5 Most Outstanding Video Reversers You Can Try

5 Most Outstanding Video Reversers You Can Try

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Nowadays, you can modify audio or a video differently, like changing the formats and even adding effects. Recently, digital media now can also create a reverse effect on your videos. There are now many applications that you can use to reverse your videos. Moreover, this reverse feature has a creative effect on your video and can sometimes be funny. And if you want to create a funny meme or creative video to share on other platforms, then we have the applications you want. In this post, we will present the top five video reversers, so you better finish reading this post!

Video Reversers

Part 1. Best Video Reverser

Although there are many video reversers you can download on your PC, one is still known for its best features. And in this part, we will show you the best video reverser you can use offline on your computer.

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is the leading application to reverse a video. This reverse video software is initially a video converter. But, it is packed with many advanced editing tools, like video reverser, color correction, video watermark, video trimmer, and more from the Toolbox. Additionally, its video reverser feature lets you set the start and end of the part you want to reverse on your video. Also, it automatically reverses the audio of your video as well.

It also supports up to 500+ video formats, such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, VOB, WMV, WebM, MKV, etc. Furthermore, it can reverse your video without compromising its quality. Plus, it is a beginner-friendly application because it has an easy-to-use interface. You can download Tipard Video Converter Ultimate on all operating systems, like Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • • You can reverse a video in a single click.
  • • Allows you to preview the reverse effect on your video.
  • • It uses advanced technology to keep the video quality.
  • • You can convert your output into different formats.
  • • Available on all operating systems, like Windows and Mac.


    • • You must purchase the application to use other editing features.


    • • 1 Month License = $28.00 (Best Seller)
    • • Lifetime License = $63.96

    How to reverse a video using Tipard Video Converter Ultimate:

    Step 1Download and install Tipard Video Converter Ultimate on your desktop by hitting the Download button below. Once the app is installed, open it immediately.

    Step 2Next, on the main user pane, go to the Toolbox panel. A list of video editing tools will appear, then select the Video Reverser feature.

    Video Reverser Tipard

    Step 3And on the following interface, click the plus (+) sign icon to upload the video file you want to reverse. You can drag and drop your file from your computer folders to the plus sign box to upload a video.

    Upload to Reverse

    Step 4Then, if you want to reverse only a portion of your video, you can put the start and end of the part you want to reverse by clicking the Set Start and Set End button. But if you want to reverse the entire video, leave it as it is, then proceed to the next step.

    Select Portion

    Step 5And finally, you can preview your video. Once satisfied with your output, click the Export button at the lower right side of the interface.

    Export Reveresed Video

    Part 2. Free Reverse Video Software

    If you want more options for video reversers, then read this part more. We searched for the most excellent free reverse video maker and chose the best to recommend.

    1. iMovie (Mac)

    iMovie is a popular video editing application you can use on your Apple devices, like Mac, iPhone, and iPad. This video editing application also enables you to reverse videos easily and quickly. Moreover, you can edit the video and audio simultaneously on the Timeline of iMovie. Also, it supports video formats that are supported by Apple devices, such as MOV, MKV, and MP4. In addition, your output can be shared directly on other Apple devices and other platforms.

    To reverse a video on iMovie, just import it, drag it on the timeline, and then tick the Reverse option under the Speedometer pane. However, iMovie is only available on Mac devices, and it does not support many file formats.

    iMovie Video Reverser


    • • It has a user-friendly interface.
    • • You can use it for free.
    • • You can edit and enhance your video on the timeline.
    • Cons:

      • • It lacks support for the most used video formats.
      • • You cannot use it on Windows devices.

      2. iCloo Player

      Another reverse video tool you can use on your computer is iCloo Player. iCloo Player is an excellent choice for reversing a video, especially if you are a beginner. This application is excellent if you want to reverse an MP4 video. Moreover, this video editing app can play a video in reverse or play it normally. Also, you can download this application on Windows devices for free. In addition, you can use many effects and powerful features while using this app to reverse a video.

      iCloo Player


      • • It has a user-friendly interface.
      • • Free to download.
      • • It has a fast processing interface.
      • Cons:

        • • The file formats it supports are not detailed.
        • • It has limited features.

        Part 3. Reverse Video Makers for Mobile Devices

        If you have a video that is stored on your iPhone Photos or Android Gallery, there are also apps that you can use to reverse your video. So, if you want to know these applications to reverse videos, continually read this part.

        1. Video Toolbox - Movie Maker

        Video Toolbox - Movie Maker is a known reverse video program that can help you reverse videos easily. This app can create playback for videos in backward directions. Also, it supports HD videos, so you can easily upload HD files. Furthermore, it has other editing features that you can use, like a merger and a trimmer. What's even fantastic about Video Toolbox is that you can install it on your iPad, iPhone, and as well as in your iPod. However, it is not completely free to use.

        Video Toolbox


        • • It has a simple user interface.
        • • Available on iOS 6.0 and later versions.
        • • Supports video formats compatible with Apple devices, like MOV and MKV.
        • Cons:

          • • You need to purchase the app before using other features.
          • • Contains advertisements.

          2. Reverse Movie FX

          Another mobile device app you can use to reverse your video is Reverse Movie FX. Reverse Movie FX is available to download on both Android and iOS devices. Also, it just does not reverse your video; you can also use this to slow down or fast forward your video. The unique feature of this app towards other video reversing tools is that you can select a certain clip from the video and reverse the images and audio of it. Moreover, it is free to use, so you do not need to shell out some money.

          Reverse Movie FX


          • • It is safe and free to use.
          • • It has an intuitive user interface.
          • • It can produce professional-like output.
          • Cons:

            • • Contains many pesky ads that might distract you.
            • • The pro version still contains ads.

            Part 4. Comparison Table of Video Reversers

            If you want a more detailed way to know these video-reversing applications' differences, then we have your back covered! Indeed, the applications we presented above have great features, and it is hard to choose the best among them. So, to help you distinguish them thoroughly, read the table below.

            Features Tipard Video Converter Ultimate iMovie iCloo Player Video Toolbox - Movie Maker Reverse Movie FX
            Easy to use
            Contains ads
            Availability All operating systems Apple devices Windows iPhone iPhone and Android

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            Part 5. FAQs about the Best Video Reversers

            Can I reverse audio?

            Yes. There are also audio reverser applications that you can use to reverse your audio. Some applications can also reverse a video along with its audio.

            Can InShot reverse a video?

            With the InShot app, you can edit basic video, like video reversing, collage, slow motion, and even stop motion.

            Can I revert the video I reversed?

            Yes. You can revert the video you just reversed using the video reverser applications. Just import the reversed video, and it will return to its original state.


            Reversing a video is a great way to keep your viewers entertained on your video. The video reversers presented above can indeed and magnificently reverse your video. Now, if you are still undecided on what application you will use, we recommend Tipard Video Converter Ultimate, which can reverse your video easily and in high quality.

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