A Honest Review of Metadata Extractors Online and Offline

A Honest Review of Metadata Extractors Online and Offline

When we talk about metadata, it consists of hidden data. It means that you can't see some data on your media files. Additionally, each media file has various metadata sets. If you want to show the hidden metadata from your file, you need to extract them first. To extract metadata, you will need the assistance of a metadata extractor. In that case, you are on the right page. We will provide you with various metadata extractors you can use to extract hidden data from your files. Also, we will offer offline and online software to make the work easy and instantly. Moreover, you will learn the basic steps to extract metadata from your file. So, read this informative post to start discovering the details you need.

Metadata Extractor Review

Part 1. Metadata Extractors Online

Brand Folder - Metadata Extractor

If you want to show the hidden data of your file using an online tool, use Brand Folder - Metadata Extractor. This online tool can extract or show all the data from your media files. The extractor is accessible to all web platforms. You can use it on Google, Firefox, Mozilla, Explorer, and more. When extracting a media file, it offers a simple procedure. You can extract files in just a few clicks. After visiting the main website, you can already proceed to the extracting procedure. Upload the file and wait a moment to show the file's metadata. In addition, the tool's interface is simple, making it easy to understand. This way, you can ensure that professional and non-professional users can utilize the tool quickly and instantly.

However, Brand Folder - Metadata Extractor has some limitations. This online tool can only allow you to upload five media files daily. So, if you want to extract metadata from numerous files, this tool can't exceed your expectations. The uploading process is also too slow. In addition, since it is an online metadata extractor, you must have an internet connection. Also, the online tool won't perform well if you have poor internet.

Brand Folder Extractor


  • • Accessible to all website platforms.
  • • Simple to use, which is suitable for all users.
  • • Extract metadata in a few clicks.


  • • It supports limited formats.
  • • It requires an internet connection.
  • • The tool can extract metadata of five media files only.
  • • The uploading process is time-consuming.

Exif Viewer

For another effective metadata extractor online, use Exif Viewer. This web-based tool lets you uncover the hidden metadata from your file. Using this tool, you can view the metadata easily and instantly. Aside from that, Exif Viewer is not only reliable in viewing hidden metadata. It also allows you to remove and edit your media file's metadata. You can edit the title, year, artist, and other parameters. It also offers an intuitive interface, making it perfect for all users. The extracting process is also simple. All you need to do is insert the media file. After the uploading process, the metadata will show up on the screen. In addition, this online metadata editor is available to all web browsers. You can find it on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Explorer, and more.

However, even though Exif Viewer is an effective online tool for uncovering hidden metadata, it still has disadvantages. Once you access the online tool, your internet connection is not secured. Also, you must have robust internet access to operate the tool efficiently. Moreover, disturbing ads always appear on the screen during the extraction procedure.

Exif Viewer Extractor


  • • The tool allows you to view, remove, and edit metadata.
  • • It offers an intuitive interface and simple ways suitable for beginners.
  • • The tool is available to all browsers, like Google, Firefox, Edge, and more.


  • • Disturbing ads are always showing up during the extraction process.
  • • The connection is not secured when accessing the tool.
  • • The loading process takes time.

Part 2. Offline Metadata Extractors

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

Extracting metadata from a file is also possible when using Windows and Mac. The best metadata extractor offline is Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. This offline program can offer everything you need for extracting metadata. It can extract video and audio metadata effortlessly. It can extract the title, name of the composer, album, and more. It can offer an easy-to-understand layout and simple procedure. This way, all users, especially beginners, can operate the program. When extracting metadata, you can achieve your desired result in just a few clicks. Aside from that, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate enables you to edit the metadata of your files. You can edit the title, artist, track, album, and more. You can also give comments on the file's metadata.

Furthermore, this offline metadata data extractor doesn't have annoying ads and watermarks. So, you can use this program and get your desired result instantly. There are more features you can encounter when using Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. It offers a music video creator, collage maker, ripper, converter, and more. It means that you can find everything you need on his downloadable program. In addition, if you want to learn the easy way to extract metadata from your file, use the simple instruction below.

Tipard Video Converter Ultimate


  • • Accessible on Windows and Mac computers.
  • • Easy to utilize, which is perfect for all users.
  • • The program is free to download.
  • • It supports various formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WAV, and more.


  • • Get the pro version to experience more great features.

Step 1Download and install Tipard Video Converter Ultimate on your Mac or Windows computer. You can hit the Download button below to access the program instantly. When the installation process is done, run the software on your computer.

Step 2Select the Toolbox menu when the interface shows up on the screen. After that, click the Media Metadata Editor Tool from the options.

Metadata Editor Toolbox Click

Step 3Then, another interface will appear on the screen. Click the Plus sign on the middle interface. Afterward, select the media file you want to edit from the computer folder.

New Interface Click Plus

Step 4After that, you can view and extract the metadata from your file. Additionally, you can edit your file's metadata based on your preference. After that, when you are done making some changes to the file, click the Save button.

View the Metadata Save


Another offline metadata extractor you can use is ExifTool. This program is available on Windows and Mac operating systems. This software is capable of extracting metadata from a file. In addition, ExifTool supports rare and popular formats. Moreover, this open-source software allows you to write, read, and manipulate audio, image, and video metadata. However, downloading this offline program is time-consuming. Also, the program has a large file. In that case, you must have an ample storage space before installing the program.

Exif Tool Offline


  • • Capable of writing, reading, and manipulating media file metadata.
  • • Available on Mac and Windows.
  • • Free to download.


  • • The installation process is time-consuming.
  • • The file size of the program is large.

Part 3. FAQs about Metadata Extractor

Can someone see my metadata?

Unfortunately, yes. After you upload your media file online, other users can see your file's metadata. So other users can see some information about your media file.

Why do I need to extract the metadata?

It is to keep your privacy from other users. This way, you can keep the information in private.

Can I add metadata to my file?

Yes, you can. Use the Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. This offline tool is not only good at extracting metadata. You can also use this program to add metadata to your file.


If you want to keep your file's metadata private, use the metadata extractors mentioned in this article. In addition, if you want to view, extract, and edit the metadata on your file, you can do it with the help of Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. So, what are you waiting for? Use this offline program and start making some changes to your file's metadata.

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April 07, 2023 10:10
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