The 4 Best MKV Video Mergers of 2024

The 4 Best MKV Video Mergers of 2024

In many cases, people may want to combine multiple MKV videos, perhaps of various aspect ratios and resolutions, into one file. For example, you downloaded a 4-hour long movie but found it was divided into 8 pieces of small MKV files. Now you want to put them together so you can play them seamlessly. To realize it, you can use any of the 4 best MKV mergers recommended in this post.

MKV Merge

Part 1: Top 4 MKV Video Mergers in 2021

Top 1: The Best Ever MKV Merger: Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

Though named video converter, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate owns the MKV video merging feature as one of its core skills. More than MKV, no matter what video format you put into it, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate can join them into one without any hassle. You will know how things work at first look at the program's interface, so you don't need to spend hours figuring out how to use the software.

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Key Features

  • 1. Merge MKV and other video formats without losing any quality.
  • 2. Export the merged video in desired format and resolution.
  • 3. Render the combined MKV video 70x faster using hardware acceleration.

Top 2: Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful and all-in-one video editor. It is handy for users with a little foundation to join MKV video files. It can not only help you cut, rotate, crop, and add filters, but also insert transitions between video clips. You can find all features you expect from a good video editor in Filmora.

Ui Of Filmora


  • 1. Comprehensive video editing features
  • 2. Support adding delicate transitions between video clips.


  • 1. The price is not friendly
  • 2. Takes time to get used to using the features.

Top 3: Clideo MKV Merger

Clideo provides convenient online video tools for free. One of the most influential tools by it is the online video merger. It's super easy to use. Just simply upload the original video clips and adjust the sequence by dragging them. A notable feature of it is the crop options which enables you to set a standard aspect ratio for the clips.

Clideo Video Merger Webpage


  • 1. Do the job totally online without installation.
  • 2. Supports a wide range of video formats.


  • 1. Risk of leaking privacy after uploading videos to the server.
  • 2. The uploading and downloading takes a long time.

Top 4 MKV Joiner - Bandicut

Bandicut is an excellent video splitting and merging program. The main screen consists of three conspicuous buttons, Cut, Split, and Join. At first, you may think this program looks simple and weak. However, after you click on the Start button, you will be surprised by how powerful and comprehensive its features are.

Interface Of Bandicut Video Joiner


  • 1. You can customize the encoding settings accurately.
  • 2. Intuitive user interface.
  • 3. Enables you to adjust the playback speed.


  • 1. The preview works badly: it lags when transiting from one clip to another.
  • 2. The settings are complicated and confusing.

Part 2: How to Merge Multiple MKV Videos into One

Here we'd like to exemplify the process to merge MKV videos using the best MKV merger, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. You can also do this in other programs. It's just different in minor points but the same in essentials. Just follow the instructions below:

Step 1Free download, install, and launch Tipard Video Converter Ultimate on your Windows or Mac. You can import the MKV videos using the Add Files button in the top left corner, or by directly dragging and dropping the files into the interface.

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Step 2Adjust the sequence of the videos using the up and down buttons, or by dragging. Make sure the checkbox for the Merge into one file in the bottom right corner is ticked.


Step 3Click the format button on the right of Convert All to. Then you can see the format menu expands. Just select the one you like. If you don't know which one is the most suitable, just select MP4 or keep it as MKV.


Step 4In the bottom left corner of the interface, you can set the destination to save the export file. At last, click the Convert All button in the bottom right corner to start merging the MKV videos.

Convert Video

Part 3: FAQs about MKV Merger

1. What is an MKV file?

MKV is a container format just like MP4 and MOV. What makes MKV outstanding is that it has excellent ability to support unlimited audio and subtitle tracks, and video descriptions, ratings, and chapter points. Thus, MKV is very suitable for high-quality movies.

2. How to merge MKV videos with different resolutions?

You can directly merge MKV videos with different resolutions as if they have the same resolution. However, there will be letterboxes in the outcome. To avoid this, you can use Tipard Video Converter Ultimate to crop the videos before merging them.

3. How to play MKV files?

All mainstream media players can play MKV video files directly. If your computer cannot open and play MKV files, try downloading and installing Tipard Blu-ray Player which can play almost all video formats.


In this post, we talked about the 4 best MKV mergers in 2021. The top 1 is Tipard Video Converter Ultimate which can join MKV videos with the original quality. In it, you can export the merged video in any format you like, and the rendering process is peerlessly quick.

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