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PDF (Portable Document Format) is the reliable file format, to present and exchange documents with loyal users. And MOBI is the represent Kindle format, to store eBooks into. Therefore, converting PDF to MOBI is actually the process to turn PDFs into Kindle files. Considering PDF to MOBI conversion is not a difficult task to finish, therefore, I want to recommend you some easy to free file converters, to change file format in easy and fast speed.

Part 1: Convert PDF to MOBI Online for Free

As you can see, using PDF to MOBI online converter to change PDF format is much more easier than installing third party software, to operate similar processes again. No installation and registration to record your personal information, once you have converted MOBI Kindle files, you can close the site and leave by one more click. Easy and cool for most people to finish MOBI file conversion online.

If you search online PDF to MOBI Kindle converters, there are too many PDF converting software for you to choose, with confusing descriptions. To avoid unnecessary time wasting on testing one good PDF to Kindle converter online, you can look through followings, with main features and operating guide equipped.

1. Zamzar

Being the smart free file converter, Zamzar turns files conversion into something serious. You can see from its well-designed interface and professional format descriptions. No matter which file format you convert, there are always two file extension tablets below, to recommend you detail file format information. Therefore, as soon as you enter Zamzar to convert PDF to MOBI free, the PDF and MOBI lessons are also offered.

PDF to MOBI File Conversion Link:

Convert A PDF to A MOBI with Zamzar Online: Upload the PDF file by URL or choosing from computer disk. Later, select MOBI from the Convert Files to list, enter your email address and hit Convert to change PDF to MOBI online.



PDF2MOBI is the native PDF converter, to change PDF file format or convert anything to PDF. You can convert a PDF to a MOBI online, or to batch convert PDFs to MOBIs in the same way too. In conclusion, if you need to convert PDF files, then you should not miss PDF2MOBI online PDF converter.

PDF to MOBI File Conversion Link:

Convert A PDF to A MOBI with PDF2MOBI Online: Click the Upload Files button, to import up to 20 PDF files. The PDF to MOBI conversion will start automatically. You can download converted MOBI Kindle file one by one, or to click Download All button, to get the ZIP archive.



It is the online Kindle file converter, to convert PDF and other types of documents into eBook formats, including EPUB, MOBI, AZW3 and FB2, RTF, HMTLZ and PDF. With some built-in filters, you are able to edit PDF files and adjust header and footer to better layout. Moreover, there are many other file conversions you can achieve with as well, with numerous free file converters offers here.

PDF to MOBI File Conversion Link:

Convert A PDF to A MOBI with Online: Hit Select files button to upload your PDF documents online. And then choose MOBI Kindle output format, to adjust settings by the way. Finally, hit Download Converted Files selection to save new converted MOBI eBooks free.


With wider PDF import sources, users can upload PDF documents from computer, Dropbox, Google Drive and URL. In another word, you can convert online PDF to MOBI directly without downloading as well. As a result, your converted MOBI files can be stored into Dropbox and Google Drive too, to keep in the cloud storage space. The only premise you have to obey is that, the PDF file size should not up to 100 MB.

PDF to MOBI File Conversion Link:

Convert A PDF to A MOBI with Online: Select PDF document less than 100 MB, and then choose MOBI from over 200 file formats groups. Waiting for PDF to MOBI format conversion finished, you can download your MOBI book online for free.


5. Online-Convert

With Online-Convert eBook converter, it is easy to convert PDF text into MOBI eBook format. This versatile online tool can also help you convert PowerPoint to MP4. there are optional settings, with which users can set target eBook reader, change book title and author, add border and change input encoding, to meet your personal reading customs. There are several PDF import sources too, including computer, URL, Dropbox and Google Drive. But no PDF to MOBI batch conversion actually.

PDF to MOBI File Conversion Link:

Convert A PDF to A MOBI with Online: Import the PDF document, and fill in the optional settings in necessary. You can ignore it if not necessary for well, as it has been named as optional settings already. Tap Convert File icon below to get MOBI eBooks on the PDF to MOBI converter online in free way.


Part 2: Change PDF to MOBI on Mac and Windows (Calibre)

Then what about people who have large PDF documents and needed to be converted into MOBI and other Kindle formats? Using online converters is not convenient enough, to manage large files. Calibre is the leader among all eBook converters and editors, because of its free to use high compatibility version, and comprehensive eBook edit and convert filters. No matter you bought the Kindle or Nook e-reader already, or just install Kindle eBook reader app on iOS and Android, Calibre can also manage all your eBook files, to view, edit, convert and organize Kindle eBooks free.

Where to Download Free Calibre PDF to MOBI eBook Converter:

Hit the above Calibre download URL, and choose the OS you install with, as calibre supports Mac, Windows, Linux and extra portable devices.

After you installed Calibre already, run it and hit Add Books in the toolbar, to import all PDF files on Calibre. Highlight those PDFs and right click, to select Convert Individually or Bulk Convert. Later, the Convert Emergency Survival Myths window appear, set PDF in the Input format, and choose MOBI from Output format list. Change eBook title, author, tags and others if you like, and then click OK to start PDF to MOBI Kindle eBook conversion at once.


With easy to use online PDF to MOBI converters and professional free Calibre, converting PDF documents to PDF is quite easy to achieve. And you do not need to cost for pure PDF conversion to get MOBI Kindle eBooks, and some free PDF to MOBI converters even offers basic eBook filters to use.

Part 3: PDF Converter Platinum to Convert PDF Files

When you need to convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT or other popular document formats, you can rely on Tipard PDF Converter Platinum to help you with that. You can also use this tool to convert PDF to image formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA and more. Besides, it supports batch conversion, multi-language selection, custom output settings, etc.

  • 1. Convert PDF files to Word/ePub/Excel/HTML/Image.
  • 2. Guarantee high accuracy using the OCR technology.
  • 3. Support English, Latin, Greek, Japanese and Chinese.
  • 4. Output designated pages according to your need.
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TOP 5 Online PDF to MOBI Converter Software