The Best 10 Side-by-side Apps for Android and iOS Mobiles

The Best 10 Side-by-side Apps for Android and iOS Mobiles

"I need to create a short video of several goods. Many individuals create video clips with their smartphones, and I want to combine them side by side to a collage video on my phone. Is there any side-by-side video app that can help me?"

Since split-screen videos have become more and more popular on SNS, many people start using side-by-side video apps to create more interesting and attractive videos on the phone. At meanwhile, many video collage makers appear, making you wonder which is the best side-by-side video apps to choose. Thus, this article will introduce the best 10 side-by-side video apps in detail with their feature, pros, and cons.

Best Side-by-side Video App

Part 1: The Best 10 Side-by-side Video Apps on Android/iOS

Here is the list of the top 10 best side-by-side video apps for Android and iOS:

  • 1. PhotoVideo Collage Maker
  • 2. PicPlayPost
  • 3. PhotoGrid
  • 4. Kizoa
  • 5. PicStitch
  • 6. VidStitch
  • 7. iMovie
  • 8. Canva
  • 9. Diptic
  • 10. Adobe Premiere Rush

Then you can learn about the feature, pros, and cons of these video collage apps:

1. PhotoVideo Collage Maker [Android/iOS]

It is one of the best side-by-side video apps to combine multiple photos or videos into one screen with high resolution. And it supports exporting videos to most social platforms directly.

Photovideo collage maker

Price: Free


  • • Templates for creating video collages easily.
  • • Able to edit the video clips separately.


  • • Have ads when using it.

2. PicPlayPost [Android/iOS]

PicPlayPost is a versatile app on mobile to put videos side by side, make slideshows, create photo collages, etc. It also provides many editing features to add effects to the videos.

Picokaypost movie video editor

Price: Free with in-app purchase.


  • • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • • Many templates for easy combining.


  • • Only support combining up to 6 video clips.

3. PhotoGrid [Android/iOS]

PhotoGrid is one of the best side-by-side video apps for Instagram. It provides 800+ interesting templates and layouts with many additional features. But it only supports video clips with less than 30 seconds.

Photogrid video collage app

Price: Free; $29.99 for the premium version.


  • • Intuitive UI for beginners.


  • • Relatively low resolution for the free user.
  • • Limited video duration.

4. Kizoa [Android]

Kizoa is a wonderful side-by-side video maker for Android and PC. It has a large number of templates for easy video making, and you can customize the designed templates freely.

Kizoa movie maker

Price: Free


  • • Able to work offline.
  • • Provide 3D effects.


  • • Few editing functions.

5. PicStitch [Android/iOS]

PicStitch is a side-by-side photo collage app that provides customized templates. It can also put two videos side by side, but the videos should be less than 15 seconds.

Picstitch collage app

Price: Free with in-app purchase


  • • Add background music and watermarks.


  • • Contains Ads.

6. VidStitch [Android/iOS]

It's one of the best side-by-side video apps for Instagram because of the 1:1 aspect ratio. You can also use it to edit the clips or photos according to your need.

Vidstitch best video collage app

Price: Free/ $2.99


  • • Seamlessly combining videos side by side.
  • • Able to preview the effect.


  • • Sometimes crash.

7. iMovie [iOS]

iMovie is the free video editor on iOS devices that supports many editing features, including putting two videos side by side.

iMovie side by side video app

Price: Free


  • • Totally free for iOS devices.
  • • Provide all the basic editing functions.


  • • Only support combining two videos side by side.
  • • Does not work on Android. Check more information about iMovie for Android.

8. Canva [Android/iOS]

Canva is a wonderful side-by-side video app for designers. It provides many images and footage from the website for you to create attractive videos. And you can directly share the video collages on social media.

Canva photo collage app

Price: Free with in-app purchase.


  • • Provide animated effects to make videos more appealing.


  • • Always buffers when exporting videos.

9. Diptic [iOS]

Diptic is a side-by-side photo collage maker that can combine multiple photos with more than 35 templates. It also supports adjusting the frames, borders, and aspect ratio.

Diptic photo collage app

Price: $2.99 with further in-app purchase


  • • Designed filters and effects for videos.
  • • High resolution for exporting.


  • • No free version or free trial.

10. Adobe Premiere Rush [Android/iOS]

Adobe Premiere Rush is a professional side-by-side video app. Without designed templates, you can create your unique video collages freely.

Adobe premiere rush

Price: $4.99 per month for the premium version


  • • Able to export videos on social media.
  • • Intuitive interface.


  • • Few editing features.

Bonus Tips: The best side-by-side video maker on Windows/Mac

Since most side-by-side video apps on mobile only support combining less than 30-seconds videos into one screen, you should try a more professional side-by-side video maker on PC. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate is a versatile collage maker for Windows and Mac that provides multiple templates to create split-screen videos side by side easily.

  • 1. Put multiple videos into one screen side by side, and up and down easily.
  • 2. Support any photo and video format to import and export.
  • 3. Provide many designed templates with different numbers.
  • 4. Able to edit, cut the videos freely, and add music, watermark to the videos.

Part 2: FAQs of the Best Side-by-side Video Apps

1. What is the side-by-side video?

When you combine two videos into one screen with one on the right side and another on the left side, you can call the combined video side-by-side video. It's the simplest kind of video collages.

2. How to make side-by-side videos for Instagram?

All the mentioned side-by-side video apps can create 1:1 video for Instagram, but you can also choose the official plugin - Layout. After launching Instagram, you can select the layout and videos from your album.

3. Which is the best free side-by-side video app for iOS?

Most side-by-side video apps for iOS have a free version, but the built-in iMovie video editor is totally free for iOS users. It also provides many additional features to edit the video, add music, etc.


This article has introduced the top 10 best side-by-side video apps for Android and iOS devices for you to make split-screen videos. You can choose the most suitable apps according to your need. If you have any questions about the best side-by-side video apps for mobile, please leave your comment below.

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August 16, 2021 15:20
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