Easiest Way on How to Import DVD to iTunes

Import DVD to iTunes

Do you want to enjoy the DVD content on iPhone or iPad? As for the case, you should know how to import DVD to iTunes. In order to import DVD to iTunes, you should rip the DVD into the iTunes compatible formats first, such as MP4 or MOV. And then you can upload the DVD content to iTunes. And after that you can enjoy the movie or other content on iPhone or iPad without transferring. The article introduces 3 methods to import DVD to iTunes. You can learn more detail about the solution and choose the best one accordingly.

Method 1. How to import DVD to iTunes by Tipard DVD Ripper

If you want to import DVD to iTunes, Tipard DVD Ripper should be the best tool you should try. The program not only rip the DVD with DRM protection, but also has lots of presets, which you can import DVD to iTunes for different iDevices. Just learn more detail about the process as below.

Step 1

Load DVD files to the program

First of all, you should hit "Load Disc" button to choose the video you want to convert. Or you can choose the video by click "DVD Disc" or "DVD Folder" from "Load Disc" list.

Tipard Load DVD

Step 2

Choose the output format as MOV

Click "Profile" and then you are able to choose the output type of the file as MOV, M4V or MP4. If you need to further edit the program in Final Cut Pro, you can choose MOV instead.


Step 3

Convert DVD to MOV format

Start converting DVD by clicking "Convert" button and it won't cost you a lot of time to wait. And you can see the videos' complete percent in the progress bar.

Convert DVD to MOV

Step 4

Import DVD to iTunes

After that you can launch the iTunes on your computer, click the "File" menu or "iTunes" menu, choose "Add Files to Library". And then browse the DVD content to iTunes.

Import DVD to iTunes

Step 5

Check the import DVD in iTunes

Click the "Movie" button to locate the import DVD to iTunes. Choose the "Home Video" tab and you can find the DVD content in iTunes now.

Step 6

Sync DVD wit iTunes

Now you can click the Sync button of iTunes, you can view the DVD content on iPhone, iPad or other devices linked to the iTunes account now.

Method 2. How to import DVD to iTunes with Handbrake

Handbrake is another freeware to import DVD to iTunes. Make sure you have clean up the other process to provide enough CPU for Handbrake. In order to import the content of DVD to iTunes library, you can also use iFlicks to make the whole thing easy.


Step 1: Launch Handbrake and select DVD from your option. And then click the "Toggle Presets", you can adjust all the parameters for the output video. In the Format menu, you should choose "MP4" file instead.

Step 2: After that you can click the "Start" button to rip the DVD added to queue. Handbrake shows the progress at the bottom for ripping dvdmedia files. It takes about one hour to rip the whole movie on the DVD.

Step 3: Import DVD to iTunes library manually. When you get the converted DVD content in MP4, MOV or M4V, you can press Command and I, and then click the "Options" tab. iTunes will add all the videos as Home videos.

Step 4: When you import DVD disc to iTunes, you can also determine whether the file is stored in your Movies, Music, or TV Shows library. Just choose the option and sync the iTunes files to iPhone or other iDevices later.

Method 3. How to import DVD to iTunes by VLC

VLC is the software that can also help import DVD to iTunes. But you should know that it can't help to transfer the DVD has been copyright protected or the movies' without high definition. But if you don't have a special demand it can help you, too.


Step 1: Download the software

You should download the software first, log into it and then you can click "Media" and choose "Convert/save" to run the app.

Step 2: Add subtitle and load file

In file tab, there are two parts, the first part is used to load the file you want to convert and another part is for you to input the subtitle to the converted video.

Step 3: Pre-step to convert

Hit "Convert" button when you finished add subtitle and then choose the destination folder to store the converted video.

Step 4: Start to convert

When everything is done you can press "Start" button to start convert. And you can edit the video's audio part, and also add or delete new profiles in the profile dropdown list.

Step 5: Import DVD to iTunes

After that you can launch iTunes and import DVD content to iTunes. Sync iTunes files to the other iDevices to enjoy the DVD on iPhone with ease.


Of course, there some more software (iTunes on Wiki) those can be used to import DVD formats on iTunes and today we have given you three better choices (Tipard DVD Ripper, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and VLC). After comparing you can select the one you can easy to use and fit you most. From now on, you can use your iPhone, iPod, iPad to watch your favorite videos or movies that stores in your iTunes and is imported from DVD. You can escape yourself from the DVD player and you will have more time to enjoy your movie time even on the way home or your company.

November 01, 2017 15:44
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Easiest Way on How to Import DVD to iTunes