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Many movies become famous for their music, like Requirem for a dream. When you watch a movie and fall in love with its music, you might want to extract DVD audio. But ripping DVD audio seems still a challenge to many people. Firstly, there are not many tools have the capacity to extract DVD audio directly. Most DVD rippers only support to convert DVD to video files. Moreover, the process to rip audio from DVD is a little different with converting DVD to videos. So, we would like to share some methods for ripping DVD audio in this post and help you to enjoy excellent movie music as you wish.

Part 1. The best way to extract DVD audio

If you are music enthusiasts and sensitive to the audio quality, we recommend using Tipard DVD Audio Ripper to achieve DVD audio extract. This DVD audio ripper is worth to use for the following reasons.

1. Tipard DVD Audio Ripper could extract audio from DVD with the original quality.
2. Users could rip encrypted DVD to MP3, AAC, AC3, M4A, MP2, OGG, WAV, WMA and other audio formats for PCs or portable devices.
3. Within DVD Audio Ripper, you can trim and merge the audio episodes.
4. It provides extensive output parameters, such as bitrate, sample rate and more, and allows you to control the outputs.
5. DVD Audio Ripper supports multi-core CPUs, which takes full advantage of your computer and accelerate the ripping speed.
6. The intuitive interface makes this DVD converting program easy to use. You can get your favorite music with several steps no more than three minutes.

In a word, you can use Tipard DVD Audio Ripper to get audio from DVDs on any platform, no matter your computer runs Windows or Mac OS.

How to extract audio from DVD

Step 1

Load DVD

Insert the DVD you want to rip into your DVD drive and open Tipard DVD Audio Ripper. Click on the DVD button with a plus icon on top ribbon. Then DVD Audio Ripper will detect the media files on DVD automatically.

Load DVD

Step 2

Customize output

If you want to convert the entire DVD to audio file, you can select all videos. Otherwise, you can go to the Editor and trim the unwanted part. That could accelerate converting speed.

Hit the Settings button to open settings window and customize the output parameters, like audio format and more.

After setting, back to interface and pick a destination by clicking on the Browse button to save the output.

Edit DVD

Step 3

DVD audio rip

Once you are ready, click on the Convert button in the bottom right corner to start ripping.

A few minutes later, you can enjoy the excellent movie music on your computer or mobile devices.

Convert DVD

Part 2. Rip DVD audio on Mac free

For some people, free DVD rippers are still attractive. If you do not mind the limits of freeware, you can try to rip DVD audios with VLC Media Player and HandBrake for Mac. They are popular open-source programs and working together to extract audio from DVD on Mac computers. Moreover, you can listen to or stream the ripped audio files on your Mac computer within VLC Media Player.

HandBrake for Mac

How to rip DVD audio

Step 1

Install VLC Media Player and HandBrake from trustable sources and insert the DVD to rip in to DVD drive.

Step 2

Open HandBrake app, tap on the Source icon and choose your DVD as input source. When the DVD loaded, choose the chapter or subtitle to rip in the drop-down list of Title.

Click on the Browse button, choose a folder to save the result and pick a name. Hit the Toggle Presets icon in the top right corner and choose Normal option under the Regular section.

Then click the Add to Queue button and then hit the Start button to begin ripping.

Step 3

After DVD ripping, you can open VLC Media Player. Go to Media menu and choose the Convert/Save option.

When the open media window appears, click on the Add button in File tab and import the ripped video into VLC.

Click on the Convert/Save button to go to settings window.

In settings window, choose Audio-MP3 on the drop-down list of Profile. And pick a location to save it by hitting the Browse button.

Step 4

Finally, click on the Start button to complete DVD audio ripping.

Part 3. Get DVD audio on Windows free

MediaCoder is a freeware for Windows that is able to transform DVD to audio files. If you are ripping an unencrypted DVD, you can utilize this freeware to grasp audio from DVD. When it comes to encrypted DVD or commercial DVDs, ripping DVD audio with MediaCoder is not always successful.


How to get DVD audio

Step 1

Insert the DVD you'd like to rip and launch MediaCoder on your Windows computer.

Step 2

Click on the Add button on top ribbon to load video files from DVD drive.

Step 3

Drop a folder to save the output by clicking on the Open button at the upper right corner.

Locate to the bottom of the window, choose Video tab and then uncheck Enable option. Go to Audio tab and choose an audio format on the drop-down list of Encoder, such as LAME MP3. Here you can customize other parameters related to output quality, like sample rate.

Step 4

When you are ready, click on the Start button to begin the DVD audio ripping process.

Step 5

Wait until a window pops up, click on the OK button to complete the process. Then you can go to the location and get your DVD audio.


In this article, we discussed how to extract DVD audio files. If you look at the DVD rippers on the market, you will discover that only several DVD rippers support DVD audio extract. Most DVD rippers only have the ability to convert DVD to video files. We introduced multiple ways to get audio on Windows or Mac computers. An indirect way is to rip DVD to video with HandBrake and then convert video to audio with VLC Media Player on Mac computers. Or you can use MediaCoder to transform DVD to audio directly on Windows. But the prerequisite is that the disc is not encrypted. If you feel these methods do not meet your requirements, you can try Tipard DVD Audio Ripper. It could extract DVD audio directly, no matter the DVD is encrypted or not.

June 21, 2017 15:21
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How to Extract DVD Audio Effortlessly