How to Convert MKV to GIF on PC and over the Internet: Introducing Informative Ways to Execute it

How to Convert MKV to GIF on PC and over the Internet: Introducing Informative Ways to Execute it

Technology is constantly upgrading, and I am sure that you are well familiar with GIFs or Graphic Interchange Format. People often use this file, especially when they don't want to type what they want to say. Users can express their thoughts and convey messages through messaging apps or social media platforms through GIFs. In some cases, you want to convert MKV to GIF to extract your favorite part from a movie. It would be best to keep in contact because this post offers you the best MKV to GIF Converters.

Furthermore, it provides informative yet straightforward steps on each converter tool. But first, you will encounter why you need to convert MKV to GIF files. If you're ready to know why, let's find it out.

Convert MKV to GIF

Part 1. Why to Convert MKV to GIF

MKV file is a file container that comprises heavy videos. In some instances, you want to share short visual information. However, MKV files take a lot of time to watch. That is why this article recommends you convert MKV files into GIF files. In that way, you can get the minor portion of the video and make it accurate visual information. As a result, you can still convey a message without watching lengthy videos.

Part 2. How to Convert MKV to GIF

1. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is an extraordinary MKV to GIF Converter. Aside from converting video into other video file formats, it can also change the video file/s into GIF files. Also, you can have its extraordinary features even in its free download version. Furthermore, if you dream of converting an image file into a GIF file, you can also do it with just a few tweaks. So, please see the additional information below and follow the steps to convert MKV to animated GIFs.

Key Features of the Tipard Video Converter Ultimate:

  • 1. Convert videos into almost all major file formats.
  • 2. It offers a DVD and Blu-ray burner.
  • 3. Provide editing tools such as video cropping, rotating, splitting, adding filters and watermarks to your videos.
  • 4. It can convert regular videos into higher video resolution.
  • 5. Support a batch file video conversion.
  • 6. Provide a Preview feature.

How to Convert MKV to GIF in Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1To start the process, type Tipard Video Converter Ultimate on your browser. After that, go to its official page and click the free download version. You can now install and open the program. On the main screen, go to the Toolbox.

Video Converter Ultimate Toolbox

Step 2Upon clicking the Toolbox, kindly select the GIF Maker. After that, you will see two options for uploading a file. Since MKV is a video file, click the Video to GIF option. From your file folder, choose an MKV file.

Video Converter Ultimate Add Video Into GIF Maker

Step 3After uploading an MKV file, you can edit it or cut it. Also, you can choose a frame rate. Then, you can also click the Preview feature to review the file. After that, go to the Save to section to browse a file location. Finally, hit the Generate GIF button below. Now you must know how to convert video to GIF.

Video Converter Ultimate Make GIF

2. Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter can also help you convert some part of an MKV video to a GIF file. This program can also provide a Toolbox that features a GIF Maker. The good thing is that it offers a free download version that can work with Mac and Windows systems. Try to see the simple steps to achieve your goal.

Step 1Get the software Wondershare UniConverter and install it on your PC. After that, go to the Toolbox and click the GIF Maker.

Wondershare Uniconverter GIF Maker

Step 2When you click the GIF Maker tool, you will see your file folder. Then, click the MKV file and choose the one that you want to convert.

Wondershare Add MKV File

Step 3You can customize the output size and frame rate of the file. After that, click the File Location corner to choose a file location for the GIF file. Finally, click the Create GIF button.

3. Convertio

You might now search for other options to convert MKV to GIF. The good news is that the Convertio is an excellent MKV to GIF Converter Online. This online tool enables you to use it for free. Also, unlike the other freeware MKV to GIF Converters, this one can support batch conversion. It is safe and straightforward to use; you can trust this tool.

Step 1Type MKV to GIF Converter Online, and you will see the Convertio on the search results. After that, click the main page and click the Choose File button to upload the MKV file/s.

Convertio Choose MKV File

Step 2After uploading MKV file/s. Tap the Convert button to save GIF file/s. But if you have a batch file to convert, click the Add more files button beside the Convert button.

Convertio Convert GIF

4. CloudConvert

Another MKV to GIF Converter Online is the CloudConvert. This online tool enables users to turn their videos into the file format they desire. It also allows you to add one or more files to convert them all simultaneously. The tool is perfect for beginners and professionals because it has a simple interface.

Step 1Searching for the CloudConvert is as easy as typing MKV to GIF Converter Online. After that, click the online tool to see its main page. Then, click the Select File button to upload MKV file/s.

CloudConvert Select a File

Step 2If you have batch files to convert, click the Add More Files button. You can also customize the video parameters depending on your standards. Finally, hit the Convert button to restore and save the GIF file/s.

CloudConvert Export GIF File

Part 3. FAQs of Converting MKV to GIF

What is the advantage of using GIF files?

Using GIF files is that their compression does not affect the image's quality. These files usually contain a lossless format.

Is it possible to make an image file into a GIF file?

Yes. You can turn almost all image file formats into a GIF format. However, a GIF file can only support 256 colors. That is to say, if you have higher-quality image files such as JPG, TIFF, etc., changing them to GIF format will degrade the quality.

Can I convert MKV to GIF in FFmpeg?

Yes. Like the other video converters, FFmpeg can support many file formats. As a result, you can convert MKV to GIF without quality loss. However, the disadvantage of the software is that it is difficult to use.


After reading this post, you now have enough knowledge on how to create animated GIFs from MKV files. But you still have to follow the steps above to attain it. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate comes with an easy user interface. As a result, you can use this software without confusion.

Furthermore, you can share this information with your friends and family to help them choose the leading MKV to GIF Converter.

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