How to Convert Blu-ray Movies to MKV for Easier Playback

How to Convert Blu-ray Movies to MKV for Easier Playback

Having digital copies of your Blu-ray discs is suggested. It is to have a backup of them on your computer. If the discs are damaged, you will still access their stored data on the computer you used to back them up. There are multiple file formats in which you can convert your Blu-ray discs. One is the MKV format, which is considered one of the universal formats for storing multimedia content.

If so, how do you rip Blu-ray to MKV? This post will introduce the best Blu-ray converter available, with three leading alternatives. Please scroll down below to learn more information, including their differences.

Blu Ray to Mkv

Part 1: Why You Should Convert Blu-ray to MKV

You may be wondering why some individuals choose to convert their Blu-ray discs to MKV, wherein there are multiple file formats that they can choose from. Sometimes, it depends on their preference, especially with the convenience that the format brings to them. Below are some reasons why MKV is one of the most convenient file formats.

Quality Preservation

Once you convert your Blu-ray discs to MKV, their original quality will not change. MKV preserves the original quality of the content. It includes high-quality videos, audio, and more. Compared to other formats, you will lose the quality of your files, which is terrible. So, you can rip or convert Blu-ray to mkv without quality loss.

Small File Size

When the file format contains high-quality content, expect that the file size of it will also get bigger. But MKV is different because its file size will remain small even though it contains high-quality content. If so, it will be convenient for users with small computer storage space. In addition, if you transfer the MKV files, the process will only last for a few seconds or minutes.

Device Compatibility

You can rip your Blu-ray discs from multiple computers with different operating systems. The good thing about MKV is that a wide range of devices widely supports it. You can play them on computers, smart TVs, mobile devices, and media streams.

Part 2: 4 Ways to Convert Blu-ray to MKV on Windows/Mac

The thing is, multiple software exists on the internet to rip the Blu-ray to MKV. Which one is the best, user-friendly, and convenient to use? Well, it is time to discover the ripping tools below and decide which one you will use.

Tipard Blu-ray Converter

Tipard Blu-ray Converter is a ripping and converter tool on a computer that you can use for your Blu-ray discs. The good thing about this software is that its interface is simple. It will not be intimidating for new users to rip or convert their Blu-ray discs. Actually, the tool has a quick tutorial once you launch it on your computer as your guide in using it.

Moreover, the mentioned software has various file formats supporting your Blu-ray discs. It includes MKV, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, and 500+ more video formats! You can see them in the output format's Video, Audio, and Device section. Also, you can choose the destination path of the Blu-ray discs before saving them on your computer.

Step 1. Download the tool and launch it on your computer afterward. Later, choose the Ripper button at the top.

Step 2. At the top left. Click the Load Blu-ray button, and the software will scan the disc you inserted on your computer. Import the one you prefer to convert to MKV.

Load The Blu Ray

Step 3. elect the Output Format and select the MKV button. Later, choose the associated format at the right. Later, click the Rip All button afterward.

Choose Mkv Format


As shown in the name of the software, MakeMKV is built to rip Blu-ray or DVDs to MKV formats. It is an outstanding feature of the software since it focuses on ripping them into MKV format. The good thing about this software is that it preserves the audio and video tracks, including the HD files.

Access Makemkv Tools

The conversion process of MakeMKV is as fast as your drive reads data because it supports fast conversion. Also, it will never modify the converted files because it preserves all the meta-information, including audio types and track languages. In addition, the tool does not need additional tools for the conversion process.

Step 1. Download, set up, and launch the tool on your computer. Drag the Blu-ray disc you prefer to convert and wait for the process.

Add The Blu Ray

Step 2. The software will load and start to decrypt and open the Blu-ray. Select the destination path, then select the file to convert and click the Make MKV button.

Make The Blu Ray to Mkv


We assume you know HandBrake because it is famous for users who want to rip Blu-ray discs. It is an open-source video transcoder that is free and accessible to all users. You can download it on the computers running Windows, Linux, and macOS computers operating systems. The tool supports three file containers from its outputs, including .mpv, .mkv, and WebM. In addition, the software can rip your Blu-ray discs to various video encoders. Some are MPEG-2, VP8, H.265, AVI, H.264, MPEG-4, and VP9.

Handbrake Simple Interface

Additionally, HandBrake has a batch of scanning and queueing of encodes. Also, it can add video filters, including deinterlacing, denoising, deblocking, grayscaling, and more. However, this tool may be intimidating for novices since it has a confusing interface. Most of its tools do not have labels related to their functions.

Step 1. Download, install, and launch HandBreak. After that, locate the Blu-ray you want to convert to MKV by dragging to the software.

Import the Blu Ray

Step 2. Go to the Format section at the top and select MKV. Click the Start Encode button to start converting.

Set Format to Mkv

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper is a tool that can rip Blu-ray discs to 1000+ video formats, including audio, in a few minutes only. You can play them on any device, including media players. Another excellent fact is that it can remove common Blu-ray disc copy protections. It includes BD+, AACS, RC, Country Code, and more.

Dvdfab Blu Ray Ripper Interface

However, unlike the previous software, this tool needs to be purchased at a high price to access all its features. Although it has a 30-day free trial, the tool has excellent limitations for its features you can access.

Step 1. Download the on your computer. Set it up and launch it afterward. After that, click the Ripper button at the top. Later, import the Blu-ray you prefer to convert.

Add Blu Ray Disc

Step 2. Click the second option on the Output section. Later, select the Choose Other Profile button and then the MKV format. After that, select the Start button to convert.

Choose Other Profile

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Part 3: FAQs about Blu-ray to MKV

Is it legal to convert 4K Blu-ray to MKV?

The legality of converting 4K Blu-ray to MKV format depends on the purpose for which you perform the process. Acting by backing up Blu-ray can be legal because the intention is not bad. However, there are instances that it may infringe on copyright laws.

Can Blu-ray to MKV conversion preserve all the original features of the Blu-ray disc?

The conversion of Blu-ray to mkv without quality loss can be done if the software you use can preserve the quality of Blu-ray. If so, using Tipard Blu-ray Converter as your software for conversion is recommended. It can preserve the Blu-ray video resolution, audio quality, and more.

What should I do with the original Blu-ray discs after converting them to MKV?

What you should do on the Blu-ray discs after converting them to MKV format depends on your preferences. You can dispose of, store, donate, or sell them legally. But storing the Blu-ray disc is the most recommended for all of them. It will serve as their backup, wherein in case the converted Blu-ray experiences significant issues, you can still have the original one.


In conclusion, there are various things to consider before using a tool to rip Blu-ray to MKV. You must ensure that the software preserves the quality of the Blu-ray and does not delete the original one. It serves as a backup when something terrible happens to the converted Blu-ray. Among all the four software recommended, Tipard Blu-ray is the most suggested. It is because it supports 4K to 3D Blu-ray to MKV conversion.

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