Comprehensive Review of The Best 6 Audiovox DVD Players

Comprehensive Review of The Best 6 Audiovox DVD Players

Audiovox DVD players are trusted companions for entertainment on the go, providing flexibility and enjoyment for movie enthusiasts who like to travel a lot. With a long history, these players boast durability and versatility, making them a favorite choice among users.

These players look like sleek monitors with built-in media players, and they're still a hit today, bringing back memories and offering entertainment options. Look no further if you're after a great DVD player that's affordable and packed with features. This article introduces the top 6 Audiovox DVD players for 2024.

Audiovox DVD Player

Part 1. Why Do You Need an Audiovox DVD Player?

Audiovox offers a variety of DVD player models to suit your needs, including those designed for car use. Installing an Audiovox DVD player in your car is relatively easy since it can be quickly mounted on the rear headrest or a folding tray table, ensuring everyone has a good screen view. This makes it perfect for enjoying DVDs during long road trips.

Even in today's tech-savvy world dominated by devices like iPads and phones, Audiovox DVD players still hold their own. Audiovox DVD players are power-efficient and reliable, unlike these devices, which quickly drain battery power during movie playback. Additionally, many recent models come equipped with USB ports, allowing you to watch your favorite digitally stored DVDs or movies.

While Audiovox DVD players may be larger than phones, they offer the advantage of a bigger screen and are a cost-effective alternative to modern gadgets. Despite their size, they provide users with a convenient and enjoyable entertainment experience.

Part 2. Reviews of Top 6 Audiovox DVD Player

Let us introduce you to the top 6 Audiovox DVD players for 2024. These players come in various models, including headrest built-in, overhead, portable, and more. We'll provide details on pricing, as well as the pros and cons of each player.

1. Audiovox Portable DVD Player

This Audiovox model is the best portable player in the lineup, featuring a swivel screen that rotates 270 degrees for versatile viewing angles. Additionally, it comes with headphones, making it convenient for use in noisy environments like cars or public places. With its affordable price range of $20 to $100 from their website, it's clear why this Audiovox portable DVD player is the top choice for many users.

Audiovox Portable 7 inch


  • • Portable entertainment is ideal for travel by road, air, or camping.
  • • The swivel screen allows comfortable viewing from different angles.
  • • It is a DVD player and can play digital media via USB or SD cards.
  • • It doubles as a portable device and a car headrest mount, offering versatility.


  • • It features a 7-inch screen, which may be smaller than desired by some users.
  • • The battery lasts a maximum of 4 hours; however, it can be recharged using the DC car adapter for continuous use on the road.

2. Audiovox Universal Seatback Player

This model, the Audiovox car DVD player, is a sleek and modern entertainment system designed for hassle-free installation in your car's backseat. Think of it as having an iPad with a touchscreen and built-in DVD player in your vehicle. Additionally, you can effortlessly display your phone's screen on it. It's more than just a DVD player; it's a full-fledged entertainment center equipped with slots for USB and SD cards, providing plenty of options for fun on the road. Prices for this device range from $300 to $600.

Audiovox Universal Seatback


  • • Large 10-inch touchscreen.
  • • It has a built-in DVD player for your favorite DVD collections.
  • • 16GB storage for apps and files, giving you plenty of space.
  • • It runs on Android, so you can access many apps and features.


  • • More than limited storage space may be needed for all your files and apps.
  • • Universal mounting might not be as secure as custom mounts.

3. Audiovox MTG DVD Player

Another DVD player mounted on the roof of your car? Imagine having one in your vehicle where you can easily fold and unfold the overhead panel to watch whenever you're on the go. Similar to the universal model, this one saves space by being mounted on the roof and easily foldable. Additionally, the Audiovox MTG DVD Player is a great option with a price range of $300 to $700.

Audiovox MTG


  • • The built-in DVD player includes a remote control with monitoring through a mobile app.
  • • 10-inch LCD with touch-screen functionality.
  • • It has 16GB memory and a quad-core processor with 8GB RAM.
  • • It features HDMI, SD card, USB ports, and phone mirroring capabilities.


  • • The roof mounting may restrict adjusting the screen, making it less flexible than other Audiovox models.
  • • You'll need a hotspot for the mobile app monitoring feature.

4. Audiovox Headrest DVD Player

Audiovox offers custom-made dual headrest monitors with built-in DVD player, USB, and HDMI inputs, providing added versatility for your entertainment needs. Additionally, it includes dual-channel wireless headphones and a USB input charger for convenient charging. Moreover, this Audiovox headrest DVD player is an excellent choice for smart entertainment in your car.

Audiovox Headrest


  • • It mounts easily on the headrest, and its compact 8-inch screen saves area.
  • • It has USB and HDMI ports for convenient device connection.
  • • Includes a USB charger for keeping devices powered up and dual-channel wireless headphones.
  • • It comes with a built-in DVD player and pre-loaded games for added fun.


  • • It offers only one screen, lacking the option for dual-screen viewing.
  • • Prices range from $400 to $2000 depending on customization, which may be costly for some.

5. Audiovox Overhead DVD Player

This model is among the top-selling devices due to its impressive features. It includes phone mirroring, which delivers high-definition audio and video content from your digital media and DVDs. This Audiovox 13.3-inch overhead DVD player also supports charging, allowing you to watch and charge your phones simultaneously.

Audiovox Overhead


  • • 13.3 Hi-Res Digital LED Back-lit Panel, providing clear visuals at 1024 x 600 resolution.
  • • It allows users to optional hidden USB and HDMI inputs.
  • • It features a DVD player and 100 Channel FM Transmitter with an FM Out option for versatile audio output.
  • • It includes extra charging ports.


  • • You may need to purchase separate add-ons to access all features, increasing overall costs.
  • • It does not include touchscreen functionality but is more affordable than other models, with prices ranging from $160 to $400.

6. Audiovox 9-inch Portable DVD Player

This model is the flagship product for a portable DVD player. It shares similarities with the 7-inch model but boasts a larger 9-inch monitor. Priced affordably between $100 and $300, it offers excellent value. Another notable feature is its compatibility with SD cards and USB devices, making it easy to play digital videos on the go.

Audiovox Portable 9-inch


  • • The 9-inch display offers a spacious viewing area.
  • • The battery life can last 4-5 hours.
  • • It is easily mounted on your car's headrest.
  • • USB and SD card support.


  • • The device requires 2 hours to fully charge, which may be considered slow for some users.
  • • It does not feature Bluetooth connectivity.

Bonus: The Best Way to Play DVD on Windows/Mac

If your Audiovox is charging and you have your laptop with you, consider using a specialized DVD player or Blu-ray software on your device. We offer the perfect solution for enjoying your Blu-ray collections on Windows and Mac devices.

Tipard Blu-ray Player is undeniably the ultimate solution for your entertainment needs. It excels in playing DVDs, Blu-rays, ISO files, and numerous video formats and offers a user-friendly interface and customizable playlist features for a tailored movie experience. With optimized hardware decoding, every movie is delivered smoothly and flawlessly. Moreover, its support for various formats like MP4, MKV, and AVI ensures compatibility with your entire media library. Users praise its simplicity and outstanding performance, making it the preferred choice for immersive movie viewing.

Step 1To get the application, simply click the Free Download button below. Double-click the downloaded file to install it on your device. Then, run it afterward.

Step 2You may select the Open Disc or Open File button to import the file you wish to play.

Tipard Add Blu-ray

Step 3You can now customize your playlist and explore other features. Click the Camera button below the viewing screen to access the screenshot feature.

Tipard Playlist

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Part 3. FAQs About Audiovox DVD Player

Are Audiovox DVD Players built into cars?

Yes, there are Audiovox DVD players designed explicitly for car installation. Additionally, there are portable models suitable for outdoor use, such as the Audiovox portable DVD player.

Can you play Blu-rays with Audiovox DVD Players?

No, Audiovox DVD players are primarily intended for playing DVDs and CDs. However, you can still enjoy Blu-rays on your desktop using software like the Tipard Blu-ray player.

Are Audiovox DVD players region-free?

Audiovox DVD players typically adhere to region coding, meaning they can only play discs from specific regions. However, some models may offer region-free capabilities or allow you to change the region settings via your desktop.


Hopefully, you've considered which Audiovox model best fits your needs. The Audiovox portable DVD player offers a balanced choice if you're still undecided. It can be mounted in your car or used standalone. Additionally, to play your favorite DVD collections on your desktop, consider using the Tipard Blu-ray Player for a reliable and fantastic movie experience.

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