Leading MKV to M4V Converter that Can Alter MKV to M4V Producing Excellent Video Output [2024]

Leading MKV to M4V Converter that Can Alter MKV to M4V Producing Excellent Video Output [2024]

Are you having a hard time playing MKV video files on Apple devices and media players? This issue might be a problem for you. So, the best thing to do is to convert MKV to M4V. As a result, you can play your MKV files on various Apple products. That is why this article offers you the three most powerful MKV to M4V Converters, including Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. This one can convert videos to other file formats compatible with various devices and players. Also, it can maintain the quality of your videos that other products cannot offer. You can follow the steps to convert MKV to M4V in Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. After that, you will see other options that enable you to attain your goal.

This article will present you with a comparison table that enables you to test the efficiency of each video converter. So, do not miss even a single piece of information until the conclusion.

MKV to M4V Converter

Part 1. MKV vs. M4V

Are you wondering what the distinctions are between MKV and M4V? Also, you might want to know which is the better video file container. So, MKV is a multimedia container format that can also store HD videos. It can hold up audio and video data in a single file. Thus, this file format is an excellent choice to encode a movie. On the other hand, M4V is a file container that comprises video and audio data compatible with Apple products.

In terms of video quality, MKV is better than M4V because MKV contains lossless digital videos but great file sizes. On the other hand, M4V produces low-quality videos due to smaller file sizes. When it comes to compatibility, the two file containers have limitations. M4V is best for Apple users, and MKV is perfect for media players like VLC.

Part 2. Best MKV to WMV Converter Without Losing Quality

1. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

The Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. is one of the best MKV to M4V converters in the market. This video converter program offers a free download version that can work with Mac and Windows computers. Moreover, it supports almost all file formats allowing you to convert MKV to M4V files without any confusion due to the simple interface. The software provides you with excellent features, including the Toolbox with various options. Some video converters in the market are slow to convert video files into other file formats, but not with Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. This ultimate converter enables you to alter video files at a 70X faster speed conversion. More so, you can help the GPU acceleration for quick conversion when converting batch file videos all at once.

You can refer to the information below to test the efficiency of Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. Thus, you will see various features of the video converter program. After that, do not forget to do all the steps to convert MKV to M4V.

Notable Features of the Tipard Video Converter Ultimate:

  • 1. Convert over 1000 media files formats.
  • 2. Allow you to rip and burn DVD and Blu-ray files.
  • 3. The program offers premium versions.
  • 4. Provide a Preview feature.
  • 5. Allow you to create a music video with various themes.
  • 6. Offer a video and photo collage with different templates.
  • 7. Provide editing tools such as video rotating, cropping, adding filters, and more.

How to Change MKV to M4V in Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1To start, remember to download Tipard Video Converter Ultimate on your PC. After that, please open it and use the Converter tool to start uploading the video file/s.

Step 2To upload MKV file/s, click the Add File button at the upper-right side of the screen, and your file folder will pop up. You can also click the + icon in the middle of the screen to easily access your video files.

Load Videos

Step 3After uploading the MKV file/s, click the Output Setting to see the various options of file formats. Thus, you must select the Video option to see the video file formats.

Video Converter Ultimate Customize Profile

Step 4To access the video file format you need, you can look for it from the Search box. Thus, you can type M4V then select it to apply changes.

Step 5Finally, you can go to the Save to section and search for the file location of your M4V file/s. After that, you can click the Merge into one file if you have many videos to convert. Then, you can now click the Convert All button below to start converting and saving video files.

Video Converter Ultimate Convert Video

2. EaseUS Video Converter

Suppose you want to try another MKV to M4V converter tool; we present the EaseUS Video Converter to you. This program can support 1000+ media file formats without quality loss. Moreover, it supports batch file conversion with a 30X faster speed conversion. In line with that, it also provides you with a functional GPU acceleration. The video converter software also offers a free download version compatible with Mac and Windows systems. It provides a simple interface allowing the users to access all the functions and features without confusion. However, the download version offers only limited features.

Easeus Video Converter MKV to M4V

3. VLC Media Player

If you need a free MKV to M4V converter, we recommend the VLC Media Player. This program is an excellent media plate that allows you to playback video and audio files. But it also offers a video converter. Thus, it enables you to alter MKV to M4V files. However, VLC does not provide editing tools, unlike the other video converter software.


Part 3. Comparison Among the MKV to M4V Converters

MKV to M4V Converters Ease of Use Price Toolbox Batch File Conversion
Tipard Video Converter Ultimate Super easy Free Download Yes Yes
EaseUS Video Converter Easy Free Download No Yes
VLC Media Player Easy Free No Yes

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Part 4. FAQs of MKV to M4V Converters

Can I play and watch MKV on VLC Media Player?

The MKV file is compatible with various media players and devices. Thus, you can play MKV files on VLC Media Players with a few clicks.

Which has the big file size between MKV and M4V?

The MKV file has a bigger file size than the M4V video file. This moment happens because MKV video clips comprise high video quality. On the other hand, M4V stores low-quality video which is why it has only a small file size.

How can I play M4V files?

To play M4V files, you must use the most eminent media player that supports this file format.


After reading this post, you can now select the best MKV to M4V converter. But we would like you to use Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. This software offers excellent features and supports almost all file formats. If this information is profitable, do not forget to recommend it to your friends. More so, you can raise additional concerns by messaging us.

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