The Meaning of BDMV and How to Convert BDMV to MP4 and MKV Easily

The Meaning of BDMV and How to Convert BDMV to MP4 and MKV Easily

Would you like to extract your BDMV files and convert them into a more accessible digital video format like MP4? Then, you must not use a regular video converter but a BDMV converter to at least not damage the file. Converting such a file will let you enjoy it in all media players you have on your different devices. However, as new to this line of task, you must not really know how to do it, right? Good thing this article was made to bring you the guidelines on how to do it properly with the proper software to use. Along with this, these are the things about the BDMV file that you need to know.

Convert BDMV

Part 1. What Are BDMV Files

Before we tackle the conversion of the BDMV folder to MKV or MP4, let’s have a quick definition of this file type. The BDMV term is the abbreviation for Blu-ray Disc Movie Information. It is a file extension that stores movie information and contents saved from a Blu-ray disc. Furthermore, BDMV files cannot only store the media content’s raw data but also keep and describe the associated components of the Blu-rays. Thus, the information contained in this kind of file may include names, objects, directories, and tracks of the movie.

Additionally, BDMV files store different information, such as sound.bdmv, index.bdmv, and the movieobject.bdmv, where the directories are stored in the index, the audio in the sound, and the movie information in the movie object. This is why having a reliable BDMV converter is needed when transcoding such files.

Part 2. What Are the Common Uses of BDMV Files

Even though playback and authoring are the common uses of BDMV files, various additional uses are also associated with them, and they are as follows.

  • • Video Editing.
  • • Archiving and Backup.
  • • Custom Disc Authoring.
  • • Media Conversion.
  • • Testing and Development.
  • • PC Playback.
  • • Media Center Integration.
  • • Distribution.

As mentioned above, the main and most essential use of BDMV files is Blu-ray disc authoring and playback. Along with these applications are the other backbones of the Blu-ray types or formats, such are the editing and archiving. These aspects are the ones that give the necessary data and structure to have a seamless playback experience on devices they are compatible with.

Part 3. Why Convert BDMV Files

Several reasons will show you the advantage of converting BDMV to MP4 or other digital formats.

1. Due to Compatibility

Not all media players can play BDMV files.

2. Due to File Compression

Since BDMV files are descriptive files, then expect them to be in larger size. As a matter of fact, one BDMV file can be as huge as up to 90GB. For this reason, you may want to convert it to a much smaller digital format to still play the movie content the file has.

3. Due to Online Sharing and Streaming

If you want to share your videos in a BDMV file online, then you need to convert it first to a web-friendly format for an easier, faster, and smoother upload.

4. Due to Ethical and Legal Considerations

Converting BDMV folders to MKV, MP4, and other formats is also done for some legal or ethical requirements compliance. Since making a personal backup copy of your owned Blu-ray content may only be allowed in certain jurisdictions.

Part 4. How to Convert BDMV Files

To have an ultimate conversion process for your BDMV files, use this Tipard Blu-ray Converter. It is a converter software that handles Blu-ray discs, folders, and ISO images and converts them into different digital formats like MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, MKV, and more. Furthermore, this program is used primarily for making Blu-ray movies and content more portable and accessible, making it possible to play on a wide range of players and devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Moreover, this BDMV converter for Mac and Windows is equipped with advanced functions and features to enhance video quality, compress it, edit its media metadata, 3D Blu-ray maker, GIF maker, and the ability to extract subtitle and audio tracks from your Blu-ray discs. Overall, this Tipard Blu-ray Converter is the best solution for those who are looking for modern software to digitize their Blu-rays. Thus, if you are amazed by this software, then here are the quick steps to follow.

How to Convert the BDMV to MP4 with Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1Grab a version of this Blu-ray converter for your computer device by clicking the Download buttons below. Then, once installed, click the Add button and upload the BDMV file you want to convert.

BDMV Converter Add File

Step 2When the file is available on the interface, click the arrow-down button of the format section. This is located at the tail part of the uploaded file. Once clicked, a new window will appear. You must select the MP4 option as your output format.

BDMV Converter Select Format

Step 3After that, you need to click the Rip All red button to initiate the fast conversion process. After the process, the software will also automatically export the converted file to the folder designated as shown in the Save To section.

BDMV Converter Convert

Part 5. FAQs Regarding BDMV

How do I convert BDMV to MakeMKV?

This conversion needs to involve the utilization of the MakeMKV, a free BDMV converter. Launch the software on your computer, upload the BDMV file to it, and then click the Browse button located under the output folder to select your desired folder. After that, hit the MakeMKV button to start the process.

Does Can VLC open BDMV?

Yes. VLC is a media player that can play BDMV files. However, please note that this media player doesn't have the complete menu structure for Blu-rays. VLC can playback each audio and video file within the BDMV folder, but it cannot play the entire folder at once, resulting in a different interactive menu experience, unlike what the regular Blu-ray players do.

How do I burn a BDMV folder?

You will need reliable burning software like the Tipard Blu-ray Creator if you want to burn your BDMV folder. Upload the BDMV file by clicking the Add File button, then select the disc as your output destination. After that, hit the Create button to start the process.


BDMV is the Blu-ray Disc Movie Information, so it is all about Blu-rays. Thus, you will see the need to convert the BDMV to MP4 by meeting the reasons given above. This task may not worry you anymore since we have provided you with the best yet so simple way to do it, and that is through the Tipard Blu-ray Converter.

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