4 Ultimate Ways on How to Trim Videos on Windows 10/11

4 Ultimate Ways on How to Trim Videos on Windows 10/11

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Perhaps you recorded a video full of scenes and moments with your friends. However, the video has many unnecessary parts you want to remove; that's why you decided to cut the parts out of your video. The problem is, what application will you use to trim your videos? Although you can use many tools or applications to trim your videos, not all of them have the best features to offer. So, in these write-ups, we will show you the best video trimming applications you can use. We will also discuss the simple steps to trim videos on Windows 10/11 PCs.

How to Trim Videos on Windows

Part 1. 3 Ways How to Trim Videos on Windows 10/11

Trimming or cutting a video is easy, especially if you have the best application on your computer. And did you know? Many video editors are comfortable using a PC to trim and edit videos.

1. Using Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is the ultimate software to trim your videos. This powerful application comprises many advanced editing features, including a video trimmer, video merger, video compressor, video watermark remover, and more from the Toolbox. And in its video trimmer feature, you can easily trim your videos by moving the handlebars to cut out the parts you do not need on your video. Additionally, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate has an easy-to-use interface, making it a beginner-friendly tool. You can also use its fast split feature to split your video by average or time.

Furthermore, you can trim your videos simultaneously with its batch trimming feature. It also supports standard video formats, like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, VOB, WMV, WebM, M4V, and 500+ more formats. And if you are looking for the most convenient and free video trimmer application, this is the best tool for you. It is also downloadable on all media platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How to trim videos on Windows using Tipard Video Converter Ultimate:

Step 1 To begin, download Tipard Video Converter UItimate on your device by ticking the Download button below. After downloading, open it on your Windows device.

Step 2 Then, on the software's main user interface, go to the Toolbox panel and select the Video Trimmer feature.

Trim Videos Tipard

Step 3 To import the video, you want to trim, click the plus (+) sign button in the middle of the interface. You can also drag-drop your clip to the plus sign box to upload it.

Add Trim Video

Step 4 And on the following interface, you will see the preview of your video. And below the preview of your video, move the handlebars to select the beginning and the end of your video clip.

Set Start End

Step 5 Lastly, press the Export button at the bottom right corner of the interface to trim your video.Wait for less than a minute; then your video output will be ready on your computer files.

Export Trimmed Output

2. Using PowerDirector

If you are searching for a way on how to cut videos on Windows, then PowerDirector is the tool that will help you cut/trim your videos. PowerDirector is a powerful video editing software that many professionals use. Moreover, you can choose between the trimming methods that PowerDirector offers. You can choose between single trim and multi-trim. Also, you can add background music and color boards to your video if you want. PowerDirector has many editing features, and you can use these amazing features of this video editing app. In addition, it is a fast rendering tool that may be convenient for you while using it. However, when you load several options, the interface might be overwhelming. And many people cannot use this app because you need to purchase it before using it. Nonetheless, PowerDirector is an exceptional application for trimming your videos.

How to cut video on PowerDirector:

Step 1 Download the PowerDirector app on your Windows PC. Then open the program once it is downloaded.

Step 2 Add and import the video file on the PowerDirector, then click the Scissor icon (Trim button) at the top left corner of the interface.

Step 3 The Trim window will prompt. Then, choose between Single Trim and Multi Trim. Using the Single Trim, drag the play head where you want to start the video. And then, click the Mark In button, which indicates where the video will start.

Power Director Trim

Step 4 Next, drag the play head where you want to end your video and click the Mark Out button. When you are done, tick the OK button to save your activity.

3. Using Sony Vega

If you want to know how to clip a video on Windows, then Sony Vegas will help you with that. Sony Vegas is also one of the best video editing programs you can download on your Windows PC. Although its interface looks complicated, it will be easy for you to use when you know the right functions for trimming videos. In addition, like the applications above, it also contains many editing features, like scene detection, adjustment tracks, multicam editing, and tons of filters, effects, and transitions. What's even good about Sony Vegas is that it has free stock clips for subscribers. So, this application is a good choice if you are a video enthusiast. A setback of Sony Vegas is that it is pricey and does not have a user-friendly interface. You can subscribe to Sony Vegas for $155.88 per year. Yet if you are a good editor familiar with Sony Vegas, then the price will be worth it.

How to trim videos in Sony Vegas:

Step 1 Download and install Sony Vegas on your computer, then run the app when it is installed.

Step 2 Then, to open your video on Sony Vegas, click the File at the top left corner of the interface and click the Open button. Then, locate the video you want to trim and click Open. After uploading the video, drag it to the Timeline.

Step 3 Hit the plus (+) button to zoom in on your video so that you can position your frames more precisely. And then, move your cursor to double click and mark the point with a vertical line. Cut and split your video by pressing the S key on your keyboard. Then, the video will be divided into two parts. But, you must delete the other one.

Sony Vegas Trim

Step 4 You can preview your video first before saving it. Then, click the Save button to save your video on your local folders to save your output.

Part 2. How to Clip a Video on Windows Online

If you do not like to download anything on your computer to save space on your device, then you can use an online video trimmer. On your browser, you can search for many video trimmers online. However, it is hard to find an online tool that is free from ads, and that is free to use. But do not worry, because we searched and tried the most popular video trimmers online and chose the best among them.

123Apps - Trim Video

When you search for video trimmers online, the first on the result page will be 123Apps - Trim Video. This online application lets you cut your videos by moving the play-in and play-out buttons on the timeline. Moreover, you can rotate, flip, change resolution, and crop your video using 123Apps - Trim Video. The drawback of using this application is that it only supports a few video formats.

How to cut a video using 123Apps - Trim Video:

Step 1 On your browser, search 123Apps - Trim Video on the search box. Then go to the main page of the online application. And on the main interface, click the Open File button to upload the video you want to trim.

Step 2 After uploading your video, move the play-in and play-out buttons on the Timeline and drag them to where you want to start and end your video. After selecting the part, you want to trim, click the Trim/Cut button below the Timeline.

Trim Video Online

Step 3 Finally, hit Save at the bottom right corner of the interface to save your output on your device.

Part 3. FAQs about How to Trim Videos on Windows

Does Windows Media Player trim videos?

Yes. Windows Media Player is not just the standard media player for Windows devices; you can also use this tool if you want to trim your videos.

Can I trim a video without losing quality?

Yes. You can trim your videos while maintaining quality by using Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. Using this tool to trim videos will allow you to cut videos without losing quality.

Is there an available video trimmer for Mac?

There are many video trimming applications you can use for Mac devices. One of the most used video trimming applications is iMovie. With iMovie, you can cut and edit your videos excellently.


Finally! Now that you learned how to trim videos on Windows 10/11, it will be easy for you to do it alone. You can easily cut the videos you want to edit using the above methods. But if you are asking what the most recommended video trimming application is, many people say that Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is the most exceptional to use. With its easy-to-use interface and its advanced editing features, you will surely enjoy using this phenomenal application.

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