Notable Instructions to Crop Videos Online Quickly

Notable Instructions to Crop Videos Online Quickly

Do you have a video, and do you want to remove the unnecessary parts of it? When you want to remove or eliminate some part of your video, especially on the edge or corner part, the best way is to crop them. Cropping your video can help you to remove unwanted objects from your videos. Also, cropping videos makes you more focused on the main subject. There are lots of good things you can experience when cropping a photo. In that case, the article offers simple methods to crop your videos online and offline. In addition, you will encounter various video editing tools you can use to crop videos. Learn more about this discussion by reading the article.

Crop Videos Online

Part 1. Effective Way to Crop Video Using EzGIF

EZGIF is a fantastic option for a free video cropper online if you have no experience with video editing. You may crop your video and convert it to a GIF using the upload box in the Crop Video menu. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can crop video in a matter of seconds. EZGIF is a straightforward, free online tool for editing and converting films, photos, and more. For rapid conversions, it also supports all the used file formats. It includes MOV, AVI, MP4, WebM, and MPEG. EZGIF is a fantastic option if quick video cropping is your primary goal.

However, if you desire to add other effects, transitions, and more, you need a more advanced tool. Ezgif is only capable of quick conversion and cropping. Also, since it is an online tool, you need an internet connection to operate the video cropper. Lastly, ads are shown on the screen during the cropping process, making it disturbing users. Follow the instructions below using Ezgif to crop videos online.

Step 1Open your browser and navigate to the Ezgif website. On the main webpage, go to the Video to GIF option. Then, click the Crop Video button. Click the Choose File button to add the video you want to crop.

Step 2The borders of the movie must be formed by holding and dragging after uploading. You can let go of the mouse once the video has been cropped to an appropriate size.

Step 3To choose the aspect ratio and output format, scroll down to the bottom of the Ezgif Crop Video page. Click the Crop video button to continue after that. Clicking the Save button will allow you to save the video cropped to your computer.

Crop Video EZGIF

Part 2. How to Crop Video Using Kapwing

Kapwing is one of the straightforward tools that can help you crop your video in a way that works for you. One of the most useful web tools is this online tool. You can use it without installing anything, without downloading anything. You also don't need to create an account in Kapwing. This tool can let you complete your assignment more easily than before. You can crop videos in a small amount of time editing. This video cropper will help you lighten your load because it is made for video editing.

However, the accessible version of Kapwing has lots of restrictions. Also, after cropping videos, it will leave watermarks on your videos, which is frustrating. In addition, it can only offer up to 720 video quality. If you desire to experience unlimited features without watermarks, avail yourself of a subscription plan. Kawing is an online-tool video cropper that requires an internet connection to use. Follow the instructions below using Kapwing to crop the video.

Step 1Open Kapwing on your browser. When you are on the official webpage, click the Crop Video button

Step 2Select the Click to Upload button. Choose the video you want to crop from your file folder and open it. You can also droopy the video file directly into the box

Step 3After uploading the video, go to the Crop option. Then, you are free to crop your video based on your preference. You can also select your desired ratio if you want

Step 4Click the Export Project button after cropping the video. You can see the button on the upper-right corner of the screen.

Kapwing Crop Video

Part 3. Crop the Video Using Google Slide

Unfortunately, Google Slide is not capable of cropping videos. But it is capable of cropping images. If you want to know the best methods for cropping images, read this part. In addition, you will also learn the best ways to zoom your videos on Google Slide. Follow the methods below to crop images and zoom videos without further ado.

Step 1Inserting an image into the Google Slides slide is the first step. To achieve this, simply select the Insert tab from the menu bar at the upper part of the screen. Click the Image option under the Insert menu

Step 2Clicking Right Click on the image you wish to crop is the following step. Choose a Crop image from the right-click menu by clicking on it. In addition, you may select Crop from the toolbar beneath the menu bar at the top of the screen. Additionally, you can Double Click a slide's image to trim it

Step 3Drag the black corners of the image's visible area to crop it. To crop the image, you can also drag its edges. The presentation will cut out the image's hazy part.

Google Slide Crop Image

How to Zoom Video

Step 1Go to Insert menu > Video. Then insert the video you want to zoom in on.

Step 2Then, click the View menu > Zoom. After that, you can zoom your video to 200%

Google Slides Zoom Video

Part 4. Best Way to Crop A Video Offline

If you desire to crop a video on your desktop, you can use Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. This offline program offers a Video Cropper tool. Using this tool is easy. It has a user-friendly interface, which is perfect for non-professional users. In addition, you can download this program on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Unlike other video croppers, you can save your edited video without watermarks. This way, you can enjoy watching your videos without unnecessary elements.

step 1Install the Tipard Video Converter Ultimate on your Mac or Windows. Then, launch the program. You can also click the Download button below

Step 2Go to the Toolbox panel on the upper part of the interface. Then, select the Video Cropper tool.

Toolbox Video Cropper

Step 3Click the Plus icon. When the file folder shows up, click the video and open it

Add Video Plus Icon

Step 4In this part, you can crop your video manually by controlling the yellow box on your video. Also, you can click the Aspect Ratio options to choose how you want to crop the video.

Crop video Aspect Ratio

Step 5To save your cropped video, click the Export button.

Video Converter Ultimate Export

Part 5. FAQs about How to Crop Video Online

1. Will cropping the video reduce the file size or quality?

Definitely, yes. Cropping the video will reduce its size. But the quality will stay the same.

2. How do I crop a video on iMovie?

Open the iMovie app. Choose the video and add it to the timeline. Then, select the Crop button. Click the Crop to Fill option to create an adjustable frame on your video. Drag the frame to crop the video. Lastly, click the Apply button to save your video.

3. How do I crop a video using an iPhone?

Launch the Photos application on your iPhone. Select the video and click the Edit button. Then, click the Crop option and control the adjustable frame to crop the video. After that, click the Done option to save your cropped video.


Well, that's it! The discussions above are the best methods you can try to crop videos online and offline. However, some online tools leave a watermark after the cropping process. If you want to get your cropped video without watermarks, use Tipard Video Converter Ultimate.

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