook/MacBook Air/MacBook Pro, you can learn more details about the solution and choose the best one accordingly.

Part 1: How to Burn DVD on Mac with Tipard DVD Creator

Tipard DVD Creator should be the all-in-one DVD creator that makes DVD disc, DVD folder and ISO files from MP4, AVI, MKV and other video formats within a single click. When you burn DVD on Mac, you can also customize DVD menu, frame, text, background, music and more. What is more, you can also download the MP4 files to the DVD disc. It is fully compatible with the latest macOS Sequoia and iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Check out more details about the process to burn DVD on Mac with the program.

Step 1

Add files to the program

Once you download the program from the official website, you can install and launch the program on your Mac. Click the "Add Files" button to load multimedia files into the program.

Load Video

Step 2

Edit the video files

And then you can edit the video from different resources. You can adjust the brightness, saturation, volume and other parameters to make an optimal result. There are other edit features, such as crop, clip or others.

Edit Video

Step 3

Customize the DVD

You can add audio track and subtitles to the DVD file, and even customize menu template from the presets before burning DVD on Mac. You can also edit on the menu, like menu style, frame, button, background music/picture, and so on.

Step 4

Choose the destination

Now you can insert a blank disc into your Mac. After that you can choose the destination folder, which you can save the files as ISO image or DVD folder if you do not have an external DVD drive.

Step 5

Burn DVD on Mac

Once you confirm every detail, you can click the Burn button to start burning DVD on your Mac. The whole process will take a few minutes to get the desired disc. And then you can enjoy the burned movies disc with DVD Player on TV now.

Part 2: How to Burn a DVD on Mac with Burn for Mac

In order to burn DVD on Mac OS X, you can use the open source Burn for Mac to create DVD from video files. It should be one of the best methods to burn DVD disc for free. If you get a message stating the program is blocked, you need to go to "System Preferences", click on "Security and Privacy" and click on "Open Anyway".

Step 1

Install Burn for Mac

Go to sourceforge to download the latest version of Burn for Mac, and then install the program on your Mac OS X accordingly. And then you can launch the program to burn a DVD on a Mac.

Step 2

Add the video files

After that you can drag the files, such as movies or videos from YouTube, iPhone video or videos you captured to the program. You can also drag and drop audio files to the program to create DVD disc.

Step 3

Turn video to MPG

Turn the video into MPG first, click the "Convert" to make a folder, which you do not get confused with the other files. It takes several minutes to turn all the videos into MPG for a DVD disc.

Step 4

Burn DVD on Mac

Then, you can click the Video button, choose DVD Video, and add the DVD title. At last, you can click the Burn button to burn a DVD on a Mac with the free DVD burning software if you have already inserted a blank DVD into a Mac with an external drive.

Burn for Mac

Part 3: How to Burn a DVD ISO on a Mac with Disk Utility

If you do not want to burn a DVD on Mac with extra DVD burning software, Disk Utility should be one of the best solutions for OS X 10.10 or lower versions. Just check out more detail about the method for burning DVD on Mac from this section.

Step 1

Open Disk Utility on Mac

Just insert a blank DVD into your computer. And then the Mac will automatically launch DVD Player and play DVD automatically. Enter "Disk Utility" from LaunchPad, where you can go to burn a DVD on your Mac.

Step 2

Select Open Disk Image

And then you can pull download the "File" menu and then select the "Open Disk Image" option in order to burn DVD ISO files on Mac. Navigate to the ISO image files that you need to burn and click the "OK" button.

Step 3

Start Burning DVD on Mac

After that you can insert a writable disc or CD, just make sure the appropriate size of the DVD to decide to use DVD 5 or DVD 9. Click the "Burn" button to burn DVD disc on Mac accordingly.

Disk Utility


Actually there are only few options to burn DVD disc on Mac now, since Mac does not have an official program from Apple for burning DVDs. If you still use the old version of Mac, you can access to iDVD Author instead to turn DVD into Mac. Burn for Mac should be the most popular solution that you need to take into consideration. DVD Creator for Mac is the powerful solution to burn DVD on Mac with all your requirements. If you have any other queries about how to burn a DVD on a Mac, you can share more detail about your information in the comments.

November 06, 2017 13:56
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How to Burn DVD on Mac OS X