How to Compress A Video on Mac/Windows PC for Smartphone


We use smartphone to playback video files more frequently than ever before. As for the limited space of smartphone, when you need to watch videos offline, you have to download and compress video files. What is the best method to compress a video on Mac or PC? You can learn more detail about the methods to compress a video from the article.

Best Video Compressor on Mac and Windows

When you want to compress video for smartphone, it is highly recommended to convert and compress the original video to MP4. Tipard Video Converter is the best video compressor for MP4 on Windows and Mac. Just get more detail about the excellent features of video compressor as below.

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

It is not only a video converter that compress video to files with a smaller size, but also a wonderful video downloader to download video in MP4 directly for your smartphone.

  • • Advanced algorithm to compress video to the optimal formats for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch playable formats and resolutions.
  • • Download videos from online video streaming without MP4 compression.
  • • Compress video to other formats with different solutions, codec and bitrates.
  • • Convert and compress DVD to MP4 and other compatible files.
  • • Support multiple task that compress different video files at the same time.
  • • Enhance the video quality and reduce video shaking when compressing videos.
  • • It is a super easy to use video compressor to achieve the desired video files with ease.

How to Reduce Video Sizes with Tipard Video Converter Ultimate on Mac

Tipard Video Compressor empowers you to change regular video settings like resolution, frame rate, bit rate, sample rate, and other parameters. When you need to compress videos for smartphone, you can follow the steps to get the desired files with Tipard Video Converter Ultimate.

  • Step 1: Add Videos to the Video Compressor
  • Just drag and drop one video or multiple video files to the video compressor. As the program can compress videos on the same time, you can add all videos without waiting.
  • mvcu-add-video
  • Step 2: Select the Encode Settings
  • Click Settings button to adjust the parameters in Video Settings of Profile Settings. You can adjust the encoder, frame rate, resolutions and video bitrate to compress video files.
  • Resolution means the video size in Width (pixels)*Height (pixels). When you compress video with resolution, you can choose a similar size for your playback device screen resolution.
  • Video Bitrate refers to either a constant number of bits used to encode each second of video, or the average number per second (in kbit/s). If you compress video with video bitrate, the image quality will be decreased.
  • Frame Rate set how many frames should be displayed per second (FPS). Higher frame rate increases the smoothness when played back, even if you compress video files, it is recommended 25--30 frame per second for a good viewing experience.
  • mvuc-set-profile
  • Step 3: Compress Video as Desired
  • If you are satisfied with the estimated compressed video size, you can click the Convert button to get the desired files accordingly. The excellent conversion speed can compress videos to desired files soon.
  • mvcu-convert

How to Compress Videos with Tipard Video Converter Ultimate on PC

If you need to reduce video size on Windows PC, you can also use Tipard Video Converter Ultimate for PC. It is the one-stop solution to compress video files for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. Just learn more detail about the detail process as below.

  • Step 1: Load Video Files for Compressing
  • When you need to compress many videos, you can click the Open Folder button to load video files to the Video Compressor. The program will compress the video one after another without waiting.
  • vcu-load-video
  • Step 2: Compress Video as Required
  • And then you can compress video with the video and audio settings. Usually you do not have to make any change for the audio settings. But if you have some special requirement for the device, you can make some changes as well.
  • vcu-compress-video
  • Step 3: Export Compressed Video Files
  • Just preview the video before you compress the video to make sure everything as required. You only have to click the Convert button to export the video files to the desired folder.
  • vcu-convert

Tips for Video Compression

When you need to compress a video with the best quality, here are some suggestions that would be help. Just check more detail before video compression.

  • 1. The video compressor has already provided the optimal settings for the device and smartphone, you can simply choose the device and set the compress video size.
  • 2. In order to compress video for smartphone, H.264 is the best codec for the output files. In order to preserve the best quality, it is recommended to remain the same video and audio codec.
  • 3. Do not make the bit rate too low, or else the whole compressed video will be blurred. Just make some little adjustments with the optimal settings in Tipard Video Converter Ultimate.

Why Choose Tipard Video Converter Ultimate for Windows/Mac

  • Supported Formats: Tipard Video Converter Ultimate supports the widest range of video/audio format compatibility. It is able to compress videos/audio with more than 150 formats.
  • No Loss Video Conversion: The excellent quality of video/audio produced after video conversion with Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. It has the one of the most advanced algorithm.
  • Vide Editing Features: The built-in video editor that allows you to cut your favorite video segments and merge them to a new one, remove black bars from a video, add text/image watermark.
  • Download Online Videos: Even if you need to download videos online from YouTube or Vimeo, the video compressor can download them to Mac or Windows with ease.
  • Customer Support: Tipard offers 24 hours support. Whenever you have a question related to the programs, you can contact customer service to solve the problem soon.

Wrap Up

Actually compress video is an easy process for most of the video programs. But in order to preserve the best quality for the smartphone and other devices, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate should be one the most professional video compressor to achieve the desired video without any limitation. When you need to learn more detail about compressing videos according to your requirement, you can feel free to contact us in the comments.

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How to Compress A Video on Mac/Windows PC for Smartphone