How to Record Streaming Video on Mac and PC with Ease

Record Video

Smartphone is more and more important for our lives. But you should admire that computer is still playing an important role, especially for watching movies or tutorials. You can enjoy the streaming video on computer with a better preview experience. If you want to share the videos or movies on smartphone, you can record video on computer by yourself. The article explains the 3 frequently methods with ease process. If you want to get more detail about the solutions to record streaming video on PC and Mac, just read more detail about the best solution for you and choose the desired video recorder accordingly.

Part 1. Capture Streaming Video on Mac

In order to capture streaming video on Mac, you can use the default QuickTime player. Besides the QuickTime option, you can also use Photo Booth instead. The section takes QuickTime as example. The program is available on Snow Leopard or above Mac Operation systems. Just learn more detail about the process to record video on Mac with the program.

QuickTime Player
Step 1

Launch QuickTime player

Before you need to capture streaming video with QuickTime, you have to prepare the app or open the browser tab you want to record, and then get the content in place.

Step 2

Select the New Screen Recoding

Go to the QuickTime Player application, and then select File > New Screen Recording. And you can also use the hot key to launch the screen recording option on your Mac.

Step 3

Choose the audio source

After that you can click on the downward-pointing arrow and select the option to record or ignore mouse clicks. Just make sure it works by checking the audio volume before recording video.

Step 4

Click Record to capture video

Once you prepare every parameter, you can click the record button to capture video. And then follow the instructions to record either the full screen or just a small selection.

Step 5

Record video and export

After you get the video recorded, you can use the Stop button or press Command- Control- Escape to stop recording or halt the recording when you are done.

You can trim the clip or further edit the video file first, and then upload it to YouTube or import it into iMovie for some post-processing. When you use QuickTime, you can migrate the recorded video files between different iDevice with ease.

Part 2. Record Video on Windows

When you want to capture video from an AVCHD camera or save TV shows for your smartphone, Tipard Screen Capture should be the software for you. The program is able to capture screen and record online video in the original quality. What is more, you can also set capture time and cursor to get the desired part of the video. Here are more features of the program you should know before recording streaming videos on Windows.

  • 1. Record video and capture screen in high quality. The program helps you capture screen movements and actions easily.
  • 2. Export recorded video to multiple video formats. And it also enables you to set the best parameters according to the device.
  • 3. Support both record audio files on PC like system audio and microphone voice from yourself.
  • 4. Preview the audio and video files once you complete the process of capturing screen with ease.

How to record video with Tipard Screen Capture

Launch Tipard Screen Capture to capture both audio and video with ease.

Step 1

Choose the capture size of the screen

In order to record streaming videos, movies, games and others files, you need to determine the size of the capture screen first.

TP Select Recording Area
Step 2

Capture video files in high quality

Once you confirm the size of the area, you can click the REC button to start recording. After that you can move your cursor to start your teaching process.

TP Start Capture
Step 3

Export the recorded video and preview

After that you can click the same button with the Red square to stop the capture. Preview the video automatically and save the recorded video on your computer.

TP Rec Video

Part 3. Grab Movie Files Online

Except for the above solution to download programs to record video on Mac or PC, you can also use the add-on of Chrome or other browsers. As for the case, you only need to search for the record video plug-in programs from Chrome and other browsers. Screencastify is one of the most splendid online video recorders to grab movies files online with ease.

Step 1

Install Add-on of Screencastify

You should setup Screnncastify with Google Account permission and answer some questions of the program first.

Step 2

Choose screen record video mode

And then you can choose from record Tab or Desktop option, you can set different parameters for both video and audio. Make sure to access to your microphone or camera.

Step 3

Click Record Tab to record video

Once you click the Record Tab, the program will count 3 before recording for the tab, you do not have to set a special size for the tab as for the case.

Step 4

Export video to Google Account

After that you can export the video to Google driver directly. There is a Copy Link option that enables you to share the video to your friends with the detail information of the video.

But the lite version of Screencastify adds a watermark to the recorded video. When you want to remove the watermark, you have to purchase the full version instead. The video quality is another limitation of the program.

How to Record Streaming Video on Mac and PC with Ease