10 Best Video Compressors for Windows or Mac

10 Best Video Compressors for Windows or Mac

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Video Compressors are now famous to many video editors who want to reduce their videos' size. However, not all video compressors you can find online have the best output to produce. So, we searched for the most outstanding video compressor applications that can compress your videos losslessly. This article lists the top ten best video compressors you can use offline, online, and on your phone.

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Part 1. 4 Video Compressor Software on Desktop

You can download many video compressor software using a Windows or Mac device. But if you want to choose the best among them, we will help you identify the most suitable tool. In this part, you will know the four best video compressor software for Windows and Mac devices.

Using Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

Tipard Compressor

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is what you are looking for if you want the most outstanding video compressor tool. Using this tool's video compressor, you can adjust your video's size, format, resolution, and bitrate. Also, you can download this video compressor on all media platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Additionally, you will not have a problem uploading your files because it supports almost all file formats, such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, M4V, VOB, WEBM, and 500+ more. It is also a beginner-friendly tool because it has an easy-to-use software interface.


  • 1. It can compress videos with 4K, 5K, 6K, and HD video resolutions.
  • 2. It has many advanced editing features.
  • 3. It has a simple user interface.
  • 4. It has a fast compression process.


  • You need to purchase the app to use its special features.

How to compress a video using Tipard Video Converter Ultimate:

Step 1First, download the Tipard Video Converter Ultimate by clicking the Download button below for Windows or Mac. After installing, run the app on your device.

Step 2Then, on the main user interface, go to the Toolbox panel and select the Video Compressor option.

Compressor Option

Step 3Next, tick the plus (+) sign button to upload the video that you want to compress. You can also drag and drop your video to the + sign box to upload a video.

Import Any Video

Step 4To compress your video, click the up/down arrow or move the slider to the percentage that you want to reduce to your video. You can also change your video's format, resolution, or bitrate to reduce its size.

Reduce Size

Step 5Finally, you can preview your video and click the Compress button once you are satisfied with your video.

Preview Compress Button

And that's it! As simple as that, you can compress your video using Tipard Video Converter Ultimate.

Photos App

Photos App

Many people do not know that the Windows 10 Photos App can also compress their videos. The Windows 10 Photos App has many editing features that you can use to compress your video. Using its trim options, you can also reduce the size of your video. But to compress a video on the Photos App, you need to create a new project by clicking New Video > New Video Project.

Once done, click the Finish video button and select from the output video size. Furthermore, if you are a novice, you can easily use this application to compress your video.


  • 1. It supports many file formats, like MP4, AVI, WebM, and MOV.
  • 2. It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • 3. It is built-in on your Windows device.


  • 1. You cannot choose an output format for your video.
  • 2. It does not have many features to use.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Converter

Another worth the spot is Freemake Video Converter. Freemake Video Converter is not just a file converter. It also has a feature where you can compress your video files. And with its straightforward user interface, many beginners can use this tool to compress videos. In addition, it supports numerous video formats, like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, and more. What's even wonderful about this video compressor app is that you can choose the output format and the size limit you want. Freemake Video Converter also offers a batch conversion feature to process your files simultaneously.


  • 1. It is free to download.
  • 2. It has other editing features to use.


  • Only available on Windows OS that was released in 2006.

VideoProc Converter

Video Proc Converter

VideoProc Converter is also a video compressor for Windows that you can download for free. Using its video codec options, you can adjust your video's resolution and aspect ratio to compress your video. Additionally, it supports the most standard file formats, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, and WebM. You can also use its other features, including a DVD ripper, and screen recorder. However, before its other features, you need to purchase the app. Nevertheless, many users use this application to compress their videos.


  • 1. It enables you to trim, rotate, split, and merge your videos.
  • 2. You can convert videos.


  • It can only compress a few size percentages to your video.

Part 2. 3 Best Video Compressors Online

When you search for an online video compressor, you will see many tools on the result page. However, not all online video compressors are safe and free to use. So, read this part thoroughly to know the three best online video compressors.


Clideo Online Tool

Among the online video compressors, Clideo is the first on the list. This online application is free and safe to use. It supports the most common file formats, like AVI, MOV, MP4, MKV, and WebM. In addition, even though it is an online application, it has a fast compression process, making it convenient. Also, it allows you to check the preview of your video before exporting it. And since it is an online tool, you do not need to download anything on your device.


  • 1. It has an easy-to-use software interface.
  • 2. It secures encryption.
  • 3. You can access it on all web browsers, such as Google and Firefox.


  • It is an internet-reliant tool.


Free Convert Com

FreeConvert is another video compressor for free. Also, you can access it on almost all web browsers, like Chrome and Safari. Moreover, it is a beginner-friendly tool because it has an intuitive user interface. And what's even great about this tool is that it automatically compresses your videos into a smaller size. Furthermore, you can select the output format of your video before compressing it. Also, you can adjust your video's codec using its advanced settings.


  • 1. It is free to use.
  • 2. It does not require you to sign in before using it.
  • 3. It supports the most common video formats.


  • It has many pesky ads that might distract you.


VeedIO Online

VEED. io is also one of the most popular online video compressors you can find online. VEED.io has a straightforward user interface, making it a user-friendly tool. Moreover, you can compress your video to a small size by changing the resolution of your video. Also, you can compress video with an MP4, AVI, and MOV file format. Furthermore, whether you are using a Windows or Mac device, you can access this tool on your browser. What's more, is that it does not require signing up and does not require an email to access it. You also can use this tool to compress GoPro videos.


  • 1. You can export videos to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
  • 2. It is a beginner-friendly tool.
  • 3. You can compress files losslessly.


  • It has a slow uploading process.

Part 3. 3 Video Compressor Apps for Phone

There are also video compressor apps that you can download on your Phone's Play Store or AppStore. If you want to know the most powerful video compressor apps for your iPhone or Android device, read this part completely.

Video Compressor & Video Cutter

Video Cutter Compress

If you want to compress your video on your phone quickly, the best app to use is Video Compressor and Video Cutter. This app is downloadable on the Play Store for free. In addition, it has an easy-to-use interface, so even beginners can use this app to compress videos easily. Also, it has other features to use, including converting video to MP4, cutting video, and shrinking video, to save your device's storage.


  • 1. It allows you to batch compress files simultaneously.
  • 2. It has other editing features to use.
  • 3. Can handle large video sizes.


  • It does not have a version for Apple devices.

Video Compress - ShrinkVid

Video Compress

If you want to save space on your device, you better use this amazing video compressor app for iPhone. Video Compress - ShrinkVid is a video compressor app with a clean and simple user interface. Furthermore, it compresses your videos without losing their quality. And on the target size, you can select the size you want to compress to your video depending on where you want to export it. In addition, it supports almost all file formats, such as MOV, MP4, FLV, MKV, AVI, and 3GP. Also, you can use this app to resize your video, if you want other options for compressing your video.


  • 1. Can compress your video within seconds.
  • 2. It is a user-friendly tool.
  • 3. You can export your compressed video into other file formats.


  • The app runs in the background, eating up your battery life.

Video Compressor Panda Resizer

Panda Resizer

The last app that we will present is Video Compressor Panda Resizer. This video compressor app for Android is popular with many beginners because it has an easy-to-use function. Using this app, you can resize any video for free. Moreover, it contains many compression presets that you can choose from. It can also compress big video files losslessly. You can also input the right custom settings for your video.


  • 1. It enables you to share videos with other media platforms.
  • 2. It has a batch compression feature.


  • 1. It does not have an Apple version.
  • 2. It has bug issues.

Part 4. FAQs about the Best Video Compressors

What does a video compressor do?

Video Compression reduces the file size of your video to make it compatible with your device or platforms. It is also a process to reduce your video's file size without affecting its quality.

Does compressing a video lower its quality?

No. Compressing a video must not affect its quality. However, some tools ruin the quality of your video once you compress it. But the tools mentioned above can compress your files losslessly.

Can I use VLC to compress videos?

Yes. The VLC Media Player is a media player you can use for free. It also has a feature where you can compress the size of your video.


The best method to lower the size of your video is to use a video compressor tool. And as mentioned above, there are many software applications on computers and on phones that can help you compress your videos. However, if you want to use a free video compressor with tons of advanced editing features, download Tipard Video Converter Ultimate now.

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