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Merge MP4 in VLC – Why Cannot Combine MP4 Videos in VLC as Desired

As a versatile media player, VLC enables you to play the videos, convert the MP4 files, and edit the media files. When you have some small video clips in MP4, you can merge the MP4 files with VLC Media Player. But you might not able to merge the videos in different video formats. Even if you merged the MP4 files, the output has no image, or even the video and audio out of sync. What should you do? Just learn more about how to merge MP4 in VLC and the best alternative from the article.

Merge MP4 in VLC

Part 1: How Do I Combine MP4 Files in VLC

Just download and install the latest version of VLC Media Player on your Windows or Mac. If you need to change the portrait videos taken by smart phone, you can rotate and combine the MP4 in VLC as below.

Step 1

Once you have launched VLC Media Player, you can go to the Tools tab and choose the Effects and Filters option. Click on the Video Effects tab and check the Rotate option. After that, you can adjust the 360-degree slider to rotate the MP4 files as desired.

Rotate MP4 Videos
Step 2

Go to the View tab and select the Advanced Controls option to make smaller clips. Click on the red-circle Recording button from the down side, play the video when you reach the end point where you want to split the MP4 video. You can get the cut video will be recorded to My Video folder.

Trim MP4
Step 3

After that, you can click the Media tab and choose the Open Multiple Files option to load the MP4 files you want to combine into VLC Media Player. Make sure the videos are in the same video format, or else, you have to convert the videos to MP4 beforehand.

Add multiple MP4
Step 4

Click on the Add button under the File tab to add the MP4 video files according to the sequence you want to play after merging. Go to the Play button and click the Convert button from the drop-down men to merge MP4 files via VLC Media Player.

Part 2: Best VLC Alternative to Combine MP4 Files

If it is too complicated to merge MP4 files, or impossible to combine them via VLC Media Player, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is the desired VLC Media Player alternative to merge MP4 files with ease. It also enables you to trim the video, rotate the media files, merge the MP4, apply video filters, add text and image watermark and even add audio track/subtitle with ease.

  • 1. Combine and merge the MP4 videos according to the order sequence.
  • 2. Trim and rotate the MP4 to remove the unwanted parts before combination.
  • 3. Support more than 500 file formats that you can combine the files directly.
  • 4. Convert the combined MP4 videos for social media sites, devices and more.

You can merge MP4 files by using the Video Merger function quickly.

Step 1

To start this VLC alternative, you should click the Free Download button to install it on your desktop.

Step 2

Then you can enter the MP4 merger by clicking Toolbox > Video Merger.

Video Converter Ultimate Toolbox
Step 3

Next, you can import the MP4 video by clicking the central +.

Add Video to Video Merger
Step 4

Import more MP4 video clips by clicking the Add button. After that, click the Export button to save the merged MP4 video to your desktop.

Export Merged Video

You also can combine MP4 files by using the Converter function.

Step 1

Download and install MP4 merger as VLC alternative, you can launch the program and choose the Convert menu. Click the Plus button to load the MP4 files into the program. Moreover, you can also drag-n-drop multiple videos with a batch process.

Step 2

Once you have imported the MP4 files, you can arrange the order for the videos you want to combine. If you simply need to merge the MP4 video, you can check the Merge into one file option to combine the selected MP4 files as one.

Add video
Step 3

In order to combine the desired part of the MP4 files, you can also click the Clip icon to set up the starting point and end point to split the video into different parts. You can also combine the different segments in MP4 with the Merge into one option.

Clip video
Step 4

Moreover, you can also compress the combined MP4 video, apply the video effects, or add a watermark to the video. Just click the Save to option to choose the destination folder and click the Convert All button to merge the MP4 videos.

Part 3: FAQs about Problems for Merging MP4 in VLC

Why the Merged MP4 Files Have No Image in VLC?

Just preview the MP4 videos within the VLC Media Player to find whether the files are corrupted. You can merge the MP4 with VLC once again to make sure the problem is not related to the incomplete conversion, or a video codec issue.

Cannot Set a Destination folder for the Merged MP4 Videos in VLC?

When you add multiple MP4 files into VLC, you are not able to customize the videos. If you have more than 5 video clips and need to convert them as a whole, you should merge them one by one. If you need to combine MP4 files with VLC all together, choose an alternative solution instead.

Is There a Method to Merge Audio from One MP4 and Video from Another MP4 with VLC Media Player?

Once you have imported the MP4 files into the program, you can check the Show More Options and Play Another Media Synchronously. After that, you can also select the Tools and choose the Preferences menu item. Tick the All choice in the Show Settings box. Scroll to Audio option to set Audio Desynchonization Compensation to your desired offset value. It is the method to merge audio from one MP4 and video from another with VLC Media Player.


When you need to merge the MP4 files with VLC Media Player, you can learn more about the detailed process from the article. There are some restrictions for the combination, such as the video format, audio sync and more. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate should be the ultimate alternative if you need to combine the MP4 files as a whole one.

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