Incredible MKV to WMV Converters: Testing the Freeware and Online Video Converters [2023]

Incredible MKV to WMV Converters: Testing the Freeware and Online Video Converters [2023]

Can't play MKV videos on Windows Media Player? If this is your concern, you need to convert MKV to WMV video files. Thus, it would be best to have the most reliable video converter that converts MKV to WMV without losing quality. That is why you must keep reading this post up to the conclusion. Why? Because it presents you with the functional MKV to WMV converters. It will also recommend the best video converter among all the options and guide you to achieve your goal using Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. You can also see other freeware and online video converters along the way to meet your concerns.

Additionally, this article will show you a comparison table with the MKV to WMV converters in it. In that way, you can test the most effective tool to convert MKV to WMV video clips.

MKV to WMV Converter

Part 1. Best MKV to WMV Converter Without Losing Quality

The Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is the best and ultimate MKV to WMV converter. This video converter software supports over 1000 media file formats. That is to say; you can use it to convert MKV videos to WMV files. The program offers a free download version that can work with Windows and Mac systems. Thus, it allows you to use its excellent features without any payment. It provides various editing features such as video cropping, rotating, splitting, watermarking, and adding filters. It also has a Video Enhancer feature that upscales video resolution, optimizes contrasts and brightness, reduces video shaking, removes video noise, and more. As a result, you can convert MKV to WMV without losing quality.

This article provides extra information below about Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. Thus, you can test its efficiency. Also, do not forget to follow all the steps to convert MKV to WMV using this software.

Remarkable Features of the Tipard Video Converter Ultimate:

  • 1. Can convert videos to other file formats at a 70X faster speed conversion.
  • 2. Provide an intuitive and straightforward user interface.
  • 3. Support a DVD and Blu-ray ripper.
  • 4. Offer a GPU acceleration.
  • 5. Provide a Toolbox with Video Enhancer, GIF Maker, 3D Maker, Video Compressor, and more.
  • 6. The program is free from viruses and ads.

How to Change MKV to WMV in Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1First, search Tipard Video Converter Ultimate on Chrome. Then, you can go to the main page and hit the download button. Install and open the software, then go to the Converter tool.

Step 2You can hit the plus symbol at the center of the screen or click the Add File button at the top-right side of the screen. Then, your file folder will pop up, and you can now select MKV file/s.

Load Videos

Step 3Click the Output Setting beside the video file. After that, you can select the Video option to see different video formats.

Video Converter Ultimate Customize Profile

Step 4You can go to the Search box below the video formats, type WMV, and click it.

Step 5After that, you can choose a file location for your WMV file/s from the Save to section. You hit the Merge into one file button if you have batch files to convert. Finally, click the Convert All button to start the process.

Video Converter Ultimate Convert Video

Part 2. Free MKV to WMV Converter

1. Freemake Video Converter

We offer you another MKV to WMV converter, the Freemake Video Converter. As the name of the software says, it is 100% free, allowing you to alter MKV to WMV files. It also enables you to convert video formats. The video files are compatible with any Apple iPhone, iPad, PSP, Xbox, Samsung, Sony, Android, and many more. Also, Freemake Video Converter enables you to add subtitles to your video clips. It supports 4K and full HD videos. This free software is reliable if you are also searching for a DVD or Blu-ray burner. However, since it is free, it only offers limited editing features and buffers sometimes.

Freemake Video Converter MKV to WMV

2. Hamster Free Video Converter

You can also use Hamster Free Video Converter. This software allows you to convert MKV to WMV without losing quality. It offers built-in video codecs allowing you to convert any video file format into other file formats. Moreover, it supports batch file conversion.

Hamster Free Video Converter MKV to WMV


Suppose you want to convert MKV to WMV online for free; we recommend FreeConvert. Since it allows you to convert videos over the internet, you do not need to download the online tool to your PC. Moreover, it can support batch video file conversion into a single file. But the downside here is that the speed conversion process is affected due to many files. The online tool is suitable for beginners and professionals because it is easy and safe to use. It allows you to do a drag and drop method for easy adding videos. However, it only requires you to upload videos of only 1GB.

Freeconvert MKV to WMV

Part 3. Comparison Among the MKV to WMV Converters

MKV to WMV Converters Ease of Use Video Enhancer tool Multiple Video Conversion Support 4K
Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Super easy Yes Yes Yes
Freemake Video Converter Easy No Yes Yes
Hamster Free Video Converter Easy No Yes Yes Easy No Yes No

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Part 4. FAQs of MKV to WMV Converters

Is MKV file better than MP4 when playing on mobile devices?

No, MP4 is better than MKV file format when you play them on mobile phone devices. Why? Because the MKV file format is larger than the MP4 file format. Moreover, MP4 is a popular format compatible with various systems, players, and devices.

What is the good side of the MKV video format?

The good side of the MKV video format is that it can hold a large amount of video, audio, and image file size in a single folder.

Can I convert videos to WMV videos using VLC Media Player?

VLC Media Player is for playing media files but it also offers a media converter. In line with that, it supports numerous video and audio file formats. With that, you can use this program to transform all video files into WMV file format. But be reminded that it is a bit confusing for beginners.


After reading this article, we assume that you can now decide the best MKV to WMV converter for your files. Moreover, we would like you to follow all the steps to convert MKV to WMV in Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. You can trust this software because it offers great features without any payment. In line with that, it allows you to edit your clips before converting them. Additionally, it enables you to rip and burn DVD and Blu-ray files.

Please do not forget to share this information with your friends and family. As a result, we can help them choose the most reliable MKV to WMV converter. In line with that, they will also know how to convert MKV to WMV without losing quality. If you have other concerns, please contact and message us, and we will gladly entertain you.

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